Something in a Neck

Rae, it is funny to hear you say, “I have worked nonstop  for the past fourteen years, since I was fifteen.”  That makes you twenty-nine; I happen to be double that.

The funny thing is the quite understandable expectation that a spotless record equals entitlement.

It becomes funny when I realize where I have heard it before.  It’s the kind of lateral shifting that always goes on when it begins to dawn on some former free agent that she may no longer have options.  She attempts to negotiate.

You’re negotiating at the point of a gun.  Try saying you are a survivor one more time.

Yeah, check this out: warfare’s changed.  Any country at war abroad always takes the war back to the domestic arena.  This one’s changed since nothing’s what it was.  I don’t know why I’m educating you.

The US didn’t win the last war because it had the greatest people and was the most powerful.  Who had oil?  Right, the oil won it.  Oil still wins.  Our oil peaked in 1976.  Global oil peaked in 2005.  We exported oil.  We were the world’s largest exporter of oil.  We import seventy percent of the oil we use.  No country will eventually export oil, and Mexico’s the next one set to reverse.

I watch war movies, and from the camera’s (gun) perspective, with us being crack shots, is it that you are out in the open and unarmed?  Just a clue.

What a waste of breath.

Oh, but me?  I get to go apply for County Medical Services (CMS).  Worth a try, it only takes all day.  I get to empty my pockets to pass through the metal detector.


[1920 to 1978]



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