The A Set

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`Well, it’s not quite so funny anymore.”

Richard A. Fekete’s 25-year fight with alcoholism, depression and guilt over his own failures as a father to a severely handicapped son _ a struggle his closest friends say DEA supervisors have known about for more than 20 years _ allegedly exploded in a hail of bullets on Dec. 12 on a lonely stretch of highway near the Broward-Dade county line.

Dead is fellow agent Shaun E. Curl, 39, who volunteered to give a drunken Fekete a ride home from an all-day Christmas party.


Apparently, a murderous DEA agent doesn’t raise any eyebrows, and Shaun E. Curl (good old SEC), standing there watching this maniac in his cups, hating him, unable to speak up, probably thinking that alcohol is legal and as long as one of us doesn’t use hard drugs, well, drinking hard liquor is a man’s own business.  Probably thinking the answer to “I have a family”, was, “Are you threatening my family?”  Aww, we are threatening your whole world, lock, stock and barrel.  Your family is not something to keep at home while you give 110% to the DEA, idiot.  You don’t own them.  You needed to be with them when you were not working.  All they lost was their owner.


Honky-Tonk Woman


I met a gin soaked, bar-room queen in Memphis,
She tried to take me upstairs for a ride.
She had to heave me right across her shoulder
‘Cause I just can’t seem to drink you off my mind.


—The Rolling Stones

Dick Fekete was a homicidal murderer who shot and killed a civilian in a bar on a prior occasion.  You can see that DEA agents and cops, if they are brought to court at all, it’s like, “Your honor my client should not have to get probation for this.”

“Oh, yes he is.  Don’t try that with me in my courtroom, counselor.”

Then it is as if the murderer actually said something, like, “Dick fucking claims he does not recall shooting his fellow agent.”  Dick never said shit.  His mouthpiece did all the talking.  Justice was and is routinely subverted.  Everybody played his part.  Dick even now says he doesn’t remember shooting Curl.  Why not?  Are you still drinking?  I am sure the image has come back to you.  Dick learned his lines well; he paid for them.  Here’s one of the words those wackjobs love:

Aegis (pronounced /ˈiːdʒɨs/), from Greek αιγίς, is a large collar or cape worn in ancient times to display the protection provided by a high religious authority or, it is the holder of a protective shield signifying the same, such as a bag-like garment that contained a shield.

See?  You just warm up the troops on some “Operation Aegis”, and they are creaming their jeans.  Ǽgis, all form, no substance.  See what I’m saying?

Methamphetamine Hydrochloride
Click to View Image

C10H15N·HCl 185.70

(+)-(S)-N,a-Dimethylphenethylamine hydrochloride [51-57-0].
Lastly, they have an earthquake in  Chile.  I think I beat the deadline by posting about earthquakes yesterday.  When you want the public to scrutinize what you say, just leaving it up to them to uncover the news of the day is impractical.  sure,Sscrutiny right now might make sense, but six months from now nobody will remember the underlying strange operator.  It rained hard all day here, but they already predict rain.  The images of the quake make me think that could be California some day.
Word count zero.

My drug-using days extended over a period of years, and the continuity of that definitely exceeded that of drug making.  They’re glory days, but there is one day, a weekend, or a week here and there, with months and months of preparation beforehand.  You don’t want to get busted.  I do not even know if it matters all that much not to attract the attention of the Feds.  Any instance where a lot of attention results may end up being taken over by the Feds, so, it might mean that you do four years instead of two.  A kingpin’ll get twenty right out of the box, first offense, but, they are always allowed to continue unabated for years.  On a narcotics squad, certain choice targets I assume are allowed to commit lesser crimes like selling, the theory being that the authorities are waiting to get them on manufacturing.

No particular strategy and tactics of any human agency seem to be what we would do, being observers.  Our own attempts to negotiate the treacherous waters out of our depth inevitably result in disappointment, and, I do not know what plan always works.  That is not necessary; just one that will work this time is satisfactory.  The lifestyle of people enjoying ill-gotten gains is more often than not very expensive.

There was a professor, Kent R. Wilson, who calculated how to amass a fortune and did so, freeing his research from the constraints of fund-raising, but, his biography has to deny that he took any university time to do it, or that he risked his university grant money in order to parlay it into a fortune, both of which I would press for more investigation.  In fact, in general, not succumbing to drug addiction at an early age has enabled vast numbers of social butterflies to disclaim any involvement, and that is just not possible.  I was there; we got everybody.  Not everybody, I mean, show me this personality type and I am saying that is a stoner, like, Bill Clinton.  We have ESP.  There’s a lot of mass insanity, with some “designated drivers”, to take the heat off us.  It is not working.  As Vietnam protesters, the country is not beholden to us.  I don’t know what it was going to do with Vietnam had it won, but we weren’t for ’em.  Fifty is fine for me, as a number of states.

Stafford E. Becket was killed in 1921, along with his partner Wilson, but they were working.  I’m SEB, and so was he.  I clicked on the wall of honor to see if the recent helicopter crash in Afghanistan was on there.  It’s DEA.  It was not.

Some of these people were killed crossing the street, in auto accidents, and “tragically.”  It was hard to find.  The article was a teaser, a free trial page, a charge against my credit card, and you want me not to spit on the grave of DEA agents?  Well, I am going to have to have psychological martial arts classes to do that.  I am deficient in my understanding.  I need re-education.

Somebody else has to tell the story about somebody else.  I don’t want you breaking your arm patting yourselves on the back for your sacrifices fighting the drug war.

The A set, or, A = {elements of this set},


…is a deal for use in thinking.  An ESP exercise is to look around and notice things with numbers and letters on them, and come up with other examples you have seen with those letters.  Like, I saw my banker’s name was Jamie, and I remembered that “amie”, or “mie”, when I saw it before, turned out to be “JAMIE”.  The rest was covered up.  It becomes ESP since you should focus on notes that remind you of things to do today, even if it’s not a note you wrote.  “Why is that telling me that?”, or, “Why is that telling me anything?”, and, “What’s next to it?” , or, “Is it Italian?”  Plus, “How do I sit with the mafia?  Are they okay with me?”  It starts out as memory building, then it escapes to the future.  You start “remembering” things which have not happened yet.

701.  Link you to this, a much better story commenters make about things they are not personally swole up with by taking buckets of jizzum up they ass like these butt-pirates:



On the night of his death Special Agent Curl offered a fellow agent a ride home from a Christmas party and was killed.

…Sean probably never knew that he would lose his life playing the role of true hero (?).

tragically killed in the line of duty


What’s that sepia shit?

anal font
Okay, Dick Feketer’s name’s not in it, so you have to go over here; what?  Dick’s alive.  What’s that “line of duty” shit?  I sat in a liquor store drinking one time coke only, with Duane and Cowboy and come to find out I was free to go.  Tell these bastards you would rather have dinner with your lovely wife, not them.  They will kill you after work.  Then that link to people’s site who think you have a dick growing out of your forehead want your credit card number on a “free seven-day trial”.  To read this shit?  80,000 articles is too long.  I don’t think so.  Now, I have (or “had”), Avast antivirus on my lappy and Vista Guardian sailed right through it.  This one has Lavasoft and Malwarebytes, too.  It still works, but any service ought to update and catch them all.  Mine gave me a red popup once it had let the virus smoke my computer.  That was not a big help.  Now, you got these worms and trojans amassing fortunes  I guess in countries without jurisdiction.  How does the credit-card payment turn into cash a criminal can pocket?  And the drug war monies are the iceberg.  Computers are the tip of the iceberg.  Wars are probably bigger than drugs.  And, the whole sick human racket is hitting a brick wall ‘cos it is out of oil.  None of you ever did anything.  Oil has done all the work since 1859, and it is retiring.

The various pricing schemes for laboratory goods is possibly so invidious that no intelligent application of human effort is currently worthwhile.


Bio, bia, Biafra, Via, via con Dios, Kiki.


Not him, I mean Kiki Vass out of Stone, KY.


You are not going to do this, meaning that you are going to hit esoteric reasoning having to do with predatory internet vacillation, where, the author asks, “What if I do what I know will return a given set of results?”  I tried it, and, I did not get those results.  While navigating the web, I picked up viruses.  The post might look okay, but the computers that wrote it are toast, more so with the latest ones.  And, the author of the posts, me, has found that being an ordinary person is impossible.  I am attacked at every turn in everyday life by predatory police, courts, corporations, the people with whom I come in contact, as if life is mirroring the internet.

I tried something stable, and this post is what I come up with.  It’s way not good.  While Googling ‘methamphetamine’, I never found this blog.  I decided to shortcut to some information, because it looked like they were registering meth labs like they do sex offenders.  Now there are street addresses in a database of infamy.  We have always needed to know where the drug marketplace is in each town.  This site announces it, and links, and when you do that (click the link), it takes you to the DEA.  When you go to  the sites, you are constantly clicking OK and agreeing to terms of service and what-not.  The feeling I get is one bureaucrat’s megalomaniac idea of what a person on the internet is, and how narrow the interest group who would use these resources; how much mindless clicking they must be willing to do.  And, their computers end up compromised.  Someone wants there to be  a penalty for seeking information.

So, that’s how this post came to exist, through my trying to scan and becoming trapped.

Another time this week I tried to do something I landed on cocaine analogs.  I wanted fish scales; this Peruvian flake in a good photo might be hard for me to look at without feeling the urge to slam some.  My name, Billinghurst, was the same as the president of Peru, in the years 1912-1915, but, he was also in the government well before that, in the critical time when cocaine first swept into acceptance by Europe and America.  He was Peru #1, but he was also Peru #2 some years before.

Guillermo Billinghurst

Now, you try some thing where you challenge your ancestor to delineate the reasoning process in those heady days at the end of the Nineteenth Century.

Why’d you let a German into your country and you didn’t immediately string ‘im up?



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  1. Vincent Says:

    The basic problem is that the DEA has a very low hiring standards.

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