What Do You Think About, Son of a Bitch!

Yeah.  I would be interested to know what you want so badly that you are willing to disturb the domestic tranquility.

As to the above, I would not claim that the American consumer deserves no peace on account of being evil, or that modern life is shabby with people looking around vacuously, with insipid expressions.  The way I roll is to challenge the notion that our tranquility is vulnerable.  I’m tranquil because I believe in a deterministic universe.  This is patently wrong, the universe is not of that nature, but use of this very idea keeps me from trying to succeed.  Trying itself is the wrong way to get it.

When it all goes wrong, it must be going right somewhere, so, the idea is to stop it from going wrong, and to accept that this may cause it to go wrong somewhere else.  This is called preventable.  Whether it really is does not make me any sadder but wiser.

The psychic element, if such a thing exists, means that normal, happy people do not see anything out of place with them being a lucky person.  But, the unlucky people see inexplicable bad things happening to them.  A subset of these people act out and destroy out of all proportion to the adversity in evidence.  They are subject to experience psychic input as unfriendly, and the rest of us do not see this.

I think it—I think that the mind has much of the power which we exert.  A wrong thought can affect many, even though the physical agency must be brought into play— that any human agency springs from the mind.  Psychic power is the only way to change it.  Human agencies can act as physical ones in the world.  It is not recognized.

That explains why coincidences occur.  They occur to you just like a thought does.  This two: 2, and this two: 2, consist in exactly three objects.  You’re the third, or, you are one of three.


I think about money.  Not, what does money have to do with ESP, more like,  if I am exaggerating and talking about myself, who would I be talking about if it were no exaggeration?  I chose to search the library catalog for ‘atrocity’, it returned 25 titles, and I have nine books.

I can hardly write.  I don’t know what the computer is going to do next.  My son is annoying me, and I am furious.  It is this anger which is the type of thing that, more than being mental, is invisible.  We act as if it doesn’t exist in others and try to get out of it if it happens to us.  Money is some kind of generalized thing of the same nature, more than “a medium of exchange”, or any philosophy of its utility.  Money or wealth is a psychic thing generally divorced from ESP.  It is immune from ESP.

We can’t say what is changing if the change takes a long time.  Anger fills the moment and time dilates. There’s always enough time for it.

A person’s free time is never acknowledged and is invisible, is routinely stolen.  Thus, what we know we have bought never equals the amount spent in the long run.  We don’t know what we have done in the amount of time.  We only know our age and must have had all that time.  We can be wrong about money. Surely a small amount is unimportant.  Like Vince Vaughn in “Made”, who do I owe this money to you just gave me?  

3:38 was the time when I logged on to one site for a purpose.  It was only 3:39 when I closed.  It didn’t take long.  However, it was 3:28.  I had to look at it.  It looked like 3:23.  The mind wants to make it 3:23.  Money is expressed by numbers.  If you don’t want to read numbers, you must tell yourself this is your money and it is a lot.   A by-product of idiosyncratic mnemonics is psychic phenomena. 

I have Stephen J. Cannel’s Cold Hit checked out.  I’ve been reading it since before.  I did not know he was dying.  You can’t find that out.  He dies of what I have.  He writes Vietnam revisionist history.

I can’t continue.  This computer is the worst I’ve ever seen.


I found it.  It’s said to be fixable in tools-compatibility view.  No, still unusable.  It’s called ‘skipping cursor’.  Ng am tryinow I

Awareness is not that kind of thing.  They can raise awareness, but the awareness to really do something is not found in folks of ordinary intelligence.  They’re not trying to get the attention of the best scientific minds.  You’re the target of a campaign to stalk the consumer.  If they are after money, they aren’t trying to get it out of smart people.  More like cows they can milk.  That’s the kind of awareness without intelligence which cannot be considered informed.

This bug is called textarea.


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  1. 503STAR Says:

    God could swim hit the developer with lye and extract the goodies with ether? Swim is persistent isnt he? Check this article out: Another myth suggests that precursors such as phenyl-2-propanone (P-2-P) are present in common photographic chemistry products and can be extracted from the solutions for use in clandestine synthesis. Most colour film and print developers, black and white film and paper developers and colour reversal film developers contain substituted phenolic amine salts, other amines such as ethylenediamine and hydroxylamine, benzyl alcohol and formaldehyde [1]. It is possible that at one time a clandestine chemist looked up the structures of these compounds in the Merck Index [2], noticed the aromatic moiety and the hydroxyl groups, and hypothesised that they might be chemically altered to produce some raw materials needed for phenethylamine synthesis. However, the quantity of these phenolic and phenolic amine compounds present are low, as working solutions of the developers are approximately 1% in aqueous solution. This myth surfaced again about 1982 in the San Diego, California area when a research chemist for Eastman Kodak (Rochester, New York) was contacted concerning the claim (Abercrombie T, personal communication). Luckily, this chemist had a forensic background and was familiar with most of the common routes and precursors for phenethylamine synthesis. A search of Kodak’s records for the previous 15 years, and a literature search back another 10 years failed to show any precursor materials being used in Kodak’s photographic chemical formulations.

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