Develop Sudbury

I wrote to Clinton a few times, but, I was also masturbating.  This was when he was president.  Inevitably, a few tiny drops hit the letter.  The ink smeared a touch.  That’s all it could be; there’s nothing else wet located in the room.  It’s also thick, not like a drink.  I thought that would be interesting; we didn’t know anything in those days.  Mr. Clinton’s later life mirrored the deposition of those small droplets as he was unequivocally implicated in the similar seminal emission onto a garment produced through the efforts of one Linda Tripp, on a slag named Monica.  “A little bit of Monica”, is how the song goes.

In the practice of democracy, the recipient as president does not open any letters as such.  I like a letter opener.  It’s my favorite thing.  That’s what FAYE is anyway, Faye = Fay = Fav = FAV, favorite; however you do it.

It’s disgusting, but, how else is Bill going to explain his DNA on that blue dress?  He had to come off his lying.  Thanks, Linda.

Witch Quality Tripp

Here.  This is about our unlawful wars.  The two presidents, there for a while, Clinton and Little Bush, made the historical note


of college freshmen only having known “2”.  I only knew from Eisenhower onward, really.  Truman was there when I was born, but he was gone within a year’s time.  You can work backwards and eventually really get some hatred going, especially on Taft, that fat bastard.

Roosevelt the First looks like Ozzy Osbourne:

Why am I doing this?  Answer?  I’m not.  I have learnt from writers and their tenses.  It’s already done!!

Better keep your mouth closed.  I’ll come on your picture.

No, but the bees are, of course, far more important than the humans.  They are differing in many ways, allowing for a different set of rules and accommodating of various arrangements as may suit our purposes for having many different rules apply along the food chain.

Here‘s a blog.  I honestly don’t know why.  It’s terrible, the name is hidden, the location likewise, the chem all bollixed up in fear of intellectual theft, so, there’s no discussion of chemistry, just the name.  Plus, you can assume that if he encodes recipes like he composes his blog, nothing will work.  The subtitle’s in want of proofreading.  Plus, he’s a sedentary high-fat cracker from the American South, like Clinton.  It’s embarrassing, but I can’t write him, I’d just troll.  You can’t stay cooped-up in a lab all day and then blog in your spare time.  Are you in a wheelchair?

Roberts (blog subject), is Roberts of Roberts and Caserio, the textbook.  I know Marjorie Caserio.  She’s all right.  I had taken classes at UCI, too (besides UCSD), but, I had to pay for them.  Typically, we are doing you a favor by attending (or shutting down.  You  make war) your schools.  We only do that when compensated by a free ride.

Jeremy is “rabidly anti-meth”.  Here is the previous page with several chem bloggers.

The ESP, of the future, is qualitatively different, being that reading text is substantial, and receiving input from the occult is otherworldly.  I am going to make up a format for this syntax called

“darts”, or “darks”.  As you read text, yes, it is nice.  You can talk about it.  Analyze

555 it all

you want.  You can hit it as much as you want when I am through with it.

The body of text and the word count are dependent upon the order of hitting “Enter”.  Hit ENTER or intellectually compensate by knowing 25 plus or minus the word count hits the mark or misses it by fifty.  It’s not going to miss by fifty.  The word count ends close to a 25, not a fifty.  What’s a 38?  Well, it’s 13 more than 25, sure, but it’s only 12 less than fifty.  In chemistry we subtract shit.


  1. substract – Wiktionary

    Nov 20, 2009 to substract (third-person singular simple present substracts, present participle substracting, simple past and past participle substracted)

  2. Substract | Define Substract at

    Substract. Sub*stract”\, v. t. [F. suostraire; L. subtus below (from sub under) + trahere to draw. See Substract.] To subtract; to withdraw.

We are, … done. My new blog is going to be called

Shit Log




Al Qaieda attacks.  I spy.  The Field Martial roams.  It works better for me on a bone cell.  The molecules are very small, although some are bigger.  They don’t catch on each other like a fat fool hooks his Muumuu trying to walk  past a shopping cart.  They fly around in empty space, see?  What color space?  Well, it depends.  Is it raining?  No.



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