Ethyl Acetoacetate, Bromobenzene, to make Phenyl-2-Propanone

This is the meth total synthesis which does not go back steps to phenylacetic acid, in a long post on a dope website called Hip, or something.  I am linking it here to take you there.

I read it, or, skimmed it.  I notice a sodium metal + ethanol part, to make sodium ethoxide.  You notice that, since chemicals like that represent potential trouble.  You have to be able to squeak some product out, and, if none comes out, you have to investigate every assumption; one or more of them was a mistake.

With this one, the ideal of producing meth from smaller and untraceable fragments appears attainable.

“Acetoacetic ester” is the name of the synthesis, and ethyl acetoacetate (EAA) just means the ethyl ester of acetoacetic acid.  This acid has two neighboring carbonyl groups, like pyruvic acid.  Acetoacetate, notice, has ‘acet’ twice, for a relationship to acetic acid, a two-carbon carboxylic acid.  ‘Ethyl’  also denotes two carbons.  A methyl ketone, a formal derivative of acetone, is the product, and so is a natural way to make P2P, aka phenylacetone.

I don’t know how well it works.  It might be the old CIA method (which I wrote about), and, I am comparing methods I have never tried.

EAA might be on the DEA watch list of chemicals, so, it needs a synthesis.  These kinds of things are right for ton quantities deep in Mexico, but for sure, I don’t want to write an irrelevant blog where somewhere in the world someone has a “magical” meth synthesis I am clueless about.  I understand as of today that blogging is a rather phony deal because the world of publications is about something worth reading, not something worth doing (“is worth doing well”).  The ‘send’ button of an e-mail is re-labelled, “publish”.  This causes the consumer of computer products to subscribe to the illusion that he or she is a supplier.


I better quit, it’s late, before it gets to 917.  The chemical appears not to be watched on this list.

I checked the link, and caught another word for the same thing I didn’t use: Beta-keto esters, which also fits in nomenclature.  An ester has a carbonyl group, the two-bonded thing to oxygen (=O), but usu seen sticking up, and that carbon is zero, alpha to it is next to it, and beta (usu seen as the German, well, Greek, letter B), is next to that.  Now, P2P is a desired intermediate, and any other configuration is permanently hexed, can’t be made out of.  The phenyl ring is beta to the carbonyl in P2P.  Amphetamines are beta-phenyl ethylamines, where the zero carbon bears the amine, the ammonia moiety, the nitrogen, etc.  The common talk, words like “nitro-keto alcohol”, are the ones used in the 1950s by Gordon H. Alles of Caltech, who patented and made possible the amphetamine explosion in use.  I don’t know, some of it might go back to 1938.


Actually, the technology peaked at HI/red P, making a vitreous poison that smokes when you crush the crystals, using nothing but nutrients.  Nonsterile?  Naw, it’s heavy-metal toxins we do not have.  When I heard this I almost believed in miracles.  If miracles exist, this is one.  That’s all you gonna do.  We have set it to benefit us, who cares if it takes a long time, who cares if it’s expensive.  It’s the tweaker’s dream, not a commercial enterprise in order, teleologically, to rip off the customer by sacrificing his life he doesn’t even know.  It’s found us and we are intrinsically running our own route.  Look no further.  How do you make amphetamine?  Doesn’t matter, it’s a drug on the market.



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