2012 Sucks

Oh, I went down South for to see my Sal
singing Polly wolly doodle all the day
my Sal, she am a spunky gal
sing Polly wolly doodle all the day
Fare thee well, fare thee well,
fare thee well my fairy Fay
for I’m off to Lou’siana for to see my Susyanna
sing Polly wolly doodle all the day.
The source is 1880.  My ring is 1912 (a coin ring of the Titanic), try it again spell okay (an Indian head coin.  Year of the ship is the year of the coin).  The moovie 2012, well, I just left my ring on too long, that’s all.
The prominence of 2012 may be at a time when many of us are dead.  Here’s how I want it; this is in memoriam to myself.  Tell them that, although you had to terminate half the population, ..well, don’t say half.  I’ll do you the math: say 150,000,000.  I assume you will be talking in America.  There’s been a lot of world these days (earthquakes).  Say, “see our magnificent computers, and, the magnificence itself is in the preservation of the methods of producing the marijuana, even though the Mr. Hat or whoever it was is no longer with us.”  A chicken can make it now, under a bed.
Here‘s my Faye deal; because, I like to keep a record of my Fays.  There’s another one in that song.  It has nonsense lyrics, like, “Jack and Diane”, …a little ‘ditty’.  A DD?  My memory match approaches 99%.  I bought my coin in 1999.  Hmm, which two of the three nines are in the one with only two?
I see you.
The main thing of life aboard ship is, at least, the poetry of Robert Burns.  But, I don’t think any of them would cotton to drug-using.  We are heavily possessed of old ships here in San Diego.
gotta go.  working HDT pg 329.  729 = 27^2.  bantam 10th 1989
Note: we already have ‘fare thee well’ so, we don’t go, ‘all the day’, just, all day.


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