You guys are too gay, by far.  But it says SAN FRANCISCO AIDS PROJECT so that right there,…  You can’t possibly believe you aren’t gay.

Even the insane get a bad rap.  “You don’t even know you are insane!” is a common insult.  They have a scientific name for it, to disguise the rage so it does not seem unprofessional.

So if it is all about dicks and butt sex with little boys, I don’t want to join.  Why would I join?  You try to engage members (pun intended) who may have a 90% level of mental focus on dope over to your guys’ 90% level of a focus on male genitalia.  So how do you do that? Do you claim the tweak is sweaty and tell him to whip his shirt off so you can towel him down?

If one thing leads to another it’s all good.



On my “search terms” on my “dashboard’, there are two decent questions, ‘how to remove water from meth’, and ‘how to build a pressure cooker from meth’, oh, and a third, ‘what is the first step of making P2P’.

Last question first.  The first step is to think along the same lines as the sources who have decided what chemicals to offer.  This is not guessing, or reading, or to speak about, or to think aloud.  It is, between the two of you, something which basically does not exist and has been crushed by DEA.  when it existed it was to purchase BENZYL CYANIDE.  This had a strong phenylacetic smell, like P2P does.  If it wasn’t that, it’d be phenylacetic acid itself.  I have a recipe on here with PA.  I would look up Bz cyanide in the drug synthesis archive for recipes using it (too many idiots on the internet posting; can’t find it.  Sauron at science Madness is arguing an irrelevant thing about getting PAA from BzCN; it isn’t the way.  It is P2P from BzCN).  I’d try ‘route’ for the way to go from cpd A to cpd B; use benzyl nitrile interchangeably with benzyl cyanide.  But, all the open showrooms to the public are closed in SoCal.  Phenylacetone

Horseshit 9000 hours jacking with this.

There it is.  The intermediate is called alpha-phenylacetoacetonitrile.  It has the word ‘aceto’ twice.  I don’t know who was making so much of it, but the benzyl cyanide was in the warehouse at Chemlab in Placentia in several five-gallon increments, and those had been private-label manufactured (c. 1983).

The pressure cooker idea is fine, but the actual pressure vessel is called a bomb and is made by the Parr Instrument Company, and it holds 300 mL.  So, I don’t know what you do about it.  Catalyst that comes out filtered catches on fire.  I’d just like one that worked once …

don’t worry about

don’t speak about

don’t think aloud

don’t be left guessing

don’t be reading

seeing is believing

Don’t worry about a short lifetime from metal degradation, but getting metal in the product, …so what do you build it out of? Hey, at least get an arc welder and practice.

What is the pressure?  Well, we have generally upped the activity of the precious-metal catalyst while lowering the pressure.  A balloon copper-wired onto the side tube of a flask can hold two atmospheres hydrogen.  Maybe they have heavy-walled balloons.  Like I say, there are sinks and sources.  You can’t make it back in a seller’s market.  Pay pennies on the dollar for things people want to get rid of; in fact, if you smell that PA smell just drop a dime.  It is almost certainly evidence of a meth lab.

The getting water out of meth is generally what happens with racemic meth.  The left-handed methamphetamine molecule appears to be more hygroscopic, or perhaps it is a property of the mixture of enantiomers.  Some bags of meth lose their crystallinity from people breathing on them.  It smears on the bag, and if left on a weighing pan shortly turns into a puddle, starts making the pan rusty.

They (the inimitable collective them) have bottles with drying agent in the cap, but I don’t do that. Whatever is there I want confined.  I am going to add more water when I fire it.  I want the get the best high out of my meth.


Main Entry: in·im·i·ta·ble
Pronunciation: \(ˌ)i-ˈni-mə-tə-bəl\
Function: adjective
Etymology: Middle English, from Latin inimitabilis, from in- + imitabilis imitable
Date: 15th century

: not capable of being imitated



Pseudoephedrine, C6H5CH(OH)CH(NHCH3)CH3, and methamphetamine, C6H5CH2CH(NHCH3)CH3, differ by that little bit.  PE is a bronchodilator.  Meth in a bolus IV injection will hit the lungs in a plug.  The heart pumps the blood to the lungs (aorta) and right back(vena cava).  The sudden bronchodilation effect is felt as a cough, a sudden expelling of air making the lung volume smaller, but here it is the absorption of the residual air in the lungs into the expandable passages of the airway.

The breathing muscles expand the ribcage.  The diaphragm is an involuntary sheet muscle.  The power of lungs is less about how much air is pulled in.  In emphysema, the ability to force air out is impaired.

In smoking meth, the rumor was that the smoke must be expelled before it “crystallized” on the cilia.  They line the alveoli, removing toxins.  Silicosis is a rock miner’s disease.  Burst alveoli from loss of elasticity is emphysema.

I don’t have any sources on this.  Perhaps you would like to look them up.  I don’t know what the clinical incidence on meth’s respiratory distress might be.  Perhaps it is one of those things waiting for people who escape the imprisonment, AIDS, and brain damage.

Have a nice day.


Phenyl-2-Propanone from Benzyl cyanide / Me3Al [25]

Trimethylaluminium (30ml of a 2M solution in toluene) was added to a solution of benzyl cyanide (2.34g, 20 mmol) in 20ml of toluene at -78°C and the mixture was under stirring allowed to slowly warm up to room temperature and refluxed for 12h. After being cooled to 0°C, the solution was poured over crushed ice and made acidic with 6M HCl. Ethyl acetate was added and the mixture was vigorously stirred for one hour. The organic layer was washed with aqueous NaHCO3, brine and dried over MgSO4. Removal of the solvent gave 2.75g of crude phenyl-2-propanone as an oil, which can be purified by vacuum distillation or column chromatography.



Here is another one; I like listening to this guy.  I say that.  I know, it’s reading.  I don’t like reading.  I like good sounds.  I can’t communicate.  I have a lot on my mind.  I think I hate my father and yet I am not blameless because of the way the inheritance of genes works.  You do not inherit some nameless thing; it is your most personal self.  The hatred is melded in and does not require new outrages to keep going.  You never do anything for the right reasons.  You lose perspective on your problems, but your perspective was the cause of your inhumanity.  This guy says, “I don’t know about Ba”, but “I don’t know about”, to me means the existence of the thing is in question.  I can’t even think.  It just tells you that if a lot of improvements and alternatives to a method are discussed, that at least it is viable.  It is simply no picnic.  I bought ten pounds of PAA and never used it.  I want to be sane so I must have had something I was going to do with it.  It must have been this.  I got rid of it because it just would not sit in one place, it would create a smell.  Probably nobody would have known what it was.  Spread out it would have made two city blocks smell like a meth lab for a year.


BReKskPCQAA2Vy7 So alone!

So alone!

Update of 8-12-13
The weight of the world is on our shoulders. I know, and I thank you two (@carwinb and @Asherwolf); the one said to wait for her child to witness her come-uppance, and the other one says asshole, it is time for others to see. I’m not tragedy, asshole b/c I am alive. She still needs the Leedsfest 2o pro-pray for the others of the whoredom of he resentment. It seems harder and harder to sit back and enjoy the finer things in life. well, until next time, ta-ta. R.I.P. possibility.

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