Don’t Make Fun of Furn

I cringed in my bed last night when I thought of all the stupid things I said in my posts.  My bed is a twin.  I said yesterday that I was living in a ten by ten foot room.  That’s true and reasonable, and, I believe that my writing so far today is clear.  I made my point.  To reiterate, the experience of writing is to reveal your soul, “in all its glory”; but, it is less glorious the more it is grounded in reality.

To help codify what I am writing about, I would like to add the word, “spirit” to the previously explored words “soul” and “mind”, as far as the meaning.  By doing that, I should be able to extend the argument that the mind does not depend on the brain.  They’re not synonymous.

Another concept which will help me compare and contrast notions to which we all may be subject is found in the statement, “we do not share your enthusiasm for chemistry.”  Normally, I would defend chemistry, but now I am attempting to express real gratitude towards all people. 

Another important concept is found in the saying, “familiarity breeds contempt.”  Yesterday, I believe I used the word, “disrespect”, and this is—I had to look up verb types—a transitive action verb with the action directed by the subject.  “He disrespected me”, is the model.  “He has contempt for me”, has the subject ‘me’ as the passive recipient of the—oh, wait.  Contempt is a noun.  I was going to put ‘passive’ and ‘linking’ for this.  I was wrong.  It’s complicated because it’s English, a huge subject, but English and language is a little bit rinky-dink in its utility for science.  That is, the notions inherent in language for time do not adequately express the deranged order of events in a description of the occult.  I haven’t even introduced time.  All I did was to find another word.  It’s okay.  I don’t want to get down on myself.

Let’s introduce time.  I didn’t want to write, but I could not help thinking about new things.  This room is small, so, I was estimating how I could fix it up.  I have procrastinated for weeks on getting my pension application in.  I don’t even have a desk in here, so, I thought about putting one in the corner.  A desk is furniture, so my “furniture” cliche came to me (it is the title).  “Don’t make fun of it”, has always been a mystery to me.  These objects are passive.  Don’t make fun of a man is better advice to avoid getting creamed.  I realize that F,U,and N need only R for this, and that as mere letters the statement may conform to the rules for behavior, but the entire world of objects assuming personalities appears to us as a degenerate version of our own, now here with begging for integrity mimicking our demands for dignity.  Which shoe is on which foot?  Furniture serves us, not the other way ’round, and we’ll make kindling wood out of it if we so choose.  Didn’t introduce time.

Time was important because I recalled my cliche with furniture in it followed by my reading of a graphic novel in which the destruction of a piece of furniture was the very next act, and not the other way around.  I decided that if I could better understand the truth of my little pun, it would help me to write better prose.  I guess it is expository.  I love reading a good argument which codifies my objections as a person to being taken advantage of by the system.   I wished to have them by writing them.  We all hope to restore our confidence and dignity in a dehumanized world.  Naturally, taking arms against a sea of troubles in person, verbally, that’s ideal.  But, you can’t have everything, so, it is literary, in a bath with no water, just imaginary.

Uh, I quoted Shakespeare.  I was thinking about furniture, and I decided with this mind thing that perhaps we need not elevate great persons of the past to extraordinary heights of admiration.  I mean, sure, Van Goghs sell for $53 million, but they had to be stored all that time.  I don’t have, …well.  It’s all good.  That is, I sat here with my cursor blinking for so long that I do not recall how that sentence was going to end, and I do not need to be fabricating ends to things which only now have I become handicapped by.  I mean, how many ends of good sentences use ‘I don’t have’ to begin?

The calculation involves Leonardo da Vinci, not these other icons of the arts.  I don’t wish to be pretentious, because, after all, our birthday is a pure accident.  Sure, it’s adopted into our mythology, but still, get carried away by achievements, not hung up by accidents.  Don’t brag about being a child of God, either.  I mean, don’t say, “…”.  I mean, say “Everyone give me your phone number”, not, “All of you give me your phone numbers.”  Nothing makes you the god sorting numerous souls.  You are one of us, not in charge of all of us, get it?  Fucking Nevada had to come at the News like an angry hornet when they started playing loose with its pronunciation.  You’re nobody.  Humus is shit.  Notice you are called a ‘human’.  That’s right.  It is no mistake.  So why you got to fuck with Colorado, and the Caribbean?

Ah, so.  The spirit.  My tired old spirit.  I have to have one, right?  So, what that is becomes found in how I react to attacks upon things, avatars and images and such.  Can people really be mad if you show disrespect for not only them, but things around them?  I would count that as a miss.

I am from 1952.  At this magnification, it is the Year of the Dragon.  Dragons have a normal interpretation, and it is not too good.  But, as for me, I judge extremely harshly the tendency of puny humans to blacken the name of any dragon.  Dragon names are nontrivial in themselves.  They don’t just take any name.  One is, “Nonesuch”, I remember.  But, these days dragons have been quite well-represented in modern movies.  I do not often get the point if it involves using a dragon as a villain.  Dragons aren’t real, but obviously, dinosaurs and crocodilians are.  Should a crocodile wait by the bank of a river and take a female going to wash her clothes, I do not understand that I am supposed to boo, and not applaud. That’s life.

What we got is the certain knowledge that da Vinci of 1452 was born in the year of the dragon.  Likewise, born in April, he was an Aries.  These two things are the top things of the twelve things, …times two.  And, I wasn’t born exactly 500 years and one day apart, but if life is the capacity to be irritated, and the observer is found in quantum mecanics, then the stimulus or the noticing of letters and numbers that does go on is a fundamental unit of the statistical collapse of a wavefunction, physically.  It’s part of reality.  Actually, the better form of reality is each person’s own reality, or, “my reality”.  There is no way to point out a hole in “the” reality, but easy to understand that a hole opened up in my reality, making anything possible.  That is, in the act of going through a hole in reality we enter another world without dragging this world inside it.  In this comic book, Dealer Mcdope takes a drug that does that, worse than LSD.

Frank Zappa mentions a dragon in the usual sense in, Dirty Love.  Here’s the whole bunch of lyrics:


Give me
Your dirty love
Like you might surrender
To some dragon in your dreams

Give me
Your dirty love
Like a pink donation
To the dragon in your dreams

I don’t need your sweet devotion
I don’t want your cheap emotion
Just whip me up some dragon lotion
For your dirty love

Give me
Your dirty love
Like some tacky little pamphlet
In your daddys bottom drawer

Give me
Your dirty love
I don’t believe you have ever seen
That book before

I don’t need no consolation
I don’t want your reservation
I only got one destination
An that’s your dirty love

Give me
Your dirty love
Just like your mama
Make her fuzzy poodle do

Give me
Your dirty love
The way your mama
Make that nasty poodle chew

Ill ignore your cheap aroma
And your little-bo-peep diploma
Ill just put you in a coma
With some dirty love

The poodle bites!
(come on, frenchie)
The poodle chews it!
(snap it!)
The poodle bites!
(come on, frenchie)
The poodle chews it!
(snap it!)


5 cents worth of experimental

it’s 12:17.  I’ll push send.  Whoops, it beat me.  12:18.  That looks familiar.  I had 1295, the number of words I write.  Hmm, 1295 is not fair.  The clock only goes up to sixty.  95 is really 35 mod sixty.

Then you can say that at sixty dollars per month for a storage space, each Leonardo masterpiece required $300K to store 500 years.  I’d like a little better balance of trade on that.  Tell you what: give me the Mona Lisa for free and I’ll give you a big slurp on my purple helmet.

done experimentally

I do have a thing I do with spirit, though it pains me to reveal it.  I, …umm, feel sorry for people.  I think it’s called compassion.  They have it in medicine, too.  I actually visualize my head as that of the Satue of Liberty, where there are spikes instead of the armored scales, and I dip them.  I think they do that with the flag, too.  Yeah, here we go:


To dip a flag that is being carried means to lower it by turning it forward from an upright position to 45° or horizontal. This is done as a sign of respect


Hmm.  Why’d this all happen?  Oh.

The chair destroyed by Harvey Pekar and the desk not yet in my room are this furn, short for furniture.  No sooner did I call for furn than Harvey weighed in with some, and it is quite extensive.  See, Cleveland and boredom and the West Coast and hipness, they are all subject to Pekar, and Crumb discovers Pekar.  Gerhard N. Schrauzer is an educator, so, it is the student body comprised of Schrauzer’s product that is special.  Marye Ann Fox, also, claimed to have produced many organic chemists of whom she is proud.  Ernst Wenkert taught org syn, but he did not obtain the curriculum.  He did what seemed like a good idea at the time.  It wasn’t, and I received my one and only F.  What he did, and what they say, is “someday”, or “why don’t you”, as if there ought to be a researcher who, instead of covering the whole subject, just runs us through exactly what he did to get the synthesis, in here, podocarpic acid.  Naw, there ought not to be decimation in the ranks just to satisfy your whims of glory.  I’m not in any ranks.  I didn’t sign up with the German Army.  We killed that.  When you kill me, you killed the world!  I’m a nation of one, with no one to grieve me.


The spirit is of a table, and to split that, we have The Table, the periodic table of the chemical elements, and what that was in alchemy times was the Emerald Tablet, so, this is table as tablet.  The name didn’t change so much as the substantiation of it did, unlike soul and mind, which was a renaming.  Curing alcoholism fails today largely because the organization is only trying to convert sinners to Christianity, not treat alcoholics.

The parts of a desk are a table and a hole underneath to put your legs.  This is going half in a closet.  Or, I will complete my paperwork on something else.  I most recently was told I did not have to change rooms.  It is demeaning to live in someone else’s house, and the entire foreclosure mess was to take people’s houses away by fraud, as a house must have a stable price.  They used the knowledge that a man will act to shelter his children and raped them as you would stake out a baby bear to kill the mother.  The contract we are given by birth in this country is rather unfair.  This is just a part.


Feng shui is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics believed to use the laws of both Heaven (astronomy) and Earth (geography) to help one improve life by


Furniture as spirit will be heavy handed in its focus on this particular shit.  What it actually is, as I have explained, is a measure of the extension of the territory of the human animal into provinces and tasked to mark this territory.  As I noted before, I’m psychic, so, I woke up on page, … there’re no page numbers in The Quitter, but I had read a quarter-inch thick, then I was on the page, IN THE SUMMER, then I read sixteen pages when the young Harvey breaks the chair, then the furniture graphics occupy eight pages.  Salvador Dali is an almost supernaturally talented artist who will readily go to things like furniture floating in the air, the Venus de Milo with Drawers, etc.

Furn is almost Furb, and it is like a poke in my eye, but this year it is a teenager named Furby who is accused of molesting my son.  We’re not going to make fun of him.  We’re asking the DA to prosecute him.  I realize that the website ED exists, AE, whatever, and this has clued me as to the phenomenon of the furries, who they paint up as if they hate.  They’re the lair of “Anonymous”, which is a style of internet pranksters.  They identify social problems like pedophilia and “faggotry”, but still provide a fairly lush hunting ground for this type of activity.

Fern is another type of object, used in the movie, The Lonely Guy, in which a fern (the plant) is seen as the cure for loneliness.

Its hard to argue that we should be aware of things that are dustcatchers, gathering dust, costing money to store, but, I’ve done my best and I am giving my level of belief in what I have just written as a 3% convinced.


Aw, how I’d love to be a baby and crawl up and see this.  It would affect my whole life in a positive manner.



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