Dark Circle

That’s as if one dark circle under his eye is all a cyclops gets.

My problem turns out to be malignant melanoma, Stage Four.  It was in my armpit.  I have to get ready to die.

It doesn’t mean I’ll publish more things where people will be happy to read it, if it is about them and they are committing crimes or want to keep their dirty laundry a secret.  They can’t do anything else to me, …no, I guess they could.  Nevertheless, although terminal, as long as I can write I will.  It doesn’t make me less angry, but it is a beat-down, so terrible.  It’s  such bad luck.  It’s after layoff, default, foreclosure, divorce; all in the last year.  And, there is a lot wrong about having cancer which is not a result of having it.

Like what?  Well, like, I had this kind before.  Just because my union changed health plans, I had to start over with different doctors who did not know my skin.  But it’s skin cancer, so, how did it get to my armpit?  Why did they place my skin under surveillance?  They misled me into thinking that they got it all, but, as one average case, what happened to me must happen a large percentage of the time.  By the time it shows under your skin, it is much more serious.

But, there are other things, problems with health care, and, I might be able to name a few of those, and, in the future, perhaps those will be lessened.  First, I don’t call it “health care”; they do not care and they do tell lies.  It’s the medical racket.

Cancer doubles in size, not, “It grows x per cent per month”.  As humans, the workers schedule doctor appointments convenient to the work day, not in any way directed towards intercepting the growth of cancer.  They act like they have all the time in the world, talking about what it is rather than what it was when they first saw you.  This is a Feb 16 prediction I made last April, and we are coming up on two months.  The cancer has  not felt the first pangs of its destruction.  It is proceeding in its natural course, but I have PET/CT and MRI scans.  I’m radioactive right now.  I have a pass to get across the border in case I set off any alarms.


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