This thing is fucked up.

It didn’t take me ten minutes to write that.  I selected seconds to display.  Maybe that is the reason it won’t do Daylight Savings.  It’s one hour; that ought to be DST.

I can’t ask you to check the clock.  That is physically impossible.  Oh, why do we want exact times!  Obviously, I do not wish to have world events get ahead of the ability to track any hidden predictions.  I am anti-hiding.  Just imagine when the oil supply declines.  Wasn’t someone in charge of hiding it?

“Gibbets” ARE “gobbets”, used in horrific messes when blood turns jelly and people give out the pieces.  T. Rex would sling them.  He could not be neat.  In the song, Doctor Robert, the Beatles worked on how the drugs are handed out by your favorite doctor.  I hear an undercurrent of what a doctor really is; he likes pulling out ropes of intestines from you.  The epitome of undercurrents in violence is the work of the Dickies (Stuck in a Pagoda with Tritia Toyota).  Niblets by the Jolly Green Giant are the similar thing, but, they mean your nads (or, as we called them, nards).

Your life is reflected by your dead body.  Turning into history is full of techniques just like manufacturing meth.  I can happily engage in a gunfight; it solves a lot of my problems.  Mainly, how do I hand an envelope full of cash to my heirs?  I need it until I don’t need it any more.  I have to keep it out of banks because of a divorce.  Who gets access to your accounts and for how long can they access your dwelling?  I’ll tell you: it is the lawyers.  We have 15 million unemployed and the Congress and the media are acting like these people do not exist.  They are all that is going to exist!  There is a cohort of business-as-usual hedonistic freaks plying the airwaves trying to shame you into standing up and taking it to the chops flat footed.  Pay your mortgage!  If you make a promise to pay, pay!  If you signed your name, you promised!

We need war most of all because we do not want to forget how to fight it.  If you live here and there’s a war, you are in.  We are just not sure which side, so, expect to be treated slightly better than the enemy but, basically, equivalent.  Read that FM-78 manual if you don’t believe it.  The brass engineers attacks according to their intent, and every attack ever carried out started as the intent of somebody more ruthless than practically anyone else you will ever meet.  You know them by their works.  You are alive and well, and then everyone around you is suddenly dead or dying.


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