Oh, no.  I kept writing, and now is 9:19 AM.  My famous idea of a number that is methamphetamine is 1919.  That’s because of the Ogata synthesis.  The earlier one (1893) is not mentioned in the Merck Index.  But, you wonder why they keep referring to an early synthesis which is the best synthesis.  Earlier than now, sure, but before what and after what?  It turns out to be first.  The HI method is the first one.  Ogata just makes the racemate out of P2P.

Deliquescent is the title of an artwork.  I don’t know what it is, that is, on the outside, but it is either a complete or a broken polystyrene case, and, easier to explain if it is seen as very flat, so that, for example, pressing a leaf in between the pages of a book would preserve it, but, letting it rattle around in a box would let it turn to dust.

This case might be cracked and still work.  This would be the type with two pegs next to each other, and, when you put your thumb and index finger on them and twist, like turning on a faucet, the case opens.  PS is fragile and can be made stronger by the addition of rubber, called HIGH-IMPACT POLYSTYRENE.  Then it loses transparency.

It’s not the internet or the statutory rape they want me for (and after my time, one of you), it’s the meth.  But, the pitfalls are placed there to trap the unwary.  I could be unwary; I could lead the reader into a trap unwittingly.  I almost did.  Let me just recognize that.  I have a BIG STICK and, I have BOVRIL, see?

Yeah, and I have Popsicle, too.  These are the ‘quiescently frozen confection’ things (but, although that’s okay ( a popsicle I already had already), it was, …( some things mess me up.  As readers, you do not have to be chemist-activists.  You are another branch of the tree), they are not nutrition because they aren’t nutritious.  They’re junk.), and the knowledge that the letter combination exists (-escent), gave impetus to my mind by storing a nascent substitute memory.  In other words, this is how creativity operates.  And, at least we can agree that mental creativity is real, which is not the case for ESP.  If and only if ESP is real is there any reality to the mechanistic theories explaining it.

You take this flat case and sprinkle some pieces of broken glass inside and fill up the extra space with Elmer’s glue (white glue, polyvinyl acetate), and then it partially cures, you end up with milky areas and clear areas.  I only give a matter of seconds to creation.  Art falls together or I sweep it up and shitcan it.


The elites of this world do not create.  They attempt to give the illusion of creativity and spontaneity.  There is no “average person”.  The desire to maintain and isolate great concentrations of wealth causes the elite to sacrifice enjoyable risk, to bring risk within their grasp, to control and thereby destroy people.  It is not real risk, and how you do it is to all act as if you are all working from the same playbook.  Oh, sure, it’s smart.  It conceals the lack of diversity and diversifies the entity.  It can’t die if one of them dies.  It’s just false to impose a class structure on society; giving you the ability to see that your fate is not random.  It’s determined, and none of the elite is any different from another.  They have their standards and they are your betters.  We are just technicians.  Experts should survive, and specialists should disappear with their technology.

So, what’s wrong with this?  Well, unfortunately, crime is the lesser of the two evils, war and crime.  Any crime is acceptable.  Name one that isn’t.  We are in contact with the police on the streets, and we are against being pushed head first into that buzz saw.  Whatever’s at the safe end’s days are



You decided to say that the reason you were fucking off everything I had was because I was bad.  It was to enrich yourself.  You were the bad one, with a homicidal impulse coming out of World War Two.  People like you are the ones who surprise me since you are exhorting me to be good when I could not even conceive of the murdering treachery you could carry out.  It did not make sense.  I had zero deaths attributable to me.  You were at fifty million and counting.


Notice the same guy who made the war gases was the same one who made the fertilizer; he created seven billion souls in order to maximize the misery when he killed them.  The Jew Haber was very militaristic.  Hitler was a dim bulb.  Haber’s genius for destruction burned bright.  Schizophrenics never acknowledge being wrong.  Any challenge that something might not be the way to go will be met by making it happen at all costs.

Why was he a schizo?  Well, it’s a personality trait.  The authorities have to wipe out the ability to function itself, not the personality.  That’s too strong; part of a person felt to be the self.  It remains after institutionalization, but the ability to appear normal enough to gather allies in order to put a plan in motion is impaired.  Or whatever.  Just don’t forget who drew first blood.



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