V Stands for People with a Vagina

Other people are stood for not at all.  I don’t want to hear ‘can’t’.  Homes, check this out: you can and you will.  Psych, cirque, berzerk, zerk fitting.  I go for the demands yesterday during my custodial turn, telling Master Billinghurst he never leaves the custody of someone, he is not a free agent, and I am in charge now, take your seat.  I stop for the one they call Icee.  They got, … nobody’s got it, huh!  For, it is in a hole in my reality.  I am either hyperactive or having been hyperactive, I am out of synch with time in the vicinity.  A BMW 323i displaying the plate 4PEB495, and I know PEB, is parked. PEB is just pebble, and I never remember if pebble’s Earth, or zonething else.  I read it.  16-5-2.  It’s my birthday.  Psi, or the word on the street, the astral plane (but it isn’t), is who they try and hand me, because I always suspect Szasz the psychiatrist of being the kind of a guy who is like Carly Fiorina, she will disagree with her party if necessary, a shrink who is verbally lashing shrinks whose intentions are to murder what murder is to extinction, of humans, who are to corporations and nations as substance is to fiction.  As to blind those who can’t tell the difference between a glass half-full or half-empty should they be using that difference in speeches down Tacoland way. 

The rarity of the 4PEB subcunt 495, saying D,I,E, ..is suberb.  A 4-16-1952 stalled proxy Billy West has enough on his plate, doesn’t need to show up at Comicon either.  Again.

downloading, . . . .



In different fields a conception of granules is applied both as a group of elements defined by internal properties and as something inseparable whole reflecting external properties. Granular computing may be interpreted in terms of abstraction, generalization, clustering, levels of abstraction, levels of detail, and so on. We have proposed to use multialgebraic systems as a mathematical tool for synthesis and analysis of granules and granule structures. The theorem of necessary and sufficient conditions for multialgebraic systems existence has been proved.


And, granular is not the word, it’s mathematical granulation.  This is the aspect we now explore, it should be nonlinear algebra, a nonlinear accelerater f information to lodge in holes in reality you can see, x nonstandard, scale being analogous to infinitessimal, or infinity, …transfinite cardinality, …

The scientific fictions are called hypotheses or theories, with observables being verifiable or falsifiable, and legal fictions exist, too.  Fctions replace proofs at subtle reversals of intent, with me not needing to be locked up, more like the locker uppers needing to lock people up, which is the tail that wags the psych dog, which wags the medical dog, which wags the societal dog which makes up the mind over what they declare they aren’t a part of, so they think there’s no fate worse than death, if it’s their death, their mom’s death, their dog’s breath, a hair off their children’s head, and dammit, yes, many people have died to make the United States free, so there’s no fate worse than the death of that.  But I don’t know, we all make the same splash when wearing cement overshoes, amirite?

Szasz was about to expose his bias when I seen him last time.  Why’s it granularity?  Well, it could be waves, compression and rarefaction, those aren’t real, particle are real. The angle I can look and a wedge of sky I subtend are all about the public size of the hole showing the information on the information in memory, life-size.  This gelatine metric, granule, you know people, is not the brain, its the billboard the brain is looking at, plus the brain.

You could see it last night when a horrific home invasion turned out to be, “He’s not here, so let’s defy what they tolja” doc’s head split open, him talking about the hole in his heart, ‘ceptin doctors are morally decompensated from psychic holes. They make so many holes obliterating personality.  You got Russian nonlinear dynamics for psi, them people’s books, light green.  But it is physics, what—chaos theory, fuzzy math, groups.  So, as bickering theorists were thinking about going crazy, did it ever occur to you they lifted the crazing thought process and recouched it in terms nobody would understand but hopefully math guys, but nobody would say was crazy, evar!  Well, I’m doin it.

In other news, a well surplus of tachyonic material as recently removed from the most space-age facility we have here, GENERAL ATOMICS up by campus.  Clampus vitae.  Yeh, Szasz, the master of metaphor, he is a bitter critic, so every word’s gem grade.  He’s a conjoined psychic twin of the other New York Jew, Kunstler.  Uh, it wasn’t tachs, it was bomb-grade U, 60kg.  Some spent nuclear waste, 132 lbs.  You know when the sun rises two times in one day, you seen a nuke.  I blv bomb-grade Pu is much smaller.

Szasz put Leonardo da Vinci in his book without putting, “Yeah, his birthday’s my birthday”, whatever that Latin


phrase is, “Mi casa es su casa”, right?  Mi casa oh domino* ra lunes, Las clavos de manos des Jesus, mi corazon pumps purple piss, Kool-Aid, etc.  No longer PEB, but 4 OEB, ’52 as 1452.  Her Billinghurst?


*858’s domingo, a course, I was born 500 years after April 27, 1452, on a Wed, with April 27, 1952 being a

W T F S S M T W T F S S (27)

DOMINGO, Sunday.  Two suns obscured, one going below the horizon releasing a nuclear glare, the other one sending out sunbeams at the corner of a trapezoidal cloud.


went over

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