The Surround

might have used that before

The surround is something I say, then I hear it since I said it, then I think it exists, then I ask can I have some, but it never did exist.  It’s the surroundings.   I just can’t take the abuse of saying a word with “Sir” and “dings” in it. 

“Sir?  Sir?  Sir?  Man, some of these dingbats can’t even hear they’re so out of it.”

I don’t trust blogs.  These people aren’t me, and they won’t give a rat’s ass if my posts do not appear.  I tried to post this:

I have Stage IVc melanoma, so I want in.
I have a chem degree, but I can’t follow much right here because there are long strings of jargon.  What’s Treg?  Is that T(register), stuff like that.  I don’t like biochem, so I don’t like joining the thread in the middle.  I need the stuff about who is moving and who is sitting still (make those ‘whats’).  Biochem is too dynamic and no chemicals build up in vats.
I am on the West Coast and do not have whole cities like Wilmington and Rochester.  I’m weird, old and mean.  I don’t believe in diet, prayer, or positive thinking.  I actually hated the USA for the Vietnam War and see no reason to modify my assessment.  IMO, the East only exploits us and gives nothing in return.  It is absurd to live at the opposite end of a country 3,000 miles wide.

It is okay for the reason that I got some relief via radiotherapy.  I have seen the depths of cachexia and know that this is golden time.  This is heaven on earth. 

(more complaining) The chemical companies are larger than nations.  They laugh if you say they manufactured ovens to gas Jews and why are they still in buisiness, prefacing Oh why is this nonresectable?  Why are medical oncologists replacing surgeons?  As long as I’m at it, why are dermatologists okay?  They can’t find Stage IV from a skin exam.  Why was I told they got it all?  He blunted my vigilance.  It was under one mm thick, five years ago.  I don’t even want to be counted as a survivor for statistical purposes.  It took exactly five years to come back!  Yes, it is just like Kafka said it is, all gloomy with us having to be among people with a future.

I don’t have time to manufacture methamphetamine.  I may try to obtain some of the compounds that have the worst stench.  The whole experiment is just to take the bottles somewhere and get the top off.  Don’t spill it on yourself!  Can I get some from Kodak?  Will you hand-carry my order to the right department.  Hey, your name is Breitfeller, so, do you have a surreal and schizophrenic orientation where you substitute the words “bright fellow”?  That’s what I’d do.


Now for the URL: blog main mast on melanoma.

Ah.  Unusual club.  To join, you have to be terminally ill.  There are so many.  I know now that if I require everybody to recognize their cancer outcome in words, the club would have nearly zero population.  They are talking shit about doctors one minute, then the blog ends because guess why.

“Oh, I’m not saying doctors are ignorant.  All I’m saying is that a) We’re going to beat this, and b) (laetrile, diet, high colonics, prayer, something they are still working to perfect) take your pick—this works.”


Believe me and do not doubt me.  We are going to beat this.  If you suffer some horrible outcomes from listening to me (burns are the modicum of slight glitches), sue me.  All you line up to sue moi.  I love that.  That fun.  “Fun, Tony?”  That right.


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