594. Ellis? Is or Wasa Nellis—

I’m just a blogger. What I did is illegal. You stood by and let us do time. What do you think we do back? Ha ha, only your death satisfies us.

Staying Alive
The song doesn’t tell you how to do it. How you do it is by letting your reach exceed your grasp. I built a billion-dollar tower. I didn’t want to wear that safety equipment in 100-degree weather. I had to fight myself every time.

What it Means
I’m a blogger, so, these are words. As you look at them, you feel a confidence. You know what they mean. Well, stones in a riverbed have a meaning, too. They roll when you put weight on them, right? When do you get it?

Nobody can be as stupid as to think the things behind what they say. This is no democracy. It just allows more people to exist so it can sell more shit to them, increasing the bottom line. Six billion people equals six billion dollars, a nice chunk of change. It can’t work, and, you have designed five, five-and-a-half billion violent, gory deaths just by having them. Your idiocy exceeds that of all history combined. It isn’t what they say. It isn’t what they think. All it is is whatever it is they want you to think. Examine that.


Go to another real chemistry blog. Go.



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