We Were Talking About the Love Between Us All

We weren’t; oz just—

I was just—

freaking out.  I lost all this for a second, and it was good:

Yes. I think the man is holding a fifty-liter; the smaller ones are 22s. There is red phosphorus residue inside, and the center hole is flanged. The lid(s) available can have different numbers of different size standard taper female necks, or female spherical joints. A cheaper flask than that one would have ground glass:
But this doesn’t show wrapping with teflon tape. TFE tape for plumbers is fine for a dollar, and a more expensive roll for labs is thicker and about 3/4″ wide. As soon as I buy ground glass, I wrap tape around the male joint. If it is stretched it sticks. I never use grease, but in education, we are told to use high-vaccuum grease for the same reason (to not let the pieces freeze together). We never leave eqpt assembled. Something must be used on every joint every time. Grease would just contaminate the product. In a lab course, you are not ingesting the chemicals, so grease is used. TFE tape is so thin it doesn’t interfere with the seal as long as it is laid flat in one layer. A scrap of paper will work for storage of new pieces without a trace of grease, when it is a stopper in a bottle, which is stored assembled. It is not recommended to put them together and try to pull them apart. They weld almost immediately.
The big flask can only lose the lid this way, and the condenser in the lid (or top). With a flange and matching top, a clamp with wing nuts around the circumference and a teflon gasket complete the joint. A large flanged flask is PROCESS SCALE, and lab coursework doesn’t prepare you for it. PILOT SCALE is large, but these terms are not in pharmaceuticals, but more refineries and chemical plants. Pharma has three sizes of lab, gram scale, kilo scale, and production scale.
Pouring out of a flask is only okay alone at the 12-L flask size, no larger. There are rigs for sale for pouring. They must hold the flask and heating mantle, sock style or tabletop are the two kinds of that; the rig will take the sock style. Big ones have two heating elements, so two $175 variable resisters are needed.
The red P method can be run in a single-neck flask, but the cheapest flask (with a small ground glass neck ) will not permit the hand to be put inside for cleaning. Cleaning is a must, to prevent incriminating traces. Use of a brush bent to reach upside down will rub the braided wire against the glass. Every flask has to have a cork ring sized accordingly so the round bottom doesn’t bang on the table when you set it down, or it doesn’t roll over and bang the lip. No two flasks can be stored together in a drawer, or they bang together when it’s opened, causing a star crack, maybe in both. Any flask with a star crack must be discarded. It won’t last like a windshield, you’re heating it. This big one is thicker glass, but if it were evacuated and the tech is up on a ladder, should he drop a pen out of his pocket, that could cause it to shatter. The highest death toll is a whole room full of 21-year olds who died in their sleep when the condenser water supply tubing relaxed and fell against the hot glass in the night. Our recipe passed around in the late ’80s had a cook time of a full day. It said, “can’t overcook”. We could set it up and start it, then leave it unwatched all night. But, we were sure the water pressure would not increase when nobody was using it, thereby popping off the tubing and allowing the system to heat unchecked to dryness, when the temp would go up and form the poisonous phosphene gas which escapes and kills. I have gone to some trouble to show the gas scrubber used to carry the trace phosphene down the drain with the condenser water. This amount when everything goes right is tolerable, giving you a nausea. I can do without any PH3, and I can do without ether (by using steam distillation), or any solvents, almost (a cup of acetone), to prevent burns. Cops don’t tell you this when they say this can be done by anyone with a high-school chem class, neither will DEA chemists, since these people are murderers.

Very small size equipment comes in more sizes than are in one system, while the standard taper system is foolproof. This standard taper is a decrease of one inch in diameter with ten inches of run. On my recent purchase, Chris of Amico said ground glass would only be sold to companies.
“What comany are you with now, Steve?”
“None. Private individual. Home laboratory. See that boy? He’s going to learn chemistry for fun.”
“We require a company check for ground glass.”
Every other SoCal supplier with “showroom open to the public” was compromised by their customers and smashed by the DEA. Myriad Industries closed its showroom, the owner of Tri-Ess Sciences dies in 2005, proving this was a labor of love, and it could not stay open after that. It was in Pasadena, which has more scientists per square foot than anywhere. It has Caltech and the unmanned space program of the US. Germany is cotemporaneous, and its black mark is 17 killed by stampeding at a million-person rave near Dusseldorf. The ecstasy produced in Europe is the sole reason for such gatherings. However, the US Congress is repeatedly attempting to make the Constitution illegal, using drugs as a pretext for establishing a world poice force. The first such incident was a Who concert in 1979 in Cinncinatti, with 11 trampled. “I’d walk over you to see the Who” reads a popular shirt of the time.

I went over. There won’t be any room for any more comments. Hell, lab glass is still for sale in Pas, in a surplus store on Colo Bl.

Every plating shop will go down, because there are no chemists. I liked to get a key and work at night. In the day I would show up and call OC Chemicals (just a moment)
THIS http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&rlz=1T4GWYE_enUS285US285&q=orange+county+chemicals+santa+gertrudes


I was just talking off the top of my head.  Now that is a lie.  I’m always talking-off the-top-of-my head.  Have you seen Siegfried and Roy?  They made $57.5 million annually.  They don’t have your mother bent over the hood of their car in the breakdown lane of the fwy, as they are queers.  My point is that nothing has ever been taught us in college.  What you need to do is to catch the smirk on a POS administrator (like that nigger Joe Watson, “chemist”), because of your thought process making the useless nature of your education that much sweeter for him.  Nothing of any consequence is done by imparting from one primate to another.  How are you going to learn?  Nothing that pays is ever taught in a classroom anywhere on the planet Earth.  He created the hatred in you and set you up and knocked you off with prejudice just because you hate him for who he is, and it is so unnecessary.  Students are irrelevant and there are no survivors.  Well am! Shazam!  Mr. Alchemy soaks himself in jizzum.

But it’s okay.  Don’t ever use a laptop, don’t use “Google Instant”.  It instantly clears the form you were filling out.  The cursor navigates with a mind of its own.  I love WORDPRESS, which to me contains the syllable, werp.  It didn’t still disappear just because of I started with a short reply and it went on, and on (and on).  It’s here, with its pic:


But going over to here, inch up (hitch up your britches, tie off, wait), up—who’s?  Yours.  and, then, the magilla thus:


See?  They are different.  The comment never would have been seen.   It was a comment just on a click on the picture.  I made it into a post.  I don’t care if it is never seen.  I only care that it appeared to get erased, and I have a little more confidence in the new post screen form, so I moved.  I’ll move, but I like to prepare for war, not get exploited by trying to use a rifle grenade launcher that looks as straight as one of W. C. Fields’ golf clubs.  The minute you get there with a million other guys is not the time to have your piece jam in the mud.  Go back and shoot the weapons designer in his factory.


A rifle grenade is a grenade that uses a rifle based launcher to permit a longer effective range than would be possible if the grenade was thrown by hand. The practice of projecting grenades with rifle-mounted launchers was first widely used during World War I and continues to the present, with the term ‘rifle grenade’ now encompassing many different types of payloads including high explosive, fragmentation, and anti-tank warheads as well as concussion, smoke, incendiary, and flare missiles. Many armies have replaced rifle grenades with dedicated grenade launchers.

Many armies indeed.  Is it a rifle or a grenade launcher?  It will do neither job well.  Did Audie Murphy use that?  Well I don’t know, but he got so he could jump in a trench and shoot everybody by fast-drawing his carbine rifle, swinging it up one handed, and then he switched to something used by the enemy.  The Jerries were his enemies, but the Americans were his frenemies.  The caption for above:

M7 grenade launcher with 22 mm grenade fitted on the end of an M1 Garand rifle.

What?  Is this of Niel Garos design?  Notice that’s just “niggers” disguised.

So I seen 1-2-3-4, as 12:34 romping and frolicking away.  Oh, a hour ago.  Is when I posted, to get the pretty time.  A post of literary throat-clearing is out there naow.

The Safe Lab stopper has to do with my recent threatening, so, I’ll not publish that name, or this other name.  Happy?  But, its manufacturer was the onliest mfr to punch into the business world from the meth world.  He specialized in glass threads, and you can see teflon threads here.  the red nut is delfin or delran or delsin something, poly-something, pent-something, a polyester.  That’s not teflon.  It costs a hundred and five dollars for one.    With you as a friend he gets busted (never mind).  The problem with the two dozen he gave (another nameless) us (they are $14), is that the 125-mL ground glass flat-bottom flasks used to store the extracts in a refrigerator on a cart all popped and sharded apart at the necks upon removal of this cart from coolidge.  See, AW COCK ASS glass and teflon JESUS have unlike coefficients of expansion.  The critical step is to screw the nut down until it touches the glass of the vessel you don’t want to fracture in a kind of Charles Bronson display of strength.  He rolled them into my hand and I took them to the Process Lab as a Trojan Horse—not the only time I’ve done that—as they were testing us; I thought we were testing them.  He said this last just as I reported back this incident, not to go along with the hand when—I don’t wish to say that it would have been nice to mention this earlier, … A big deal, no.  I have a big deal one.  I didn’t do that.  This was more funny, all the bottles breaking, we couldn’t figure it out, and it was time to rush the cart back into the reefer before they all broke.  But no, they all broke.

RJ told me this was how Dow Chemical started.  He must have meant BP, not Dal.  The stopper slips inside, for a hundred and five dollars.


Scienceware Safe-Lab Stopper With Extracting Nut For Easy Stopper Removal; Standard Taper No.: 29/42

by Bel-Art

No customer reviews yet. Be the first.


Price: $105.30
  Special Offers Available
  o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o
In Stock.
Ships from and sold by Fisher Scientific.
Only 1 left in stock–order soon.


I’m short some words.  I don’t care.  It said 1999 and that’s what omma go by, what?  Right.  Let me put it in park and order soon.  I am short some customers.  I’ll make something and put it out there, no disparagement intended, Nintendo.  Very soon.  Quite soon.  Checkbook reading Billinghurst Laboratory, Stephen Billinghurst C.F.O., on my business card, a plastic one that’ll chop cocaine.  Resurrect my business license in San Diego, which sucks ass.

I detect a glitch.  I’m going to get a big space, fix that heading now.

A mortar crew has some of the best guys on it.  Good people, know what I mean?  Twelve thirty-four.  I’m going to get a call to go pick up the boy from the bus stop.  I shouldn’t eat Oxycocone past nine at night, and I shouldn’t eat it past eight.  The beers are sold so you become an alcoholic.  I started at a 12-oz a day.  You can’t buy a 12-oz.  The least you can buy is the amount that gives you a buzz.  I didn’t start out wanting a buzz.  I don’t drink and use drugs for that, and now it is influencing my son.  “You don’t want a buzz?”  No, and I want the head caved in on this big dude, that stinking fuck.  I do not actualy mind if every young man in America is sticking a needle in his arm.  All those guys on skateboards, bicycles, they look sharp.  C’mere take a second.  And the girls!  Little Christians, a product of the religion, have n—have never got drunk.  Passioned woman, give up your vows.

(*****) little lady in the City of Night.  Another lost angel, …

—The Doors

doing me a big favor


No more pix. shot my wad, or I’d—(What would you do, daddy?).  Why if she were my daighter, I’d—

“What would you do, Daddy?”

Suzy Creamcheese, LA woman, ranch dressing, sadist

The flasseses, accords were reached, I had a five-L jacketed flask, and that had a flange.  I made it up to the flange, picking up the teflon gasket alone at a place near Biola College that sold process eqpt.  Even without it, we can go back to whoever is the rep for Schott Glass around here.  Nigger is out of bubble gum again.  They go out of biz with me as a customer.  Gus sold me a lot of my stuff out of a storage unit; he’s a PhD, the OC.  Not my LN2 dewar flask ( a metal can), on your desire to really condense vapors.  A lot of my stuff that the expert wit said did not go to make meth.  Could not get the last piece to put the rotovap together, or the vac train, or the hydrogen supply.  Your problem is the chem sources (title of a book with every mfg fool in industry worldwide), that is, no pont making it without all the chems, and no safety being in possession of said chems, aka ‘precursors’.

Don’t even “make”.  Just on that last post alone is a bunch of experiments.  Do those, and then don’t let the left hand know what the right hand is doing.  I know, it says the same thing in the Bible, the Good Book.  The Holy Scripture.  Hey, the Holy fuckin’ Bible, son.  Jay am owna set yo eye on faiah.

Title written by Geo. Harrison, Beatles.


By exposing part of the winding coils and making the secondary connection through a sliding brush, an almost continuously variable turns ratio can be obtained, allowing for very smooth control of voltage. Applicable only for relatively low voltage designs, this device is known as a variable AC transformer, or commonly by the trade name of Variac.

From 1934 to 2002, Variac was a U.S. trademark of General Radio for a variable autotransformer intended to conveniently vary the output voltage for a steady AC input voltage. In 2004, Instrument Service Equipment applied and obtained the Variac trademark for the same type of product.


125 grams per mole iodine, 22.4 liters per mole at STP, ideal gas.  Charging a flask with a pound of I2 is going to rapidly decompose into two-fers of HI(g), final product; 454.4 g, divided by musician (Creedence), by 125, 8 (look it up), TI-30X2s solar calculator, $15, 454.4/128 = 3.55 x 10 to the one, or 35.5.  What are these?  ten to the zero, or straight-up 3.55 moles, Homes.  A mole is a handful.  A pound, is that 35 handfuls fool.  3.55 x 22.4 = 79.52 L.  The closest flask size to that is the hundred-year sentence (little shed holds a pair) of 72-L flasks.  To make a pound?  3:1 molar ratio reagent to precursor implies about a pound, I mean a mole. a mole of E is not a pound; I believe that is 200 g per mole, ephedrine HCl.  every 200g going in makes 180g meth coming out, some of it dirty.  No, alike to a pound of iodine, as big as your fist (no put-y in pant-y, (ulceration, hospital stay)), made 80 L, 1000 cc per L, ten cm on a side is 1000 cc.  Oh, I don’t do the third root on this.  Guesses off 80,000, third root, trying, first the zeroes.  five.  At six, three, two.  0.8 x 100, times itself twice more, 80x80x80=500,000.  Trying 60 cubed, yielding 216,000, …yeah.  43 it is.  40% of a meter, 43%, times 39.37 m/in.   1.69 of a foot, 1.69 ft.  A cube that big on a side, knowing a 28.32 L/cu.ft., then yeah, Petco ballpark says.  Can you put a 2-ft. cube inside this flask, 8 cubic feet?  I didn’t think so.  My 72 must yield a few tens of pounds.  80’s what we have to take care of, so 3.785 L/ gallon, times INVERSE 79.52 L,Ls cancel, Equaline 47.6, …Invers wha? Was on backwards.  Per gallon, want gallons.  79.52 / 3.785 = 21, divide again by -never mind, four fives I can see that.  Four five-gallon water bottles hold 80 L.  A one-L flask connected on the push-pull to a gas train of 4 water jugs is sized out by us when a lb of the blue solid is all turned into the harsh gas.


Next time, contg. P (pressure).  PV = nRT (ideal gas law)



No, no no no no.  Remember two-fers?

[Added later.]

I can think of three factors of two.  A pint, 473 mL, is considered a pound.   Water has a density of one.  With less than 4% difference between 454.4  and 473, a pint of liquid should weigh 473 g.  The density of HI, 57%, is 1.6.  1.6 x 473 = 756.8 g.  There’s about a pint of water there, but there’s also 756.8 – 473 = 283.8 g of the total 454.4 g of iodine, not counting the H of HI, which is 3.5 g, one gram per mole times the number of moles.  This leaves 283.8 – 3.5 = 280.3 g of iodine.  280.3/454.4 = 0.617 = 61.7 %.  100 – 61.7 = 38.3.  Theoretically, as much as this percentage of the volume is all that is in the gas phase, with the rest dissolved in the water.  But, we do not make 57% HI as a constant-boiling distillate.  We generate a reagent in situ.  We had iodine solid wth a volume of a few ounces turning into 38.3% of the volume 79.52  liters, or 30.456 L, of gas above the liqud.  But, it’s out of equilibrium, so it develops pressure and we don’t want to lose it.

We had offsetting mistakes, so the apparatus is of the size I described.  The first error is that the diatomic molecule I2 turns into two molecules of HI, so the volume would be 160 L, twice the 79.52.  The second error is that when you take the atomic weight of iodine off the chart at 128 g, it takes two, so that the molecular weight of molecular 


Yeah, that’s bad English.

…iodine is 2×128=256 g/mol.  One pound is only 454.4 g/256 g/mol= 1.775 mol.  1.775 molx22.4 L/mol=39.76 L as an ideal gas.  We won’t get iodine vapor in this; we’ll get HI gas.  If you put iodine crystals with aluminum powder and put a drop of water on  it, it’ll turn out purple smoke, so that’s molecular iodine vapor.  I2 is more reduced than HI.  Althgough the I- anion is present, it’s the largest, while H+ is the smallest.  So, it’s a soft acid.  It’s closer to I+ and H- than HCl is to CL+ and H-.  The H- anion is called hydride, and a character like this is why only HI and no other halogen acid will do this rxn.  Lewis acid theory, Bronsted-Lowry theory, Arrhenius theory (1903).  I2 is not more reduced than HI.  It’s the other way around.  The I in HI has an oxidation state of -1.  The oxidation state of an element is always zero.

I think the HI gas should be trapped in a cold finger as the liquid.  Then you have to get this liquid to dissolve in water.  -35.4 C is the HI bp.  Acetone/dry ice is a -78 C cooling bath.  I’d prefer dry ice/isopropanol to dry ice/acetone.  They’re the same temp, and so is dry ice/ethanol.  Solubility


obtaining  iodine crystals from tincture

drug enforcement version of same


One more large database.  This makes two for this post, which is #628.

Electrochemistry Encyclopedia.  The first one was experiments, and, I might locate ANIMATIONS of phase diagrams; I’ve hit on oxidation state diagrams and oxidation number, but, I can’t find that  exact diagram for iodine.  Other short series are solvent polarity (search for a post), and the Electrochemical Series, which orders elements by their replacement of each other by the half-cell reaction.  another is electronegativity, but that is one of Pauling’s inventions.  It isn’t fundamental.  It’s akin to properties.  See of it a  couple of posts back.  That is, we surmise that we can think of unlimited new things to measure, but being chemistry, the number of these things itself approaches a minimum, and that is how everything on the chart is all there is.


The push-pull (usually used for refrigerant recovery in the HVAC dodge) we’re talking about up in  here above, by UF.



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