Disappeared Forums

…meth bong water evaporating…

Did it ever occur to you that the internet has been taken over in various degrees by persons whose only focus is the extraction of money from its users?

This makes it a futile effort whenever I try with my little chunk of desired information in mind to utilize the services of the internet.  Whatever it is I specifically want is shaved into words with related spellings which dump me in the hands of the predators.  They are anonymous now, which increases their tendency to loot the public indiscriminately.  Also, the Great American Dream means that what they do is, for the most part, legal.

However, it gets worse: the government anti-drug forces and hackers of all stripes never rest.  The hackers automate attacks.  A real voice is drowned out by the automation, and satisfying this means getting your computer disabled by a virus.  Money is not all they are after.  The government’s other functions besides fighting drug abuse are also a clear and present danger.  Wikileaks provides an example of how the government thinks, and what it intends to do.  It wants Wikileaks off the ‘net, and it can arrest the founder, hack the website, make it seem like Wikileaks itself ratted out its sources, so that the very use of the site is so disappointing that no one uses it.  This they call “fatal marginalization.”

I have a lump on my side.  Even a gun in my ribs would still be outside my body, but this little chrysalis reminds me constantly that it is ticking away and about to strike again.  It was quite bad and I received radiation and ipimumalab ( the radiation definitely worked), and for right now I am a reanimated zombie.  I don’t feel deader every day, I just don’t expect this good feeling to last very long.  Except for a lump, I’m normal.  It is not ‘in every way’; a cancer patient does not typically excel in any category.  To get through the day is about the best you can shoot for.  In short, this blog may join other disappeared things when I die and something happens to it.

I don’t know how that happens.  This blog has never failed and it’s free.  What if I don’t post, does it stay on the ‘net?  I suppose I could ask them.

Let’s get to this question.  I assume that you were inhaling  vapor (Oh.  I want to insert more search terms, thus: HOMEMADE METH (Hold on.  I had searched and got lyrics, but they were from a new song, and I notice that if your song is old, you get marketed to.  I suspect that young folks are living in a parallel world with much less aggravation.  That song’s lyrics appeared instantly with no ad); when you get old you are not only ugly, you get fucked with endlessly, as if everything is a big joke) from methamphetamine and you wondered how much of the vapor passing through the bong water was being trapped.  I have wondered this myself, but I never thought meth could be smoked and I was wrong.  Water doesn’t evaporate (right now it is impossible to write this.  If I have to insert a letter, it goes ahead and erases the next letter.  I know email does that, but this was better (the best is NV DETR.  The form tabs automatically, you just enter the alphanumerics).

Oh, yeah.  In case one dies, the government makes one feel at home, as if you wouldnt want to live in this world anyway.  I can’t enter that apostrophe.  Nevada shut off my unemployment so I filed for a pension; now they will prosecute me for reinstating my unemployment with a pension pending, but, I can’t find out about it, no.  No.  Grasshopper, your enemies are the only ones to make that call, but your advocates just say to go ahead and “it’s your ass, do what you want.” (they say that).  You can’t inquire about what to do.  You are always midstream in obtaining the necessities of life, so, you have already violated something.  They take your inquiry and surmise that you are defrauding them or you wouldn’t ask the question.  That’s why they have your file open first.  They say, “Provide your identifying information or I can’t help you.”  “Yeah, but if you have that, you can also hurt me.”  “Not if you don’t have anything to hide.”  To hide.  Don’t have anything?  I have a very illegal and homicidal impulse rushing to my brain right now, but since they pay you ten bucks an hour what’s the use of unloading on you, and this phone isn’t a gun.  Hasn’t got a scope on it.  You are supposed to die and pay your debts and not “commit suicide”, but I have been there.  They wouldn’t have given me radiation unless I was already at death’s door.

“Should we waste radiation on him.”

“Well, remember your textbooks, what they say.  They say, ‘O.  If your patient appears to be in a state that you would not treat a dog that way, go ahead and relieve it.”  But not before.  Oh, hell no.  Whoever dreamed there was any hurry? It’s just terminal cancer.  W are all better off -we- (this wasn’t right) see, the joke being that cancer grows.  List the things that grow.  Then read your list as if it is a sentence.  There’s no verb.

Well, due to Van der Waal’s forces, water doesn’t evaporate.  Temperature works on it, and pressure works on it.  We lower the pressure and this allows our delicate compounds to survive the lower heat.  A colder water running through the condenser used to rcover the solvent water will speed all that up.

I tried a similar thing.  I used a sep funnel as a receiver for a steam distillation and figured that the meth oil partitioned into the water and the layer of itself, but it took nary a drop of conc. HCl to neutralize it.  The water layer.  Not much oil was found in the water.  You have M HCl, the more water-soluble form, so, passing through water should trap some in the water.  I smoked a lot of it that way.  It belonged to my friend.  I wish—no, wait a minute.  I don’t want to be doing meth. I shouldn’t even want to do coke.  I am living longer than my money supply as it is.

I don’t have any friends on the net, but, what if someone is fishing and I need that word?  Well, they could be up in the rigging, but I doubt they hang from the net.  Fish net you would misspell.  They’d go, do you mean to search for fishnet?  That’s stockings from the rampant porn.  Until you are old, you won’t want to admit that you whack off.  Until I was fifty, it wasn’t talking right now about some random time.  My fist was permanently curled.  I didn’t whack off so much as I whacked off last night.

Disappeared.  This word is a new use.  There must be a grammatical category for a second verb in a sentence, where this is done to you.  You have been disappeared.  This comes from Argentina ( a country named after a chemical).  It implies that once all the “information” available is disinformation, everyone can proceed with business as usual.  This unholy situation can only be the result tof the rise of nuclear weapons.  Normally, populations do not become so onerous as to require extermination and extinction.  We would most definitely down an airliner to get one guy.  I’d probably down one just because it was an airliner, with a …

No, not a SAM.  I don’t want to tow it out to the hills west of the airport.  But not an RPG.  Jesus, I want it to fucking work, for Christ’s sake.  I’ll have to wait till I see it again.  It comes with a technician.  That could be problematic.  Witnesses. Pablocito had a rap for that.  They killed him when his payoff money dried up, in 1991, a full ten years after they needed to.

the fuck how do you set the pH in meth?

Let’s say the pH of meth is 7.03.  Let’s say the pH of blood is 7.46.  Yes, you are alkaline.  That is about a half-point difference.  The liquid meth (reconstituted solution of the hydrochloride) hits the bloodstream and doesn’t coagulate.  It works pretty good.  A match has no problems, but with a mismatch we wonder where it becomes a problem.

“pH-ing” meth, or “gassing” it during a cook, is explained ad nauseum in many places, many sources.  It’s here somewhere.  Please read.  there are 632 posts.  It’s not in any of them?

BLACKLIGHT and WETDREAMS RELOADED are missing from the web.  The wayback machine can’t find wetdreamsreloaded, and Blacklight was marginal, a hangout for stupider ppl.  I want always to see how Uncle Fester is doing, and I figure if he posts, he’s alive, but now I have lost him.  That leaves virtually no forums, and only leaves the static information.  Except Sciencemadness, which is there, yes, but often the lair of self-important non-cooks ( as their alibi).

It leaves me Michael Douglas, but he lived in the Bahamas, and man, that’s a thousand miles out.  Think of the jet fuel.  A hurricane hit it.  They let shore rats and landlubbers buy their Cuban food on Key Largo, but it is attached to Miami with a causeway.  Bermuda is close by.  It must have been too close to suit the Douglases.  As an undesirable life form tolerated since it spends money to make the rich rich, it is called the hoi poloi.  In Russia, it is called the proletariat, but in that there is no shame.

By the way, all meth is made “with no money.”  But we live here in a welfare state and we all receive money of some kind.  Save up your birthdays.  You have a whole lifetime to do it.  Watch and learn.


I am a collection agency and we are pleased to announce that if customers do not pay their medical bills they will no longer receive prescriptions for pain relief.


“Income”, as in “low-income”, is a category for people.  “Working-class” is a synonym for this.  Imagine working-class but sick.  While sick, people do not work.  A cure is nice to help one return to work.  Diseases without cures, however, cause a critical reliance upon pain-relieving drugs.  In fact, the word “cure” is the one we can do without, being just one part of pain relief.


I see that you still have balls between your legs.  If you will kindly lay them over this block of wood on my desk,  I  can find the other block of wood around here and if we both try, why, I am sure we can come to a resolution of this matter in which I come down like so, bringing the two blocks of splintery wood together and crushing your deadbeat nutsack.


Yeah, see, it is income which is altered when you can no longer work, as if there were any jobs to be had.  Without the current meaning for income, it is well that you have such a plan to deal with this question.  The historical name for the question is, “The Jewish Question”, and it is getting to be the American Question, although you cannot Google that.

In summary, it’s okay, you have to be paid for making the dying comfortable, but it was your wars which left us with no option.  They used up the cash.


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