I can’t give my opinions on Obama while I am pontificating in front of the bathroom mirror when there’s a streak of brown shit on the inside of the toilet bowl.  That’s nothing other than listening to a man who just got rid of a load.  It’s at the scene of the crime.  The traces are still there.  The person’s opinion doesn’t count.  Who’d listen to him?

Obama’s a cigarette-smoking nigger.

Yes, gesturing to my reflection with my toothbrush; I go from that to searching so long for a towel that I am one of those guys with white toothpaste dried at the corners of his mouth all day.  My wife confiscated all my bath towels when I left her the laundry to pick up.  Towels are generic.  They’re not “mine”.

They put me on ignore and I hate that.  I’m chatting where they can’t do that.  I love this.

I had the “hot”, on, and I decided to try brushing my teeth with hot water.  I also have the ‘upper-lip dip’ to try for those on Cope.  Do it.  It’ll shoot pain up the nerve inside your face and make a tear come out, like snorting a burning line of speed.

But, the returns you always get; the laundry reminded me: If you leave a meth lab in someone’s house and have them box it up and bring it to you, it won’t all be there.  Think, VARIACS.

“Hey, Wally, where’s my two Variacs?  They aren’t here.  They go with the heating mantle.”

“I don’t know.  Chip put all that stuff in boxes.  Why don’t you ask him?”


At least look for the things and tell the person.  Don’t just accept delivery like a chump.

Then, I noticed on the pie chart of meth labs, 65% of them are ‘boxed-up’.  They are charging people with manufacturing on pretty slim evidence.  Boxed-up chemistry equipment is not a “meth lab”.  They bumped their head.  We used to have a tradition of home laboratories in this country.  Is that supposed to be illegal now?  Well, it isn’t.  You can’t let ignorant fascist police dictate what is and is not appropriate belongings for a citizen to possess.

That’s how they do it.  That’s how you do it:  Whomever you previously destroyed is your core population for extending the taint of suspicion to others.  Now there’s no labs, period.


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