Why is this blog entry called “Tall”?  It’s an inside joke.  I am the only insider, and, I think I will keep it that way.  Not everything is tall, you know.  I mean to say that not every tall thing is a man.  In this case it is ‘tall’ as in a tall drink, where you can get down and look at all the booze you still have left to ingest, because it’s tall; in a tall glass.

I went through something just now in order to have something to write; the results are WET DREAMS RELOADED, and, I am still waiting for a d/l to finish.  Wet Dreams is a forum website in which Uncle Fester himself is a contributor.  I have been e-mailing “Jason”.  I don’t know who these people are.  Jason wanted to know some things, and maybe to answer him I need to configure the evidence such that he can see it.  Usually, they are guessing at the possibility of getting crank the easy way.  Contrary to that, we recognize that for an ongoing method which has had holes punched in it, the way to re-establish production is to repair the holes.  Starting on a new synthesis is to work with nothing but holes.  In Mexico today the cartels are using the HI method, and that shows you which method is best, because, they are coming out with tons.  Of course, yes, in the Midwest there are ammonia tanks, and, it must be hard to be faced with something so easy to steal and not steal it.  But, in war the damage inflicted by the enemy is much easier to deal with when you try to restore the plant, not when you figure you always wanted to build it over from scratch anyway.  That’s just a loser’s way of putting it in his own mind so he can accept defeat.

The use of a method means that it could be improved.  The HI method could move into a reduced harm regime in which solvents and ignition sources are eliminated, and HI and P are recycled.  So far, the drug war is a scorched-earth campaign, with many children paying the price.  And, it must be the first fifty years of a five-hundred year war, so, we may expect a turn one day which would make the 20,000 dead in Juarez look like a picnic.  Could a business with billions in profit not easily buy a nuclear weapon and set it off in New York?  I think so, because, you know, Washington, D.C. would have to be left to answer.

However, the DEA only uses billions of dollars to “supress” the cartels.  There is a balance of terror and, one feels, the regular corruption that keeps the staus quo despite the official rhetoric.  We know corruption is there since we see a double standard in effect so often with respect to punsishing celebrities who use illegal drugs.  It is deliberately changed to match a captalist “free enterprise” philosophy in which we are focused on what a person did to his life by using drugs, and no longer that we operate according to the rule of law.  We don’t.  That’s long gone.  What we have is a puppet government and constant bleeding of the citizens.  A citizen may choose to ruin his life, but most often all individuals within a group are bled somehow from outside whether any principle breadwinner would vote otherwise, by a shared liability and chronically inadequate means.

The reversible jacket is an example of something which appeals intellectually and if you have one, please take it off, turn it inside-out, and put it on again.  Repeat.  That’s it, and it’s too heavy.  Zippers in and out. It doesn’t fit right, but you chose one, it was on sale, and a jacket lasts five years.  The corresponding converse case is, by the way, “irreversible”, as in “irreversible damage”.  We here in America are so used to being bled white that we say, “It’s only money.”  I do not believe that.  Money is like cutting off your arm to lose.

The other thing, Jason, is the Merck Index, the one of the chemicals, where one entry is methamphetamine.  I xeroxed it long ago but I have not fed the copy into my scanner since I hardly ever have my scanner, plus, I do not think that copies are legible in blogs.  It is the phenylalanine method located in that entry which is the documentary starting point for a rational discussion on just which way it cuts, becuase if you read it, you will see that expensive reagents are what makes that possible, meaning that you dare not settle for a racemate as product.  You don’t wish to see a large quantity to have to treat.

I am using a laptop and it is just ridiculous.  They do not work like a PC.  I still want it, and yet, in order to blog this response to a set of misguided and uninformed queries from the same person, I had to download u-torrent, zip 7, and a large file I don’t want.  Because, I’ll prove it.  But, with an oil spill of ungodly proportions right in your lap, America is right about now reduced to turning tricks for a quarter a throw down at the crossroads.

The people reading this have a computer, and even those anti-methamphetamine or anti-Steve Billinghurst souls who would not read it because of their perceived status, which is supposedly above all that, can still keep their computers.  I am not like every other page as you surf the web which is likely to hijack yur system for seconds, minutes, or permanently. I have ethics. Imagine how much unacknowledged truth there is in how many arenas of human endeavor.  Every one is rigged, not just methamphetamine  manufacturing.  If you live, you are being taken for a ride.  You aren’t a brown pelican.  Be happy.



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  1. redprostate fighter Says:

    I think I can say after a long session of playing the game, times have so changed…. to find what was right in front of you in the 90’s has now become a lesson in word counting and searching words for different sources that long ago just lead u in the right direction.Funny how the internet has made it such a valuable asset…that is if you can keep-up with the technology, which is hard 2 do if time is put on hold for a short period of time…But what I lack in technology I make up in creativity as I set here in a small border town thinking of many ways to cross the line and find red wine a pseudo good time and gain back the small amount sources that are needed to re-establish the finest white line (as told by the county sheriff at the time)that the game at 1 time had to offer.not ego…that’s just confidence..Yup… challenging…risky heart pumping and dangerous… I no longer play with volume but for MY personal stimulate satisfaction and stimulation that comes from the rush..you see I am paid well in my profession to take risks… so money is not the issue..its the quest as the time in my life shortens rapidly from conditions out of my control..I don’t even know if you will read this, but if you do, just a small thank you for pointing me in the right direction and getting back valuable valuable TIME….what little time I have left

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