System and Brothers

What do I do?  What do you mean?  When I make speed?  Whoa, there.  Let’s get one thing straight: I do not break the law; if I’d said my answer to that, hey.  What?

Steve!  Steve?!

I forgot again.  When I used to make the speed, what I did was this certain deal.  Okay.

[That should be highly circumspect and cool, you see, because I have been busted (and I had to have made it to be busted, right?  And the making, in the past, is some kind of thing where, fuck.  Oh, yeah:  I had to know then, so, I know now.  This is just old knowledge].

Naw, not in a system.  “The wheels of justice grind slow, but exceedingly fine (and now you will be hindered if’n you read and retain these platitudes)”.  IOW, the system doesn’t have a time machine, and it doesn’t really operate with yourself the criminal and itself the clean and uncorrupted good guys in the white hats.  Thus, it can’t go back and prove that you tried.  Yeah, I have tried, and now I give up.  But, the criminals are stone off their nut.  The system might be wrong, but jumping out into street justice is worse.  It’s worse for me since I forget that the people lie constantly.  Whoops.  I already caught ’em in a lie once.  What am I waking up for?  I believed it yet again, same person.  They’re never right.  I need a moment to reorder my thoughts.  The way the world doesn’t work, computed beyond today, carry the two, yielding the facts; fact #1: Got fooled again.

A time machine, meaning the way to be in the right place at the right time to see for yourself, is the only way.  A substitute way is to ask.  Of course, this is just useful for prosecution, and we are not here to keep records of our crimes, amirite?  I mean, look.  I’ll be honest: It is my belief that 28,000 dead Mexicans is a raging success, and that’s what we got in the border drug war, and I am by the border.  Imagine what it’s doing to Mexico, as Mexico itself exists only in the minds of the enemy, the rich.  They are the ones who can afford to travel there.  I don’t have to say that methamphetamine is a drug of the poor.  PCP is “dummy dust”, but the capacity of meth to render the user non compos mentis is not a controversial claim.  Even if the effects are cumulative (they take a while to rise to gross anatomical destruction of brain), and we get a breathing period, once it dawns that day has come too soon, and the party is OVER, Jack.  That’s neither here nor there.  I am crazy or insane, and not in a freedom way, in more of a crushed victim of a predator way.  I was just reading about the hippocampus and the part of that (a place on the side), which is excited (and can be lit up with the proper medical research equipment), can show that persons are predatory, some others are not (but I forget what they are, like, just trying to get by?), what they’re doing.  And!

“System ‘n brothers” is a play on words.  I can’t play on all of them, but since I know what I am thinking, the words with T,I,O,N, for instance, on the end?  I don’t think out that part of the word.  Other words, like system, if I think that and it is not the vessel holding the matter while the heat leaks out through the walls or something, it stops me cold.  Am I talking about the jail (I always go State.  I am never the subject of  an investigation.  It’s my zodiac sign, I guess.  I get a domestic violence and they uncover a lab on it).


I’m only going to be addicted for a couple of months.

Since I have the system, I want to try it with an ‘n’ on the end, giving “systemn”.  “System and—” evokes, “Sister man”, and that has a precedent in music (its an audible.  When they went to record, it ended up sounding like “sister man”, although this has little relevance, unlike, Woman is the Nigger of the World, …


Couple ways to get it, front or back.

I put ‘sister-man’ together then ignore the hippocampal memory and lose the meaning, only hearing.  I fabricate the suffix with the info available and speculate that the original was a couplet, ‘sisters and ______’, and so we go with “brothers”.  Now the brothers are dragged in; they didn’t have anything to do with it, but, if they are niggers, living is violation enough.  Now it has no sense, and so is encoded.  Codes are good.  I don’t want any reminders of this country where every hero is a fraud (in cliche, they are said to have feet of clay).

What trouble will you get in?  Don’t make me bring you down to my level, please.

They us’d a toothpick instead of the back end of a melting-point capillary.  I guess it worked, for now my eating spoon is full of gunk.  I say to yield a ton, like we do in Juarez or TJ.  One room full of dust will be found in an ounce or a ton.  On a ton it is sprinkled in lightly.  It’s only one room.  Is it chemistry or drugs?  Are you going to empty out firecrackers and eat it on your cereal?  Keep every solution, esp. washes, but the volume increases and one little extra squirt translates into a whole day to dry it out.  And that’s why we just obtain every last laboratory improvement, like a rotary evaporator, and don’t ask why.

They had Quincy, and this big-nosed stiff would demo to the detectives how he could “show” them a readout.  Inject a sample into the GC and pull out the chromatogram.  No!  It takes a half-hour.  It has a ramping heat program.  Fuck television.

Oh.  It was throat cancer and he is still alive.  Way to go, Jack.  Last surviving actor of the twelve men in 12 Angry Men, twelve due to a jury.  That’s twelve.  I’ve never used them (and my two alternates), on the principle that a) I have seen jurors before.  These are ones too stupid to get out of jury duty, and b) The prosecution offers three and threatens to make it ten if you take it to the (jury) box, do 19 months on three years, bing!  Out shortly after my birthday, 1998.  No Buck Rogers release date for me (thx Brian O’Dea.  Great book.).

Who’s dead?  Well, there’s eleven I can get like shooting fish in a barrel, and one of ’em’s Henry Fonda. I know one I hate, really hairy and a sourpuss.  Always coming in with a “guilty”.  Enh! Cum si, cum ca.  They just play that type.  It’s a living.  I hate Hollywood.

9 Responses to “System and Brothers”

  1. 503STAR Says:

    Whats up GOD been a while? Swim was wondering if the developer could be explained a little more?

    • sbillinghurst Says:

      Yes. Can you tell me what the developer is?

      • 503STAR Says:

        Hydroquinone, 2-aminoethanol, diethanolamine-sufur dioxide complex, diethylene glycol, pentetic acid and water. Swim has been reading on here and thinks possibly to steam distill but only the GOD knows for sure.

      • 503STAR Says:

        phenylpropanone? Swim is not sure what is being asked?

      • 503STAR Says:

        Thanks GOD can you help swim with a route to methylamine? I think swim finally got the other half figured out but I,m not to sure how to turn it to salt? Ive read to run HCL gas through a suitable base will give the salt but everytime swim has tried no salt comes out . Can you lead swim in the right direction PLEASE any help will be absorbed.THANKS

    • 503STAR Says:

      kodak hc-110 or is it the dektol ? Swim read something that the dektol is methylamine? GOD please help me out!

      • sbillinghurst Says:

        You are laboring under a delusion, so, I can’t help you because you are beyond help. For a minute there, you seemed to have sniffed out the truth when you said it was a myth. That means it’s not true, so forget about it. That’s not help, whereas to answer the follow-up question, “Well, if Dektol isn’t methylamine, how else can I get this without doing any work?” will be frustrating. Do you wish to steal it from me?

        See, the deal is that no one of us nor all of us put together can develop a state of the art capable of resisting a claim that it doesn’t make sense. Someone who doesn’t understand it can always be found.

        That’s okay, that’s what I’m here for. You have an industry peopled by those with experience. You will never catch up with them, but they don’t do what they do in a vacuum. You have to look for something just as good that doesn’t require all that and can make you go from a zero to a hero. I always like to use prophecy. I am a flat-out stone prophet. All I have to do is predict the future.

        The myth of the X-ray developer being P2P (I’ve heard 1945 wood putty) is chemist-associated generic prefab located in an environment where this person works with chemists. He works them like a wolf works sheep. Like, you want to hold up drug dealers, so you claim to have dope and to be looking for a scale, and you don’t have dope, you have a sawed-off shotgun.

        There are no jugs with meth in them that only needs to be recovered. I got some litmus paper now. It should be made alkaline with NaOH and the oil would float to the top. It’s in Pinnochio with the conscience Jiminy Cricket and a wolf and his gang.

        All we want for is ingredients, and I will do a little sourcing for you. Bob Lazar sells one ounce of iodine crystals for 12 bucks at United Nuclear dot com. I say that’s better, ready-made. But, I wouldn’t go bringing Bob your illegal trade, because Bob we should keep around. Think about it. You have to have everything you say be true, IOW you have to have clean hands to come into this courtroom. You can’t go suing somebody if you are a criminal. On the other hand, if we have one criminal, we are all criminals.

        I like Harvey Pekar. This writer just left us last Jul 12. I was so sick I only posted three times in July. Stephen Cannell went, too. That’s a large vacuum for writers. I’m writing now, whee. Harv could get amphetamines by prescription, only dexedrine but dexy is better added in to your day than the other drugs without it.

        I am going off narcotics because my Dr. the exorcist said I wasn’t using them right and that he wasn’t going anywhere, which I took to mean I could get them when my pain returned, which is cool. It makes it legal. Stuff is sacrosanct on this strained and mournful day. I have to go to the library. It’s Sunday, 17 OCT 2010, 3:36 p. I don’t know. That onc is pretty slippery, from La Jolla.

        If you don’t want just any chemicals and lab equipment to be a meth lab, peace be upon you.

  2. 503Star Says:

    GOD is there any chance of you coming back to the ZONE anytime soon? We are in need of your services. Thanks 503STAR

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