My Nus

I did not post anything yesterday.  If I do post anyway, I have to say something.  I can’t just post, link, or upload images.  That is, of course, I do not “have” to do anything over here in my sector.  My sector of the internet may remain silent for a cycle; that is what it did.  By news time I saw that something has happened, I never feel welcome to post my opinion, and third, I decided to figure out why I would write, “I shot an arrow into the air, …” and then a guy would crash his airplane at the IRS.

We used to use this phrase, “I shot an arrow into the air.”  I was writing my usual thing on my blog.  Yes, it sounds a little anti-government.  What I write often comes out sounding negative.  It’s not.  We need drugs to be illegal so that making them generates an income stream which may be used for scientific investigation.  I don’t mean me.  I’m not a part of that “we”; it is just that the scientifically educated often tend to blacken a good portion of this planet in order to inhibit the efforts of those uninterested in scientific achievement from remaking the world in their own mediocre image.  They need to stay out of our business, to carry the scars of meddling, to appreciate that we are subject to redefine what may require our intervention.  We will fight for these rights.  Giving in to our demands before we have to get nuclear will only prevent more bloodshed, and that’s a good thing.

I recommend simple birth control.  There is no way that “retroactive abortion” is going to slide on by.  We know what that is, and scientifically, there is little to no choice by this late date.  We have three billion people on the line and pretty soon there are going to be takers.  Why were we given no other way?  Anyhow, world history itself is not going to tip away from psychic favoring the other point of view.  The story part of history is not the true story.  It would have to be a word not found, “hisstory”, to be “his story”, and it’s not.  Let us take out the ‘t’: “hissory”.  Hmm.  “Hysserectomy”.  Hmph!  “(hic) sorry—not!  Bwaa-ha-ha-ha-ha!”

So, I had my slave attached on the line, in this little plane, and, it went into the building on Research Boulevard in Austin.  The street number was 9420.  There are things to numbers.  Depending upon whether you are counting up or down you know pretty much what you will be doing when it hits—er, “lands” on the square of a given identity.  This is Post #575, so, I see that it is the same as my old rent last year.  I don’t—do that.  By “that”, I mean I don’t practice being a good psychic.  There are only three good things to be: a good physicist, a good chemist, or a good mathematician.  Any other claim to goodness by humans, for themselves or those they admire which do  not include these I automatically translate to “a good soil amendment”.  I am not amused.

Dmitri Orlov had claimed on its blog that the USA was losing 500,000 jobs per month.  I knew that was wrong, but making sure took a long time.  I reprint the numbers below:



Jan 8 2010

The Bureau of Labor Statistics issues the “U.S. Employment Report” monthly. However, it focuses on the gain or decline from the previous month. This does not take into account seasonal variations, such as teachers who go on vacation in the summer. For this reason, a better way to look at employment statistics is year-over-year.Another key indicator within the report is manufacturing employment, which is a really good indicator of the true health of the economy. That is because factories are less likely to add workers until they have the orders in hand. This provides a better leading indicator of future economic performance than does service employment, which stays more consistent through thick and thin.

Another key indicator within the Employment Report is the unemployment rate. This is not as useful for predicting future economic trends, since it is a lagging indicator. However, it is very good for confirming trends.

2009 Employment Statistics

December: The trend continues to improve, with 4.2 million fewer jobs than last year.

November: The trend continues to improve, with 4.8 million fewer jobs than last year.

October: There are 5.8 million fewer jobs than last year, a tad better than September’s report.

September: There are 6 million fewer jobs than last year, but this is better than last month, showing a trend improvement.

August: The job loss trend continues to worsen, as the economy lost 6.2 million jobs and unemployment rose to 9.7%.

July: Unemployment still at 9.5%. Job losses mount when compared to last year.

June: Unemployment continues to climb, affecting 14.7 million people, or 9.5% of the work force.

May: Unemployment is now at 9.4%, which means 14 million workers are without jobs.

April: The unemployment rate rose to 8.9% with 13.7 million workers now unemployed.

March: Over 694,000 workers became unemployed in March, bringing the total count to 13.1 million and the unemployment rate to 8.5%.

February: The number of unemployed workers increased by 851,000, driving the unemployment rate to 8.1%.

January: The economy lost 598,000 jobs, and unemployment rate rose to 7.6%.

2008 Employment Statistics

December: The economy lost 524,000 jobs, and unemployment rose to 7.2%. Both are increasing faster than in the 2001 recession.

November: The economy lost 533,000 jobs, and unemployment rose to 6.7%.

October: The economy lost 240,000 jobs from the prior month, and unemployment remained at 6.5%, a 14-year high.

September: The economy lost 156,000 jobs from the prior month, and unemployment remained at 6.1%.

August: The economy lost 84,000 jobs from the prior month, and unemployment increased to 6.1%.

July: The economy lost 51,000 jobs from the prior month, and 150,000 in the last year (11% decline). Unemployment increased to 5.5%.

June: The economy lost 62,000 jobs in July, a decline of .22% from the prior year.

May: The economy lost 150,000 in the last year (11% decline), the worst in five years. Unemployment increased to 5.5%.



A year ago that would have been true. The site’s called “Club Orlov”.  You will have to pull up the post current to this one.  No, you won’t.  I’ll do it.


The answer is as simple as it is surprising. The consumer is not melting away; the consumer is mutating and evolving. In the United States alone, half a million people a month (in round numbers) are being shed from the workforce. Although this is often portrayed as a temporary condition, job creation is not expected to pick up pace any time soon, and few people are willing to forecast when it will again exceed population growth. Even a rose-tinted economic scenario has to admit that there is a high probability of new energy price spikes triggering new recessionary periods, which would drive unemployment higher.


I don’t care what he says, when the thing that he says it around is a lie, and we know Russians to be this way.  Here is your link.  It’s called, “Products and Services for the Permanently Unemployed.”  I am unemployed.  Gee, I hope not permanently.

We like to know who manufactures methamphetamine worldwide.  It is just so hypocritical of him to write posts and me having to read between the lines when once, I posted my web address, and since then I have had regular search queries in Russian.  I tried to post it.  Sometimes, a lot of information you submit is sucked up.  You don’t make things like meth labs.

Oh, well.  I try to tell the truth.  I would usually harbor a resentment against persons to whom I had to lie when I did not want to get caught; that made telling a lie easier.  Also, it helps for me to say this: Tell a lie.  There; now it is not your fault.

What is my, “nuss”, is, I guess, undefined.  I knew a person named Sandra Reynolds.  There are always older children, and, in one iteration, they have pubic hair and you don’t.  I liked the baby sitters to be teenaged.  She looked a lot like the Martian who goes to the White House in Mars Attacks.  There is no better medical science about what goes on in little jellied chunks of brain matter than there is on what makes a psychic psychic, if anything does.  I was actually fantasizing about Sandra and her cohort.  I imagined her with her beehive hairdo and chewing gum, and maybe an angora sweater, because people are cute before it all goes wrong.  Her mouth opened and she said, “My nuss”.  It was all imaginary, so, I knew that the word, “minus” was the input for that.  It was just stretched out.  And, I put these cliches down here knowing that they arose in a time of great wastage when there wasn’t any internet, as if the last flicker of electrical activity produced words from a dying brain cell as it turned off.

Here and here are links to Encyclopedia Dramatica, showing that they can say that schizophrenics are psychic, and that the Jews did Joe Stack, respectively.   But, I was searching my posts yesterday, and many of my posted pictures no longer load.  I was counting backward by tens.  I have a lot of posts, and they may be referred to by post number.  It will be three digits.  Psychically, the regular coverage of the first thousand digits is called an escapement.

The word used, “iterative’, should be compared with the other one like that, “recursive”.  The Storm Worm is dangerous because it does that.  I mean, I am not serving you to detail computer techniques, although the club should include some computer experts.  And, it has a dark side just like methamphetamine manufacturing.  In fact, I cut down a lot of definite knowledge I do have from inclusion in this blog, so far.  I wish meth were historical.  It just won’t ever be.  It excites the human CNS in a way that makes it something they like to repeat.  We know supercomputers and botnets, but we do not know humans and aliens, so, we do not have the full psychic story about how parasitic to the development of intelligent life the presence or potential presence of such a drug may be.  People do not tell the truth about the drugs they take or the money they make.  They think it’s a secret and they prop up the lies at the risk of their own safety.  Well, that’s overuse of “theys”.  Some paranoia is evident right here.

I was writing my diatribe.  Let’s see.  My anti-IRS, …

How do they put it?  Stack rails against the IRS?  Billinghurst rails against the Social Security Administration, the White House, Jews, niggers and pigs.  Oh, no I don’t!  You left out at least fifteen more good things.

As I have always known, I must print out my blog if I expect even one copy to survive, and, it doesn’t have the links that way.  The current state of psychic science can be found on ED, because, a definite internet insanity can be found there.  By reading too much of it it spreads to you and through you, it can live.  It may not self-perpetuate; it needs the internet.  We need that.  What will “Psi” do?  Well, let’s say you get a holiday, a weekend, your birthday, or a red-letter day like 7/11.  You don’t have to go back to whatever your dull mind-messing thing is, be it work or school.  You get to drag it out and savor the moment.  It is the boss’ or the teacher’s job to stick to the schedule with some rigor, and yours to resist.  Are you going to let Sally Ride push you around?  Say, “I don’t think you walked on the moon, bitch.  Why you comin’ in the classroom all smellin’ good like that?  Jasmine is only for moonwalkers.  Gibs me dat!  Wha’s dis?  A can o’ mace?  Now, sistah, you shunta oughtna dun dat.  Boys, take her out to the quad and let’s hold court.  You made a mistake whenevah you “fo-got” to reserve enough space to let all dese niccas sit one chair apart doorin’ the final ex-am.  I hads to run up-campus and on de way ebbyting I knew went out my haid.  I had to run, pencils flyin’.  I foe-got all I studied bouf physics.”

I am going to learn differential equations next.  That hacker stuff is so deep, I would just get in trouble before I knew what the law was.  We used to want the services of an expert with computers from time to time, and we are all today probably able to do many things out of that bag of tasks, like, automate the process, optimize the conditions, run ballistics.  But, I have a few rules, including, no hard drive to confiscate with a slam-dunk of what crimes you pulled, no booby-traps to melt said hard drive, no weapons, no syringes, and everything put up when you’re finished.


A coca leaf I get from the botanical garden in Bogota in 2005.  It was green, now it’s brown.  The size is right.  I thought they should be larger.  It is about half the length of a finger.  No, you don’t need a ruler in the picture.  Next time I’ll do the ruler bit.  There are dotted lines a quarter-inch apart.  The green is a light green.  A guide revealed it to me when I asked.  It is behind another plant in a greenhouse.  I found the marijuana plant by myself.  It is outside in a cactus garden.

The words people say are so wrong I should not trust them.  What does “poor” or “broke” mean?

“Give me money.”


“Give me money or die.”

“I just came to the Social Security to apply.”

“Okay, let’s start over.  I know what a peso is worth.  How many in your bank account?”


Yeah, now here, I know (and I edit to link a QM) on the first new word, I need ten.  2311

2332, prime


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  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    If you believe some shit, then 366 days a year, with this Alzheimer’s, and then inverted discretely.
    Never take an EE.

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