Goward the Coward

Mr. Goward is actually a handsome fellow.  That’s how he makes his money.  His name just starts with a funny, rather decerebrate sound, so, when I tried to come up with a title just now, my brain and my mouth tentatively produced these sounds; “Gah-ow-ah;” the ah sound was for the moment I figured out what to write.  I only give it a second.  I have others, but, they escape me.

Everything is messed up.  I have no energy.  I caught a cold.  My five-year old son does not waste coughs.  He coughs right at me.  I was kind of hoping that people would not catch it, but, I have places to be.

Goward is just Jim Goward, but, he is not the chemist.  In fact, with such a vital young man as Fess Parker dead already, nobody whom I remember from my laboratory days is the same.  The chemist of the times, in 1986, was Romauldus Barauskas, I believe it is (Lithuanian).  This man was obviously an incessant masturbater, with the lank, lifeless mouse-brown hair, glasses, and a pasty white complexion perhaps given to clammy flop-sweat.  The name of the place was Lea-Ronal.  It means that Lea Manufacturing was bought by a Jew who names it after his sons Ron and Al.  They do electroplating for circuit boards in Orange County.

I don’t want to get too deep into it, but if I don’t put down how I hearsay that when Romauldus—

Romualdas Barauskas

—went to get married, they had so many Lithuanians in this country and no more, and so, on the deal to where a wishy-washy mother fucker like him was all you could get, on a thing of ‘why didn’t he do such-and-such?’, check this out: you ain’t going to do shit.

Don’t even bother trying to claim that you run your life, you’ll just end up embarrassing yourself: ain’t going to happen.

Romualdas’ future father-in-law inspected his cock and balls prior to giving the go-ahead on the marriage.  And, what a marriage it was!  At every Christmas party his wife went off and fucked every salesman who wanted to tear off a piece.  So, Romualdas kind of concentrated his impure thoughts on his two lovely daughters, and one went to medical school.  I think they lived in La Mirada.

I’m on my second divorce.  They get to be a habit, like drinking Jack Daniels.  I am also interested in cigarettes.  I am back to how it was before I smoked, where the butts in the gutter bear testimony to the traffic in that peculiar commodity.  Some people fill up their car ashtrays with butts and ashes and then dump them out in a pile near their apartments.  Fascinating.  I told my son.  He had asked whether there was no school tomorrow.

“Yeah, it’s Saturday.”

“Can we go to Legoland?”
“That’s a no.  Ask me something harder.”

“I want to.”

“Don’t be a whiner.  Look at the dirt in the gutter on your way to the bus stop.  Get used to it.  Your life is going to be one of perpetual poverty.”

They don’t pay you enough.  That’s the thing.  They just make a structure with the cutoff point for any kind of financial security located deep into the society of lying, black hearted toxic polluters.  In the lab we are regularly called upon to perform bath miracles, and risk pulling environmental rescues at the cost of our jobs.  You have to accomplish the desired result without calling in the County authorities to do inspections.  There’s a seamy, corrupted underbelly of industry.  We had five hundred customers.  The corporatists were insane, reactionary, and threatening, well into their sixties.  I don’t know what kind of violence a nicotine fiend in a suit is going to pull on me with all that gray hair (Skip); make me pay the doctor bills after I break him in half?

Check out the old Hixon fire in the OC.  I know the fire department won’t soon forget all the cancers they got from that.

Here; where there’s smoke there’s fire.  It’s called Hixson Metal Finishing.  That was one of Goward’s accounts.  They cherry-picked the good customers and left him with the liabilities.  The State of California picked up on it.  They have the Toxic Substances Control, and they also have the AQMD.  Those are some labs.

Did we do it?  Oh, yeah.  You always need collusion of people willing to make money and pay others off to look the other way, to kill people.  But, we actually kill them.  We only answer the questions which are put to us at the time they are put to us; we don’t tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.  Sure, the science is some powerful answers.  On that we are one-of-a-kind.  But, the knowledge that a facility is overdue for care is merely opinion.  Everybody has an opinion.  Skip’s been in this business too long to be fooled by a college boy.  And, when good ol’ Hixson  burns down our opinion came true, …because of, luck?

See, in a large fire of spontaneous origin, classic for the middle of the night, the water deluge pushed in by the FD

…it alerted me to a log out.  I didn’t lose much.  I’m going to call this blog a bloc instead.  We don’t see that word so often as we once did, for, ‘Communist bloc countries’.  Lithuania’s well inside it.  I am thus a ‘blocker’.

It is basically coming to a head in 1953.  I was born in 1952.  So, if I see the number 52, or any higher number, I can relate.  A lower number, like 43, needs to be disambiguated, and, I use them for teh elements.  In electroplating, we need the Periodic Table.  We have a lot of them.

Yesterday I found the epitome of labs, because of what they do.  It is a synthesis lab.  The doc gave me a tour, so, I found out about some meth manufacturing ideas.  I don’t want to disclose the name or location.  I was picking up my wife from work.  Here’s some HPLC tutorial information I am deficient on.

He said he had a high-vacuum oven for stripping off DMSO.  In a lab of this nature the reactions carried out and monitored call for a certain set of tools, instruments and reagents, which make something like meth manufacturing child’s play.  There are a lot of them, but that’s for an infinity of possible compounds.  These’re used as drugs, but, they must go through the step of being drawn on paper over to being made.


This has some relevance.  There’s also a “chiral separator”; I guess Preparative HPLC.  Yeah, after you made something, that would be my question.  How do you identify the enantiomers?  The answer is to separate them after every step.  Then you don’t need vast NMR machines and theory.

I was right the first time on my last chem post on some bullshit “Recipe #6” I just made up.  The T-butyl is the anion; Lithium is always a cation.  It’s because of its basicity, but its bulkiness prevents it from getting in and attacking carbonyl.  You need the basicity to create the conditions favoring the reaction you want to predominate.  Thus, it is not all about the solvent; dissolving powders so they can react.  It is also about the presence or absence of protons.

Methyl magnesium iodide is pyrophoric, as is anything with organic carbon attached to a metal.

Okay, I guess you need to suck so fucking hard, then, don’t you?  Workers should be protectively coiffed, not have their hair all frizzed out (Einstein wouldn’t have been a very good chemist.  He would have gone up in a flash fire, that fgt).

It keeps logging me out.

Here, text and illustration.  I could have used this, to substitute heavier and less flammable ethers like MIBE, diglyme, THF.


It’s getting pretty obvious that modern profit-motivated medicine isn’t saving any lives.  We don’t need new drugs; we don’t need to go to the moon. Growing vegetable people past a sane age to die is no accomplishment.  And, stop sucking the blood out of the people to make your endless wars.  Give us bread and decent shelter and shut up, or we will fuck up everything you try to do.  I prefer to stop searching for newer meths and heroins right now.  This means you!


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