Ozzy’s ESP

I finished reading Ozzy’s autobiography.  He wrote that he had taken antipsychotics, and, he said he had a bit of ESP.  I had already figured the latter, because I had been driving without using a seat belt for months, and just when I went to get my book, I got stopped by the CHP, a Hispanic.  That’s when I develop the theory that telepathy is insecure.  Although you and the other party may have mutual understanding, the line remains open to third parties.  In reality, the world should it admit ESP is far scarier.  It is already dangerous because of psychiatry, a technology able to destroy lives, and having it waiting there perfectly willing to hold everything you ever did against you is an unstable situation.  It breaks bad when you encounter outrageous people of any other stripe.   You are actually reading about meth, and the social proscription for dealing in it is so severe that you may regret ever hearing about it in the first place.  It used to be a psych med.

The psych meds are terrible, and the drug corporations are trying to disguise that by changing the structure a little bit and saying that this compound has not been shown to have extrapyramidal side effects like tardive diskinesia.  It’s typical and happens in many industrial settings.  For example, adding zero through four carbon atoms to methane gives the five compounds including methylene chloride, chloroform and carbon tetrachoride.  The last is extremely toxic, but it is in proportion, so, “we all” pick methylene chloride as acceptable for you to breathe.

My computer got a virus (trojan, worm, malware, …), and I think I got it from Encyclopedia Dramatica.  It is called ‘Vista Guardian’.  I was just reading about new attacks, about how you can’t defend against them any more.

The psych meds Ozzy said he took works in linguistic troll attacks in forums, a topic which makes ED very worthwhile, as something called a ‘dubious disclaimer’.  “I’m not racist, but seeing a black coon with his paws all over a white girl disgusts me.”

Another big problem in the destruction is my own participation.  Here, it is the fear of being in the wrong.  It is not the psychological bigotry, it is the threat of making the wrong decision about whether to pay rent for storage.  I could pay for it too soon, when I don’t need it, and my mind is not tactically excellent.  In fact, I could break down in tears.  That was on the form I filled out yesterday.  It had some that sounded good for destroying a child.  The clipboard I used was advertising an amphetamine, “lisdexamphetamine”.  My mind is nice to have, with the imagination and everything, but, it won’t survive the brain receiving “treatment”.  I have to go back in two hours.

I have to rent storage, and, when I get a truck, it sounds like my wife is going to block me loading it with the contents of my condo.  I see that I will have to agree with her taking the child to Colombia.  It’s not really that simple.  We endured a decade of war without the Paris Peace Talks achieving peace.  At the conclusion of the book I just read, there was a chronology underway, and getting up to today, there was little time for Ozzy to be sober.  I have to admit, I was more afraid he had gotten sober by 1992, because of my feeling of envy.  He says he’s been sober five years.  I have been sober thirteen years.

Here‘s one anti-psychiatry website.  The one which linked me to it is a more personal account, and tends to sound irrational.  They don’t have to, it is just semantics, as it is with speaking of ESP.  However, being married to a schizophrenic, you are not going to tell me it is all made up.  Our poor son; I got a microscope and examined my sperm count before Elizabeth got pregnant.  I wouldn’t want to be made out of that sauce.  I hope he is okay.  I remember clearly my father throwing a ball and how high it went.  But, my father was just thirty-five when I was five.  I am fifty-seven, and there is no brother.  I had a jacket on and threw a ball anyway.  Nicholas is a pretty good bowler, but, he caroms off the side rails.  I wonder what I look like to him.  Maybe I look like a pirate, a big, fat pirate.

The lies, …well, the attack scenario uses mere “lying”, to print a mental defective label.  No, these are corporate lies, not typical lies children tell involving prescriptions for amphetamines their parents may well end up taking.  Oh, yeah, “liking”.  The drug form is made to reduce children liking the effect, supposedly.  The things are called “second-generation antipsychotics”, and “atypical antipsychotics”.  As chemists, I am sure that we have chemicals with a smell that will make you puke your guts up.  The memory of that smell, or a smell like that, came back to me yesterday.  It is not so much puking as having the taste of plastic in your mouth.  Psychiatry is coercive.  It is not so much what it does as perhaps the useful function it performs in society.  Want to let it get a hold of you?

Let’s see, I will be wearing my seat belt today, and obeying all laws, but if something should happen that I did not do, …

Which it has; I saw a killer whale on the news.  I bet somebody got hurt.  I was answering my shrink as to why I was there, and I mentioned that people go see tigers, and tigers a re dangerous.  I had seen a video of a Jap who held his cell phone too close to the cage and lost his arm.  The tiger was licking it.

That was a death.  Here.  I guess I should not have said anything about any wild animals.  This is Tiliku and dawn Brancheau.  Of my aged sub-eighteen sex partners, one seventeen-year old was named Dawn.  What actually happens is that a woman achieves her goals through divorce, and life goes on, so, the child is vulnerable.  I recall that Dawn was not in that model exactly, but her guardian was not her parents.  I did get one under the nose of the parents, but I didn’t get the little sister.

Man, this virus is annoying.  I’m a pervert.

“I’m not a pervert, I’m a provert.”

—Akkiva von Mendelsohn


1089 is October 26, 1989.  That’s when I lost my baby to the people who took her.  If you like books with dates you will never forget, that’s one, this is one,this is one, that’s one.


This is wrong:

The psych meds Ozzy said he took works in linguistic troll attacks in forums, a topic which makes ED very worthwhile, as something called a ‘dubious disclaimer’.  “I’m not racist, but seeing a black coon with his paws all over a white girl disgusts me.”


When Ozzie said he was taking all kinds of drugs, and named them by function, it was as if someone had said he knew a lot about something.  “I know what you are going through, because I went through it, too.”  How similar is that to, “A lot of my friends are black, …”, the dubious disclaimer?  I can’t link you to ED any more.  It is Wiki in nature, and must have 10,000 script kiddies launching attacks from there.  All I do is stop.  I am not going to edit out what I have already done.  Of course, people who do not want their name used here can request its removal; I’ll do it.  Well, that is, unless something happens to me.  The important glaring abnormality, with Ozzy and his doctors, apart from the criminal overprescription of drugs to addicts and the double standards in society, would be not so much what you have ever done, but, medically, the quantity.  Also, Ozzy does the “route of administration” sand dance.  You have Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, with the Hepatitis C, and they say it was a tattoo needle.  That’s not what we experience in the field.  John Belushi’s death from hypodermic injection is the smoking gun.  All in all, we have each done some things of which we are not proud, but it may be instructive to point out that Ozzy’s cocaine habit for thirty years means that he does not have enough fans for the folks who did the time on one-to-one in which he did the crime.  That is, yes, in reality, each dose of illicit methamphetamine consumed  is a separate felony.  It’s been illegal for a period of time, and laws are not written for people to break, are they?


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