The Western Disintegrater

The Western Disintegrater is a figment of my imagination, and exists as a name only.  Figments of my imagination ceased at one point needing to be complete in any way.  It is rather juvenile to require pictures to draw or models to build.  Far better it is to possess loaded words such that if your thoughts were read, they would not be susceptible to being followed.  The disintegrater sounds like new technology, but is clearly in the category of weapons which do not exist.  It is not hard; we know there are no disintegrater guns.

Its value may lie in provoking the imagination, the value in general of that could be that remaining in an imaginative state is to forcefully replace the current mind set you are in with one a lot more enjoyable, in order to replace your worries with a pleasant state of mind as often as possible.  The worry problems have to be solved but they don’t have to occupy all your time.  It is not so much to do what works as it is to avoid that which fails, and the larger problems of life tend to stimulate panic rather than submit to analysis.  It’s in their nature.

Scientific theories also have names, but are named way ahead of their use in mainstream thought.  We have, “The Theory of Evolution”, and, “The Theory of Relativity”, or, a least those are usually used by my generation as the prime examples of theories; to hold up there.  And, these are miscegnations of the names.  One of them is the origin, the other one is the special theory.  You can’t disagree that whatever exists must have had an origin, and, you can’t accuse me of overthrowing everything.  I am just talking about a special case. 

Scientists were forced by the inevitable opposition to craft their proposed reality with intrinsic answers to “questions” within this climate of bulk, uninformed hostility.  And this goes for science, which would not be here unless the Church were suborned and not destroying the very idea of the benefit of philosophy.  Every other topic is harder to change.  They’re in minds.

Reality isn’t in a mind.  The mental picture is called “understanding”, but a system under study is not going somewhere or doing something.  These man-made words for things men do lead us to provide names for states as criteria for successful mastery of the world.  Little things in the world can deviate and screw up the satisfactory behavior, if it  was ever exhibiting it in the first place.

I started writing this blog because I had a fair understanding of a body of knowledge and there was a new medium which stood to break down long-standing prejudices.  The world with the internet in it is unrecognizable when you follow it out to the logical ends.  There is publishing for free.  There wasn’t even paper and pencils for free, and you had to put a stamp on it and hope one person read it.  I did.  I hoped the person it was addressed to read it, and not someone hired to read letters.  And they were all trashed!

I wrote this blog because of the nature of drugs as being half-mind and half-reality, and this ratio becoming the platform for distortions of that distinction.  We aren’t telling the truth.  We aren’t being told the truth.  The truth can’t be guessed.  The independent truth exerts itself in the mind.  It is fatal but it can be more fatal.  So far, the best assurance of safety is in numbers.  On most issues we try to outnumber each other, and fatalties provide all the contrary evidence visible in the final tally of winners and losers.  It’s a bitter pill, but we aren’t convincing many players.  Perhaps the event of one person changing another person’s mind is more like a hundred, and you thought it was a scale of one-to-ten.  You know how to construct scales, right?  Sending the hard thing to ten and starting with the easy thing at one, whatever it is will fall in a defined area.  Naw.  We have a societal proscription against murder, and I am saying that murders are at a fairly low level in the scheme of what impinges upon society.  and, I am not the only one.  Everybody knows this.  I want to see the reason for the methamphetamine I want to do having to be illegal.  I don’t have any faith that of all the things I wish to do are perfectly legal.  That would be nice, though.  It must be true that everything that the person who wrote the laws wanted to do turned out to be legal, huh?  You can have any number of things you are doing be legal, but all it takes is for one of them to be illegal to waste all those good works.

Oh, it is worse than that.  Living and murdering do not coincide.  “He who lives by the sword will die by the sword.”  It is much worse than we can acknowledge.  Society cannot afford the luxury of letting individuals hang on to wrong beliefs for years, when they figure that they are only holding them, not acting on them.  Society has given in to some primacy of rights just to allow open access to goods and services of the labor force at odds with its own survival, and society is so large that it is taking the world with it when it goes.  If the fact more people are being born year-over-year than are dying is taken to be evidence of some kind of success rate, the scientific fact will go whistling right over their heads.

these are the 946 things i can do without


“The” disntegrater is just real.  In order to be the weaponized version, it should be ‘disintegrator’, as ‘tor’ maybe sounds like Thor, or well, there is a guy ‘Tor’,… but it is the Martian from Warner Bros. who speaks that way, and he names it a (blank-blank) space modulator, which is your real technology, science-fiction wise.  But, you know, the Dangerfield joke about donating his body to science fiction?   Well, science fiction doesn’t have any use for a dead body.  It doesn’t have any labs.  That means there is a tremendous difference between science and science fiction.  I have to settle for my blog being closely related to science fiction.  I thought about visiting an old professor who has a lot of the glassware set-ups I need to show you and photographing his, but what a headache.  Or, the buying and building them and photos; that’s a headache.  It doesn’t seem to be expressly legal.  If I did the “semi-micro” scale to illustrate, it would frustrate the user.  The real size (dictated by economics) is a whole different set-up.  It might look similar, but it is the all-important care of this equipment which matters.  I have long-since decided to opt for perversion, but I am not happy doing so.  You can always claim to be happy with your wheelchair, or to be partially human ending off in a terrible burn scar, or some other hideous thing like I have, but you better hide.

A lot of folks say they do not have to hide, so expose them!  This isn’t my internet, and I am sick of not writing negative information about living persons.  You better get a whole lot better attitude and incorporate your shortcomings into your spiel about yourself in your resume, daughter.  You don’t have a family.  You were raised in a broken home.  After two or three murders by abortion, I went back to that traitor and we had you; in the beginning I married her so “you” would be legitimate,…

I didn’t have to do that.  Naw, I guess she managed to separate from me without reporting me for my second manufacturing, but then it just looks bad on the Whittier PD, because they came in there and hinted that they knew about the lab.  Hmm, that means they looked in the storage cabinet in the carport.  That mean she showed them.  “Look what he’s doing.”  No, I don’t forgive her.  It had to be by some miracle I didn’t get popped, like the cops deciding that stealing a man’s child meant they did pretty good on the day.


So, who are we really putting in harm’s way?   Rather, who are you?  I’m out of here.


I don’t name my theories what they are, for the reason.  I give them a working title so I know what notebook to write it in.

Those who are crazy have their critics, who say that we have a choice of fighting this crazy person, or not fighting him and fighting instead with everyone else, who blame us for going along with the insanity.  The wisdom seems to count on the existence of a workable plan, rather than dumb luck, but having no problems with your mind might cause you to exaggerate the importance of a good mind.  Given that we exist, existence going forward translates as survival.  Planning something which already exists hardly seems necessary.  Isn’t that what I said, that this mind was not impossible to do without?

The deranged person has an advantage over the ethical person in a conflict of their strategies (the strategies are the plans, of the game theory, on your Nash Equilibrium).  Some insane/plan blocks have been rendered inactive in the form of religion, like a vaccination.  It’s definitely insane; departing from reality, but is unable to affect the believer.

There is no selective advantage over the most ruthless.  A person can be peaceable or predatory; a predator without intelligence is handicapped and won’t be the same as an average natural peace lover, so, treatment involving brain dysfunction should be used knowing it won’t make the patient normal, for revenge, if they say something about the psychiatrist’s Mom first.


Paranormally, in our discussion group we sometimes argue proper behavior to ameliorate risk, without paying attention to the uniqueness of each event, with bad behavior and bad luck often  in confluence with a low incidence of the former.  If you only misbehave five times in your whole life, even one consequence is a twenty percent rate of adverse result.  The nuts always misbehave and could not tolerate twenty percent, so it has to be brought up to the twenty by adverse action, whenever some bureaucrat puts the screws to you.  Is that chance?  No, it’s the insane component of the sane actor’s plan.

I guess we need to brainwash people not to call the cops, but, I thought they were being brainwashed to snitch.  No, snitches don’t have to be brainwashed.  We really need to see what we can do with some good brainwashing.


The “Western” disintegrator is in fact not the case.  This disintegrator acts on the earths inner core in the East.  In the west, under me, it is a Crystallizer of the iron.  I guess they are just East/West to each other, but they must be under someplace right now.  They circle around (just discovered).

East and the rest are not as good as having a radio and people can tell you what’s on your left or right.

My doctor diagnosed it as paranoid schizophrenia.  I mean, he nailed it!  Oh, I am so lucky to have such a good doctor.

Same thing as the Northernmost Mother, but I got my Northernmost mother, so it breaks down, there isn’t one to be north of another one, or is there?


She was born in 1922, on July 4.


Elizabeth Taylor


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