Home Chemical Laboratory

My title today is my search phrase on Google, and it returned this article, on how home labs are being scared away by the laws.  The knuckling-under by everyone who still exists in plain sight is particularly disheartening.  I don’t last more than a few posts on any website.

Me and my kind are like soldiers who shoot back under fire.  Not that it’ll tell you what to leave in and what to take out since getting busted does that, but my technical skill is such that I have to render almost any location safe, or I’ll turn it into a meth lab.  I also have a terrible drug addiction potential.  I have cravings and my brain won’t leave me alone.  I have had to rationalize a dozen times just today not to go eating more Vicodin, because I have pain.  But hey, it isn’t what age I am, it is that life keeps on going “long after the thrill of living is gone”, so, with me here still, what do you think forty more years of thought on top of an age of eighteen does?  I don’t want to hear anything, not from outside, not from inside.  I would piss myself if I thought about emulating some of the many smokers I see in the movies.  Do nicotine or take a flattening from  a road grader, it’s a toss-up.

I had a studio apartment in Las Vegas, and  now I have a room in a private house in San Diego, this condominium townhouse, my ex has a new studio downtown, I have a garage for storage, twenty-five by ten, in La Mesa.  I got rid of my last other car today, so I have one, she has one, I have a P.O. box (she does, too); I have the use of the lockers at the Y, I have used lockers to hold a kilo of ephedrine in a backpack so it’d stay outside the house, at CSULB, but I also had a little room in an anodizing shop at that time with some chem equipment in it.  To sum up:

my person

my condo

my storage unit


my car

my rented room

at my parent’s

buried outside

That’s eight; I wondered how many that was.  They have varying size, varying stability, or, how long stuff will be safe between visits, there are differing needs posed by the operations needing to be performed, there are ways to completely take locations out of your name, but those are to a degree only.  You may use a fake name, but people have seen you.  Telephones may not completely work the same as they used to.  Going to a pay phone used to work, but who has a reason today to run a business from a pay phone?  None of these was ever chosen to give cover to a meth lab.  It used to be everything from the kind of car I drove to who I would marry.

There is a legitimate reason to have a meth lab.  I mean, it isn’t “legitimate”.  Legitimacy is not the deciding factor.  It is that explosives are only a model of what gets kids interested in science.  The big scientists who started by making bombs are lying about that.  It’s not enough.  You can be fifteen, yes, but what then?  How about you keep at it for fifty more years?  Explosives don’t mean a thing; drugs do.  You don’t have any experience to compare with needing drugs like I do at my age, unless you seriously miscalculated something.  Drugs save lives, basically.  Do you think pain is like a headache, where the pain increases suddenly and tells you when to take a pill?  How nice if that were the case.

My guy is Matt Finley.  He and I were arrested for the same thing, but his was federal, so the number of the statute is different, which matters for people who talk a lot in code.  I was arrested three times, once for manufacturing, once for possession, and once for nothing at all (thanks Buk).  The time they get you for nothing is when you have to do some time.  Tyrants don’t fool around.  But we never gave in to the fact of getting busted; we just did it in order to run that extra reaction and file away those known methods.  Matthew told me Details magazine was interested in doing a story about his case.  They never followed up, which is good.  They would have hung him out to dry.  This article today is the other new magazine trying to sell hipness, Wired.

Nobody doing chemistry, and they still got hands and eyes, but no hand-eye coordination?  How is it thinking about those shades of gray on the outside looking in?


Readily Available Chemicals

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