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The search was complicated by the presence of this true cover.  The content to be posted was the inside cover.  It took a collector (Sir Real) to post his collection not for the purpose of selling for the image to be found.  The remarkable content drove the search.  The highest theoretical level of classifiable content might yield a different image, and this type of information, in a search for “the best” (without knowing already what that is), must be even harder to find.

My glassware is like that.  I cannot reproduce my original meth labs since not everything is for sale.  The challenge of making meth is likewise not as difficult as producing the drugs which are “like meth but more so” (although you can do a stint proving there necessarily does not exist anything better (stronger, fewer side effects)).  It so happens that introducing a new drug into a culture would eventually drive its reproduction.

In answering how precursors are trafficked, I come to find out that Mexican cartels meet in Ecuador with FARC guerrillas and trade cash and precursors for cocaine, and that Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has an even more blatant support for FARC, from a raid called the bombing of Angostura.  This is all  leak and whistle blower paradigmatic history.  The sauce is “Ecuador at Risk”.

The citizens and poor people do not have ‘leaks’ and ‘whistlebowers’ (whistleblowers are the same as rat and snitches and traitors, but only against leakers).  If the pipeline for precursors excludes private makers of meth as customers, the (unethical) “industry” is then in the hands of the rich.  That’s a stable situation and may not return to its previous state.  Basically, I feel confident that the USA now houses an extra one million prisoners.  without changing the drug laws these could be released.  For sure, all the cooks could be let go and, without precursors, there would be no danger of a wave of meth cooking to ensue.  Of course, there are wars to consider, with drug trafficking serving to quell domestic rebellion.  It is our suspicion, and constantly proved that at the bottom of many wars lies this and other kinds of profiteering.  We suspect that there is no morality in the “rule of law”, and that once institutionalized, it will never swing back into the hands of the people.  The people will know that they are being exploited by drug trafficking, but it will be to the benefit of politicians, so, we won’t get any relief.  In the 1960s we thought they would be charging us to breathe air, but, you can see that with drugs available on the street but no further “need to know”, it will turn out that the same folks selling Cheez Whiz and Coca-Cola will also be dealing narcotics.  In fact, for the entire life of cocaine in the world, the legal pharma industry has tried to disguise and maintain its connection to the illicit market, and, who best to produce product than those who can do it in a spotless pharmaceutical laboratory … (at night ) okay I’m ranting becasue I had to hit a note derived from the culture that glorified drugs.

Is there room for admiration for hackers and computer experts?  No.  Just as no computer will ever transmit an attack to the user (with the exception of epileptic seizures by blinkies), more pertinent is that shipping costs will never make internet shopping cheaper, or, drop shipping, mail drops, anonymity, etc. will never deliver meth lab components in a superior way.  It has something to do with geography.  In geography, we have the root of why cyberspace cannot confer an advantage.  However, I am willing to keep browsing in search of how traffickers operate.  Maybe the only people they do business with are people they know or something, but Jesus!  In technology it is what you know and not who you know.

Why is this here?  Because it’s the King.  Try getting caught reading it and be told to share it with the rest of the class (‘m try being told to shave it with the rest of the class (one little typo)).  Because I got bawled out over the phone by a woman who sounds like an enraged duck just for a line.  I can’t seem to run up on a line ‘n ‘m a have to go to Mexico.  Let her catch me sucking a dick, I guess.  I’ll tell her I’m going back for a BJ this time and no coke.  Take pictures.

“I got my first BJ, Sweetie.”

“Aw, how did you like it?”

“Ah, I likeded it, but it left a funny taste in my mouth.”

“You could get a BJ right here.”

I don’t see you having the equipment.  Ain’t going to happen.”

Michael Douglas is joining those of us in Hell.  I already expressed sympathy for Michael when his son went down a year back.  I hate head-and-neck.  Checking his DVDography, we find, a) He produced One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, which I lean on heavily; of course (b) he does the American version of Traffic, c) he reprises the insane in King of California (full movie on YouTube), and he makes it attributing powers to land survey techniques, which I myself am trained in, and the movie location is Santa Clarita.  I’ve surveyed it.  Maybe you don’t know how survey works, but, it’s a union craft.  In Law abiding Citizen yes, a white man gives out lat and long; it would work (we use Northing an Easting), but Spanish doubloons, no.  You can’t come down to a cross on concrete from an old treasure map using survey tools and angle and distance unless they used survey tools to bury it.  But, they did have a surveyor tell them how to make it look.

How I am going to bury my goods is to pull a distance with a 100-foot steel tape (cloth tape) from a temporary monument A, scribe an arc, then pull from monument B, scribe an arc; the arcs will cross in two places; a third confirmatory distance verifies the spot from a third object C (without these objects being the bumper of a car (why?)).  If the elevation changes, we drop a bob, holding the tape horizontal.  Don’t measure slope distance, the hypotenuse.  Measure the leg only, and that’s the true distance (it is less).  If you are downhill from me, the distance to you is to a point over your head, comprende?


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