Properties of Matter

The Wailers, Bob Marley

Proper teas, mon.  tea.  In one, -ty, i.e. “Forty”, as “For tea”.  She went out “for tea”, then.  No.  She was forty, actually, and “was hit by a car driven by a drunk policeman”  —Lennon on his mom.

I do that transformative scat jive.  I could say “Bob Marley” as “Bop Marley” and it would be difficult to catch me, but it is illegitimate.  I could press further, but I can’t find the place where I can’t understand what I am saying.  Perhaps with more dementia, it could.  This criminal modality is how it starts, but the increase with that would be leading into getting caught.  Here it isn’t caught, it’s considered as offending literate people, in a vugarity disguise.  scientific papers will have keywords, and they won’t have vulgar keywords. They’ll have another order of language for almost everything.  There’s a precision thus gained; it can’t be misconstrued.

Starting with a number for the product of all the people (who ever lived) times three papers a day times words per average paper gives a large word count we pare down to just a few sentences containing no mistakes via methods we use.  My speeches in the vernacular should in all particulars still be correct but here;

(you might have to delete some of the path to get to the home page for educypedia. I wanted animations while attempting to research taut


and can tha be a property?

Toughness is a property of steel, and is an element in the set of properties, where some things could be fine if left out, the combination of two other properties, for instance.  Then we can learn something from the length of the list of properties.  It’s futile, however.  We have fundamental physical constants starting with the speed of light, c.  These minimum (number of) things serves to keep any rules or laws of science foremost.  Nature only goes off once, I think, so, you’d have no odds against something happening  if it did happen.  And, the next event is independent.  So, these laws are tenuous, needing a new experience in order to reinforce that it always does that.

Nothing happened that doesn’t still happen every time, or the law would need changing.  Anyway, this is what we mean by scientific laws.  I didn’t google it, I is—am seeing how close I get.  He said “zam”; I heard it.  You are reading and all of a sudden written malapropisms of a different sort appear as well.  A partial forwarding development in language and science is the formulation of statements which are clear besides being true.  There is no opposing view on clarity.  BTW, one of those experiments is in a foreign language.

Why does this sound, TEES, make me think of weed?  I know.  The use of the word “properties”, when drawing a blank.  The sound folds back upon itself.  “Let’s see, hmm, properties.  The properties?”  Of what?  The properties of the matter in question?  Uh, of course!  I guess of string.

How taut (or taunt, I have heard that used),

Not “of string”, of back it up.  Was “tautness” ever a legitimate use of the notion that materials may have certain properties which may be specified.  If I’d—what?  ‘whatever it is found in’; ‘in whatever it is found in’.  ‘Wherever it is found’, right?  No, it won’t be found in the air and space.

Tautness has features; among them tension, but features of a ball shape, extensive features, preclude observation of the tautness.  A superball is the prototypical high-tension item, but balls give the lowest numbers, what with their bad manifestation of two ends and all.  If you don’t toyne it on get low numbers.  Thus light, starts out with experimentally high numbers.  Go, “No, we want to go higher, and we want it to go lower”, which has proven hard to do.  Enough about, …er, string.

Well, I did not have any other topics, …remaining.  Well, I am tired of telling my son to get his ass in line.  I could call it the remains.  After you die they aren’t yours.  They are typically everything, though.  There are no remains of your ass with particularity, just a captal lerr for the names.

Which of structure, substance, matrix and sample do not belong?  I say sample.

Mayhaps I do have more topics.  No, no more topics.  I generated blocking for tautness.  Oh, it is in with brittleness, toughness, sharpness, melting point, density, …and these are quasi-.  Quasi oh, then it is rigorous.  Watch this


  1. Similar to, but not exactly the same as.
  2. In some manner or to some degree.
  3. Seeming or seemingly but not necessarily genuine or genuinely.

Yeah, the links appeared too.  Quasi-rigor = quam-rigorous, and attributes is like properties.

Why care is the question.  Now I suddenly recall what I wanted to write: I write and publish this blog, which is generally of specious origin, in rebuttal or to refute the peope who convicted me of a crime.  Guess what?  I didn’t do it.  Now I’ve been to prison.  I have to pay them back.  There are no further reasons.  It occupies a niche involving the law, of a genre of speech which is neither legal nor illegal.  Most other acts of persons are one or the other.  Whilst liars doesn’t carry much weight, 627 posts makes the blog of some depth.  Their evidence wasn’t more than a) my statement I knew how to make it, b) traces of ephedrine in a flask, mmm (I think there was one more piece).  But, check it out; in my defense, wasn’t I on probation with three years hanging over my head for possession, and I was again in possession?  Yeah, there was a rock on the mirror under the couch (Friday, September 13, 1996).  I would be facing no less time had I beaten the case, but the OC DA’s offer gave them no increase in prison time at sentencing, only a status change from a one-time to a two-time offender.  If the case was weak, against an indigent defendant (no resources to apply towards suppression of evidence), that could be because the accused was innocent.  I am not dying because I want to, but here we are without a flip side to getting caught.  The accusation did all the work.  I truly was accused.  Was the accusation true, or, is the law vague (11357(b) Calif.)?

I want something, pigs.  You will be like me.


This is post-9/11; I am not going to seem ridiculous because of an obsession with ESP.  From now on I’m going to use Martians, and, I appreciate a good Martian the way others have Moon Men before post-Niel Armstrong.  I could do AI-artificial intelligence, but then Alien Intelligence encompasses all;


‘Does meth make you psychic ‘ turns into ‘does meth link you to Mars’.  The capitalization scares me.  ‘Which planets are best for taking meth’ ‘does meth affect an alien’   BEST


‘illegal aliens with meth’ (google)

can I get a beat-off and a photographer

anal punch biopsies

vagina lien

In law, a lien is a form of security interest granted over an item of property to secure the payment of a debt or performance of some other obligation.

can I get head

Like an act of God?

Crossbreeding genes for the hypothalamus.  Identification of gene function.  101.5°F dog,

thermoregulation without a hypothalamus-google


All data were loge transformed to ensure normality for parametric analysis. We used regression analysis to determine the relationships between interbirth intervals and the independent variables. However, many of the relationships with interbirth intervals were quadratic, and thus stepwise procedures could not be used because the linear and quadratic components did not always have significant independent effects. As a consequence, a combination of enter and backward regression was used to determine the best fit equations where necessary. All tests are two tailed.


quadratic regression to correlate properties

is hardness correlated with density

id’ing genes for metabolism-google

id’ing genes for mitochondria

bulletproof glass

surgical removal of hypothalamus


limits to survival-organs, skin,

be here now

deregulation of metabolism

neurochemical signaling and metabolic rates



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