Alert: A Cigarette Filter Should not Be Used to Filter a Drug Solution

Cigarette filters contain tiny pieces of glass.  I got carried away.  It is what I used to do.

I tried to buy syringes from pharmacies, and three of them turned me down.   As a terminal cancer patient, the threat from the disease of addiction—don’t make me laugh.  The DEA can’t go sitting on the only drugs that work.  The more I think about it, the more sure I am that they are all something unique and special, like weed, coke, X, and acid.

So, in the effort to remain on the moral high ground, easy to do with the way banks and science are conducted in this town, I obeyed the law and obtained my points downtown from a motorhome which parks and passes them out.  I have a card.  The actual drugs are legal in Mexico, so, we are in practice able to get high on anything.  I have not tried the medical marijuana clubs, but that’s next.  I have still been clean for thirteen years.  I take Vicodin ( generic equivalent) because of my real disease.  So, you know that the literature is in plain English, like this blog, and it said not to use cigarette filters.  It has all about shooting up.  It’s called, Getting Off Right—A Safety Manual for Injection Drug Users.

It is strange, if you notice, that I would enter the drug war and within about a year become a casualty, by getting cancer.  You would have to ponder that, to figure if it was not ESP, then now you have to explain how cancer does attack.  We don’t want to suggest that no one is safe, so we suggest ESP.  If you look at what is known about cancer, and what is definitely known is that we can’t cure it, then what we do know isn’t good enough.  That’s the way it is.  There is no benefit from early detection.  It sits back and waits after the early intervention and attacks again much more aggresively, inoperable and terminal, with side effects from the treatment not only worse than the disease, but completely beyond any naturally-occurring torture.  I may have a tumor on my left adrenal gland, and each of those looks different.  There is no bilateral symmetry.  They have a cortex and a medulla, and they make steroid hormones and adrenaline.  You can do without one, but there is no easy path from wanting one out and getting it out if it is cancerous.

My wife was not listening when I explained some things to her.  The medical establishment likes to have “loved ones” there.  I’m sure they do, since they can’t cure much.  The wife had a man on her mind, and it wasn’t me.  If he only knew what he was in for, he’d move out.  Doctors supply each other with alibies to avoid any of them getting caught in a court committing malpractice.  Most of us first do not want to be caught sticking a needle in our arm period, without regard for how illegal it is, so, we think of “who” we caught by as mattering.  Obviously, since I am publishing, it is not them (the police).  It is my mission to hold accountable the unconstitutional curtailment of my civil rights, among them freedom of speech, and bring to justice the perpetrators by any means necessary.  Someone has used cancer against me.  There are thus parallel lanes of justice, with victims on both sides, for the duration of the controversy.  There is no natural winning or losing side.

What there is is analogous to clouds.  There’s a nature to clouds in which they almost do not exist.  We have to name what it is a cloud looks like, whether it be a boat or a dog, and if it doesn’t look like anything like that, it still looks like a cloud.  We introduce a class of objects which must look like something else, and if they don’t, they don’t look like anything.  Are they real?  Well, quantum mechanics describes reality, but not in terms of how things look, so, what we do see is hiding what is real.

The degree that reality can differ from appearance is so profound that learning about it is nearly impossible.  For example, our bodies hide our circulatory system, and it would be hard to get used to seeing it.  The main area of interest for me is the structure of events, how they look all together when a moment passes, and the last opportunity to affect the future reaches extinction.  I think the graphs of these interconnections and odds stacking up and resetting will begin to yield to analysis.


The current text used at UCSD for quantum chemistry is by Mc Quarry.


2 Responses to “Alert: A Cigarette Filter Should not Be Used to Filter a Drug Solution”

  1. Specialist Engineering Wales Says:

    I savour, cause I discovered exactly what I was having a look for. You’ve ended my four day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

    • sbillinghurst Says:

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      Anyhow, today (I’m psychic. I always compare what I was just thinking with a license plate of the next car I see, and I had decided that if I never got laid in my life again I could live with it, but, I can’t do this and support the memory of John Lennon, who fucks thousands), I am recalling that this is the context, and the next car has 4CUF940, California plate, and I thought, “That’s unusual. I don’t usually see the DMV let out a plate that says FUCK”;they are conservative. It looks like FUCK to me, I always read backwards, like witchcraft. They do everything backwards, like hanging a cross upside-down. I got the “for denying” from 49, now, will the 9 in context alert the reader to read backwards such that F, U, C, K, is elevated to the world of society as CUF9, or CUF11 (since parallel to numerals, K is eleventh). Skip it. I have too much time on my hands. Dog bless.

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