The Benedictine Order

Sometimes things will strike me as funny, but only if I am alone.  I laugh and that laugh is over, so, I say the joke again, and laugh again.  I don’t really stop saying it as long as I laugh, but I forget what I was laughing about pretty soon, maybe I get going and leave with a smile on my face.  One example is the graffitti in a rest room: “Due to cutbacks in the Reagan Administration(RA), you are asked to use a single sheet of toilet paper, both sides, please.”  This was CSUF (1970), and another one said to flush twice; that it was a long way to Sacramento.  I don’t quote it correctly.  The original Reagan run was in California; the well-known RA of the White House was later.  Dude had a presence before ’70 as well, on Death Valley Days.

Clandestine laboratories are less about chemistry and more about politics.  So is Al Qaeda.  There is more than a difference between the two sides.  They seem to be talking about two different things.  But, although similar, Al Qaeda would only have bombs, not speed, and so a point exists and from then on they aren’t similar.  Chemical Ali was executed, I believe, so I should be Chemical Stephen.  They voted today.  I voted, too.

The word I had up there was, “say”.  You do not say, you say that last part to yourself.  What you do when you are saying for someone to say something is to say go.  The evolution of a graffito:




By then it means out loud and becomes funny as you imagine doing it.  You’d have to kick the door to the shitter open and yell it to the crew while reading it, because you are primed and ready and want to do it next.  The actual loss of freedom by blogging involves the kind of compromise between enjoying a vacation and taking pictures of it.  I plan to write and I see the typescript.  And, now I am writing.  I don’t just plan.  The word publishing has now changed.  Trained writers are something else.  I write just like I talk, and since I talk more off the cuff, unless my thinking is good I miss the mark.  It starts in my mind and is supposed to go into other minds which think in these terms, but—it is all imaginary to intangible.  It is not supposed to be materialistic.

No, I did not say lipstick; that is why I do not like the form of that word, it is ambiguous.  I had said addadictomy, the thing about dykes, but the main thing about you and dykes is that you like the same thing.  Whenever you go into a lesbian bar, that is why you may receive some stares, and that is what they are thinking: you are competition, the competition.  But, I say pussy is to die for.

Ah.  I misspelled antecedent when I made these tags.  I don’t have any useful tags, categories, or titleing.  The actual Benedictine, … well, I think of it as nuns, so, not a monastery, but a physical place, just one piece of the Vatican’s real estate holdings, comes out of WWII unscathed, and this is one of the mythical elements of my life.  I’d rather cover the more schizoid realm of the completely imaginary mythology, but it is almost all nonscientific.  Let’s pull up what I just claimed, using this marvelous internet toy.


Monte Cassino was destroyed by the Lombards ca. 585, by the Saracens in 884, by the Normans in 1046, by an earthquake in 1349, and by American bombs in February of 1944. Most of the art collection was destroyed in 1944 including the Beuronese murals in the crypt, but many valuable manuscripts were saved. It was once again restored and reconsecrated by Pope Paul VI in 1964. It was designated an Italian National Monument in 1866 with the monks acting as guardians.


Eh, well, turns out we bombed it.  My bad.  Too bad.  Thomas Aquinas went there.  In my young life, the emphasis on, what was the word?  Re-consecrated.  Ah, that word.  It is found in a Simon and Garfunkel song, Love Me Like a Rock.  Anyway, the way I remembered it had religious overtones, and I figured it was miraculously spared.  Naw, it was dumped on and flattened, with everything lost and rebuilt without anything, of course.  That’s a fact, and the other would be a myth.  It doesn’t matter since there is an almost ironclad agreement among people today that we shall be socialized.

However, we aren’t social animals.  We only appear highly social when compared to tigers, not ants.  We’re not.  But, i saw a bruising documentary account of life as a sardine, and these fish are terrified, 20,000 at a time, from predators.  This is what you see as every one tries to find safety in numbers.  Every last fish is eaten.  I’d already suspected that if the mind wasn’t real, that society probably wasn’t, either.  It isn’t that it’s not real so much as it is a verb, not a noun.  We don’t have any predators, but things without predators have a quasi-predatory thing after them as well.  There are no happy endings for species in nature, and this is nature unless we are capable of banding together as imaginary beings, and never here on the planet.

100,000,000 fish head up the coast and 20,000 at a time, every day,  are split from the shoal, leaving enough to spawn, because it is this planet, and the coastline and the days per year are set.  Homo Sapiens’  low number was 600 individuals in South Africa.  We have over 6 billion now, so, I think 0.000001% of what we have is really needed, if you ever want to be an animal.


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11 Responses to “The Benedictine Order”

  1. 503Star Says:

    Hey GOD come back to the 86 zone please. Its not very fun without you around too many indians and not enough chiefs.

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      The 86 zone only yielded a blog by somebody in Koala Lumpur. They aren’t talking drugs. The zone drug forums domain is for sale, so there’s nobody there. I’ll try one more time if you can provide something to go on. But, your messages have the earmarks of spam and trolling, so, I don’t know what the deal is. I thought it was us against the government and so forth, but you are just slowing me down. So, do you have a psychology of being, where, this is fun for you, something like that? 503Star doesn’t return any results. Oh, well. I got a spam button here. Either come through like a human being or I hit that button next time.

      • 503Star Says:

        I was meaning zone 86 how to make a meth. In no way have I meant to slow you down. I am just a student looking for a teacher. If there is anyway I can help you I will do it. I might have the wrong person but the story about you matches what was left @ zone 86 how to make a meth. I mean no harm to you brother!

      • sbillinghurst Says:

        I read your comment, 503star, and using the search terms, ‘zone 86 how to make a meth’ goggle returned the site, so I am happy now. I am not a person who tolerates any hindrance from people. After all, I merely buy incredibly lethal and illegal items and as long as no pigs try to stop me, there is no war. Being an ordinary person is what’s hard. When it’s my turn, stuff better start happening quick, while we are still young. I’m not really as adept as I’d like to be. Experience is a tough teacher. This meth business is for ppl who work with things, not others. I like a good student and if it seems like the person I trust doesn’t think it’s better to cut everybody off and enjoy the solitude, I feel betrayed. Its all about what you can do on your own; it’s called bragging rights.

        On the news of all things a guy’s poor wife was left with all his chemicals after he died, in Oceanside on a piece of property bang up against city property. And, this is the kind of lucky situation that, because of our current laws, is now a whole snafu of epic proportions, with Hazmat crews, and the city shelling out money and now it wants to go looking for someone to pay a bill that would never be a bill if it had stayed intact. Like what was she supposed to do with 2,000 pounds of aluminum powder? The guy had barrels and barrels of chemicals, but it needs to stay in one place, and not have everybody have to account for everything they are doing. We have a community of chemists in the ideal situation, with freedom and not with the law dogs and ignorance pushing every mellow arrangement out of mind. They are no more qualified than you or I about what is neat to possess. Nowadays you don’t get credit for knowing what you’re doing. If it goes through officialdom, an unnecessary cost of 30 to 50 grand on a cleanup is not unusual.

        I wouldn’t even have a gun; who needs another 10 lbs to cart around you’ll never use? Is it part of the process? If not, then throw it to the curb. You can just imagine doing double the time for a weapons charge. I keep it secret; that’s why a wife is a risk. Making dope is not a community project. It’s a citizen’s right under the Constitution. Here in San Diego, putting in booby traps has cost a cook his life. The cops hunted him down and executed him (1985). Smurfing, death sentence. Guy grabs decongestant off the shelves and bolts from RITE AID. They chase him on foot and gun him down (2007).

        So, thanks for leading me to that site. It has a nice backwards beaver shot and pleasant, knowlegable users leaving good comments. I guess you said someone described me, and they might’ve, but I’ve never been there up to now. You know the internet. You get so tired of prima donna web masters, and you end up B& with all your posts deleted. I like it here where I can write with both guns blazing and not get kicked off. I’ve got a million words here for which I hold the key as to what the hell I am talking about, while the real genius is in the way the chemistry discipline delivers unambiguous proofs of the existence of no bullshit. You don’t need special interpreters. It is written.

  2. 503Star Says:

    Teacher, what name will you post under so I know, or will you post at all? Ive been on this site for a long time who ever runs it has never kicked anyone off its not like wetdreams/ws where they kick me off every week or so.

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      I’ll go with “Pops”, then “Psaur” if “Pops” is taken. I’ll do that now.

      • 503Star Says:

        Pops, C6H4(OH)2/hydroquinone / C2H7N(OH)aminoethanol mixture is what swim has and am trying to get to phenylproplamine is this possible? If so what would be your opinion on how to get there ( C9H13NO ) ? Swim is not a chemist so not very sure how to write this to where its for sure that you understand. Swim is trying to learn though.

      • sbillinghurst Says:

        No, those are no threat to produce PPA. Firstly, is the first step to react those two? If so, all you would need is the reagent for that, and that mixture is going to have a water content. Water doesn’t help. Ethanolamine I have looked at many times as a methylamine source, and I don’t think it is. I mean, all it could ever be is an ethylamine source, but ethylamphetamine would be good dope, amphetamine isn’t, IMHO. The HQ ring being found in PPA after undergoing aromatization just won’t work. A few carbons are also missing. HQ is carcinogenic, so don’t try too many things with it.

  3. 503Star Says:

    The only reason why I ask is GOD was saying that kodak liquid developer is phenylproplamine which is what swim needs. Swim has tried lots to get just the yellow but doesnt know for sure if its worth the time. What would your opinion be on a rout to phenylproplamine? Thanks for your time and help.

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      229 2000 Now the area code *Eastman Chemical Company* PO Box 431. *Kingsport*, *TN* 37662. USA Telephone: 1 *when you look it up*

      > Then, speaking politely up the chain, ask a tech what’s in Kodak Liquid > Developer, is PPA a major part, where can I view the MSDS, what if my kid > drinks it, what are we lookin at exactly. I’ll go check wiki on chemistry > of photography > Formula > > For black and white photography, the developer is typically a mixture of > Metol (monomethyl-p-aminophenol > hemisulfate), Phenidone (1-phenyl-3-pyrazolidinone) or > Dimezone(4,4-dimethyl-1-phenylpyrazolidin-3-one) and > hydroquinone [1](benzene-1,4-diol). >

      Yer being knighted, Sir 503, because PPAs in the long run are beautiful given the target molecules can easily end with the “ampetamine” not having to be the “methamphetamine”, since they can also end with the simpler beta phenyl ethanol amines and the beta phenyl ethyl amines, supporting the notion that meth is a good parent to MDMA, so, what is the other one in which dexedrine is a good parent to it, *when you take it*. These are ring-substituted. Trihydroxy benzene PEA is mescaline. On the way to finished product, toxic intermediates can become stolen and spread around. That’s done some damage, on a bromo methyl or methoxy, when maybe para methyl amphetamine was the final product. Parabromobenzyl as a moeity could be taken on to an amine first, or finished into a paramethylbenzyl (safer) synthon first.

      See, once you get rid of the “source” of PPA, it still leaves the burning question, “Where’s my PPA issue?” so you might want psychedelics. That’s what I am supposed to think thanks God I have a role to play in this unholy matrimony.


  4. 503Star Says:

    Thanks Pops

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