Love Is All Unique

“Love is all you need,” not “Love is all we need,” is the correct lyric of the Beatles song, Love Is All You Need.  I bet my wife that “you” is singular sometimes, but “we”, for now wait a minute.  That’s also popularly used in the singular.  Whoops!  I can’t make an argument here.

The whole thing is that “you need” may sound like “unique”, but that’s a verbal trial balloon.  All “we need” sounds like is the word: the past tense of wiener.  Past tense of weenie, rather.  We will weenie, we are weaning, we have weenied.

That’s why it is, if and only if it generally is.  The song is the only one in which a whole bunch of people were invited over to sing it.  It was televised, so, there were many witnesses.  There’s a YouTube link, I bet you my wife.  I’m not going to get it.  Well, I am going to get it, but I refuse to go get it.  I can go get punishment, but I should be duped into that.

How you really get it in this life is to leave it up to somebody else to treat you right, to fail to ‘trust, but verify’.  That was, I believe, a George W. Bush thing he said.

It doesn’t work.  You can’t ‘trust, but verify’, because of the ‘verify’ thing.  Systems nowadays only appear when fully armed.  Notice as you attempt to verify something that excessive effort is required to do that.  You aren’t automatically assumed to be innocent.  You are forced to lay the groundwork before you do anything legally.  That’s what I am writing about today.  I am talking about how to establish the legality of what you are doing.  I am no longer writing about love.

You need iodine, yes.  Forget it.  You need red P.  Well, in here, specifically 11100. Report of Controlled Substance Transaction, you are going to see 36), a list of P compounds (cpds).  On this list aluminum hypophosphite is not present.  Oh, this document is unique to California.  Mainly, I don’t want to discourage you.  I didn’t have a meth-making blog to get me into the business, but I got into the business.  If the meth-making blog says you can’t get ‘er done, it’s counterproductive to the purpose for which it was founded.  I decline to make it like that.

So, the doc’s there, and that’s our main doc for accessing the outer world, the next step after wanting to do something.  I went to it after, let’s see.  It’s after this, which is for the searched-to, ‘clearing chemistry experiments with the authorities’.  It’s got the name of the founder of Sciencemadness, so, I don’t want to lose track of it and I am posting it.  That’s all I wanted to do.  As you think, notice you don’t get any smarter.  Therefore, you either try something safe, or you try something out of frustration (dangerous).  Is it dangerous?  Well, regardless, he who hesitates is lost, so, the California Health and Safety Code I linked firstly tends to undermine one’s lab until the risk of having us around has passed.  This is the dozenth iteration of this type of governmental suppression of citizen activity.  If they ever get it right, there won’t be any legal way to run a lab.  And, this one’s close.  It’s probably good enough.  I can’t do all that.

It’s two.  Watch, I’ll publish.  My word count said 565.  It wasn’t 565, it hadn’t updated.  it’s reading 569,…

581.  Those don’t mean anything.  565 is like 636.  They’re in a, a—timewarp, of numbers.  The 636 is that this post is #636.


601?  Jesus, that’s prime.  Yes.  I meant that I bet my wife it is prime.  It is.  The reason it is is that God is with me, but, if you’re a Christian, you probably don’t understand what that’s like.  If I don’t specifically demand a certain format, God will talk using signs.  His mind isn’t in his head or anything.  He talks with billboards, with the side of trucks, with license plates, and with the deaths of animals, plants, and of course, you and me.  So, I am sure that as we leave and go our separate ways, within a few minutes my experience will bear no resemblance to yours.  I can’t point it out.  You won’t see it.  You weren’t following along.  You tried to join in the middle, when something happens.  Just like the making meth.  You need to angle your whole approach way back, not try to get legal after you are clearly guilty.

This is health and safety code, not health and welfare.  Business and Professions is the extracted law I broke when I possessed a syringe one time.  I served 42 days.  The “terrorism and crime” thing is thrown out so you don’t figure you are safe just because you aren’t a middle-Eastern terrorist.  You aren’t.  Here it’s “chemicals and laboratory equipment”.  It’s kind of hard to be in the clear with that criterion of inclusion into the band of usual suspects.  Other countries’ spies are fine.  They are on a timetable.  They will be gone before the paperwork trips them up, but I am here year after year.  I’m dug in.  However long it takes them to find me, boom.  We go ahead and have a case.  And, by then, I am several steps beyond that.  I don’t have any proof any more.  They like that.

I was going to get on the phone back East, but it’s past two o’clock.  It’s Tuesday, not Friday yet, so tomorrow’s another day.  My chemicals amount to one pint of methanol, reagent grade.


“I don’t have anything that is dangerous in my lab. I have many chemicals in small amounts—salts and buffers” as well as some organic solvents, such as methanol, Shimomura says. He tells C&EN that he has a business license for scientific research, for which he simply had to go to the town hall, fill out an application, and pay a fee.


Did you read it?  That’s from a Nobel Prizewinner in Chemistry.  I have methanol; they said methanol.  But that’s nothing but a fucking Jap.  Of course all the immigrants want to please their masters.  The Orientals never step out of line.

Oh, people.  Yes, the “searched on a bomb”, thing.  They wanted a dropping funnel for a Grignard, but hey!  They teach the Grignard because it only works if you dry everything, and use dry chemicals.  If it doesn’t touch off, you need to add a crystal of iodine.  You can’t buy that.  No, wait.  If you buy less than $100 worth of tincture, it’s a nonreport.  Then you are just a hop, step and a jump from producing a crystal.  It’ll be wet by then.

Somebody else wanted a diagram of a rotovap.  Get your hand off it.  I’ll give you a verbal diagram.  It always seemed mysterious to me.  I still don’t know.  The crucial piece is going to allow you to spin something with hoses attached, and the hoses still won’t wrap around it.  This piece is contained within the motor housing.

I searched ‘rotovap bearing’ and turned it up right away.  It’s on Sciencemadness.  Who is this guy fooling?  I know these pages.  That’s Chemical Marketing Reporter.  You can’t apply for a job from 75 years ago.  What’s happening now?  Who’s closest to losing his job so I can get his?  Maybe we ought to give him a little help.

You got to know “bearing” is what you’re talking about, that’s all.  To get the H & S code pdf I had to search for ‘california permit for laboratory glassware’.  See if—

So it’s got to have a spinning tube inside a stationary tube and not lose vacuum.  So, once that was perfected, they had the Rotovap.  I know where one is for sale for $50, and one of these is $1500, but my one for fifty is only that main piece.  I’d need to get the rest of the parts and not get too fancy, but you have to jack it out of the heating bath or it bumps.  You need a dedicated sink, it’s a water aspirator.  The anti-bumping piece is special, and the flasks are in a range down so you can start large and hold all the solvent, and add in more as that evaporates.  But, you don’t stop it to add more, unless you want to (spill it).  Then, you might want spherical joints, if the angle doesn’t match you just change it.  And, you might want to advantage the ability to strip by means of a colder bath recirc. on the condenser.  And, that’s special.  Like, somebody asked what if the solvent refluxes in the condenser, and you want to have a little spit valve for that.  In fact, I don’t want to see any flasks you thought were great.  Unless they have a bottom drain, we can’t make any biological weapons.


Ah, good old 1486.  Consider a woman who says, “comehere”.  You go there, and she screams at the kid so loud I don’t know.  I am not talking about someone who yells at me.  I am talking about someone who screams at someone with me in between.  Yeah, Sweetie.  My ear is three inches from your mouth.  Raise your voice so sound traveling through my head retains plenty of volume after crossing the room.

Weed is all we weed, I mean need.  The book (fictional), goes into the smallpox threat, uses a bioreactor, that’s, well, this other one is about parasites.  Ah, don’t have to Google it, Parasite Rex.  Ah ‘n this other one.  A spoiled rich guy makes a binary nerve gas with a special valve, and that’s science fiction, so, before looking up the smallpox science fiction, I tried to find the nerve agent, and I found this new one:

Aug 31, 2010 Jungle Rot Nerve Gas Catastrophe – from WN Network. attention and is clearly one of the finest science fiction novels of the year.

Oh no.  Don’t cut-and-paste from Google or you have to switch to HTML to delete all the fucked-up code.

1665 and 1666, the plague years; that’s when Newton did all that shit.

Nerve agent

Well, there’s one called Sledgehammer.  A smallpox attack, but I’ll have to check into it.  The one I have in mind is about a small segment of mouse DNA where you need a meth lab to do it, because the weapon version is genetically modified.  Smallpox kills a lot, but engineered it wouldn’t leave anybody alive.


I have come to the place where I can’t think of a weapon to outdo it.  It’s a contender.  Maybe I am missing something, a meteor, whatever.



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  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    Comptes Rendus was started by Colbert introducing the French Academy to the King in 1666. But, we have a Stephen Colbert today. Things haven’t changed much. The Colbert Report also has a chemistry report on today’s study drugs.

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