Clearly, some other means of knowing the content is needed besides the title.  perhaps the date will suffice.

May, 1980.  Since I started cooking shortly after that, it was a seminal time.

Wait (I was going to say, “Oh.  I seem to already be writing one; a heavy one.  It looks blurry.”  This new one would have been entitled, “Pick it up,” just like that; with a theme—a tag of being something I heard other people say.).  May, 1980 is nothing other than Mt. St. Helens.  Doesn’t matter.  I may as well think of how Mahomet became Mohammad.  Oh.  It was “Ast”.  That name was intentionally mispronounced by a certain spic coach in high school, probably thinking of the virgin ears of other Catholics and what they might hear.  We all probably think of planet Earth as mainly populated by innumerable younger and idealized versions of ourselves.  We looked in mirrors, did we not?

I saw an Indian yesterday, a ten-year old Indian leaning on a gate post, scowling ( The kind with a drum?  The kind with moccasins? The kind with a tomahawk.)

But, these Jews.

I figured out what the elusive linguistic gem, ‘they’ was:

“They are out to get us.”

“Who?  The government?”

I think that was in,  Jerry Seinfeld.  Yeah, it was George who said that.

But, no—yeah; wait.  And, naw.  It was Ozzy.  Ozzy and his book are in my blood.  He says, “knackered” for ‘tired’, and I was using it for ‘vaginal snot’, what you call fuh-fuh goo, and I was about to use it his way, for the white man being too tired to kill enough Chindians to make a dent in them.  I gave it up.  Heil Tired! Since I know there’s a word in that book I was too knackered to steal when I saw it, to discuss here, I will probably never figure out which one that is.  ESP is an honor system with caveats.  It’s strings-attached.  Did you have any right to be the one who first thought of something; were you even there?

Because, “they” are square feet.  Yes, they do disguise themselves as humanitarian obstacles:

“They don’t even have a trash can.”

No, it’s not the administration’s responsibility to repeal every law of physic until you have what you want.  It is merely that these four square feet do not contain what I seek, and they could.  I will keep walking until one turns up, but—no.  I am wise to that game.  My five-year old has a policy of not being left to his own devices.

“Watch your language.  There’s a little boy right there.”

There.  A teenage girl has gone down in history.  We don’t usually do going down.  We do gooks:

“He was history.”

I did “fuck a fourteen-year old.”  I had to outdo Ozzy, but that’s not hard.  It’s a book.  I am sure that among a groupie-sampling in thirty-forty years’ time, you are going to be skirting the same general area.  Total bonings on that could number 2,500, but, the definitive molester would be Warren Beatty.  They have put his face up for that; I think it’s 17,000 “women”.  That’s why “have” is fraught with danger.  It’s freighted.  We have children, see?  Once they are born, or, unborn, or undead, we lose possession of them and use a calendar for ducks.


I had a 553 before.  The thing is, the main thing, has to be, next, Substance D.  I have A Scanner Darkly loaded in my DVD player.  I detoured yesterday in order to browse a better collection in a newer branch library.  I grabbed what I could of it off YouTube before, but seeing it in its entirety, it is a masterpiece.  I was in this place and tweaking, friends.

Here’s Substance D:

[ WIN 35428].

This is ten times more powerful than cocaine, and lasts seven times as long.  The original papers, because, let’s face it, we looked it up after theorizing about it, said “up to sixty times the potency of cocaine.”  Well, the paper was out in 1973, so, yes, by 1978 we were reading it; by now it is a laboratory curiosity.

You would cut it with meth; cut meth with it, leaving the LSD out.  You can’t re-dose with acid every time you need more of the addiction one.



Legal Status

CFT has no history of abuse in humans, but according to the chemical supplier Sigma-Aldrich it is illegal in the USA (Schedule II) and Germany (Kontrollierte Droge) 1, presumably due to its similar effects to cocaine; however CFT is not specifically listed as a Schedule II drug on the DEA website 2 or on the German controlled drug schedule 3 and so it is unclear on what basis Sigma-Aldrich has derived this legal information, although provisions of the Federal Analog Act may be used by Sigma-Aldrich (and the DEA) to presume its illegality. While CFT might well be considered a controlled substance analogue in these countries there has never been any formal announcement by either the US or German government of CFT being added to the controlled substances list.

CFT might possibly also be considered a controlled substance analogue of cocaine in Canada, New Zealand and Australia, due to its related chemical structure to cocaine. According to analog law one must consider structural similarity, and CFT might well not be considered substantially similar to cocaine, having been derived by the removal of an ester linkage rather than by simply substituting extra groups onto cocaine, although a para-fluoro group has also been added to CFT. Also the intent of the user must be considered as well, so CFT would probably not be considered illegal when it is being used solely for scientific research. The relatively complex synthesis of CFT, as well as the fact that the main synthetic routes proceed via the restricted intermediate compound ecgonine, make it fairly unlikely that CFT will appear on the recreational market as a drug of abuse.

[edit] Toxicity

Sigma-Aldrich categorizes CFT as being a “very toxic” chemical and recommends the use of gloves, goggles, protective apron and respirator while handling it, and states it must only be used in a fume hood. However this description is not supported by the known toxicology of CFT based on its widespread use in animals over a 30 year period and so this extreme caution is difficult to reconcile with the chemical and pharmacological properties of the drug; this may instead reflect concerns about its abuse potential rather than actual potential to cause poisoning. The drug data sheet notes that serious side effects can occur following exposure to CFT, including CNS stimulation, dilation of eye pupils, euphoria, breathing difficulties, nervousness, restlessness, hypertension, fainting, paleness, arrhythmia, cardiac arrest, convulsions, and death. Prolonged or repeated exposure to CFT may result in habituation or addiction.

Administering 100mg/kg of CFT to rats only resulted in convulsions being reported, whereas CIT had the ability to cause death at this dose.[3]



We’re not “recreational market on the drugs of abuse”.  There’s no use of the word, “illegal”, see?  The paramilitary arm of Hell on earth is a two-edged sword.  As the teetering empire collapses, the hordes of butchering monsters bearing arms and committing atrocities they choose to call, “collateral damage”, will make many of these points moot.  The room is spinning.  The individual needs to live not as if he has the State surgically attached, or we will take you predators out.  We make our own drugs!  We do what we want!

Look at that nasty euphoria, and the breathing difficulties.  Like, how many times can it make you cough?

It’s all serviced out of the whims of the Jewry.


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