How many times do I have to do this?
As the slope begins, the slider lies down on the sled and lets gravity take over. In luge, higher weight means greater speed. The greater the weight of the athlete, the greater the force of gravity pulling her down the track. One of the forces standing in the way of gravity is friction. To reduce the amount of friction between the sled and the track, the steels are polished with numerous substances, including sandpaper and diamond paste.
I didn’t know whether heavier objects move down an inclined plane faster. I really didn’t. In my ESP, I was thinking about that just last week. I left it hanging; I should know. I think, despite the quotation above, from this, brow cobo blit

Ah, technical ESP difficulties. If I reject the first offer from what I hear in my head, and focus more, I lose the first one; can’t be compared. I mean I forgot. I don’t know if it has an ‘f’ in it, or rhymes with “eggs” or anything. Hey, you. Whoever wants to know how to put the pipe down, you are moving along a time line and you could save a lot of lives if you got a hold of yourself. You didn’t, nobody intervened, you psychically messed up this luger who zigs when he should of zagged, and he slammed into a steel beam. You killed him.

Back to the prob. Rising and Falling Theory is about emergent properties of macroscopic events. Although laws governing the motion of objects are known, objects do not follow the laws while they are accumulating mass. The large, sensible catastrophe is the third, with two, small separate ones giving rise to the massive collision its parts. At different times is allowed. All different times do is cause the accumulating masses to differ in size when they get together. e.g. hurricane

One burial of truth I had pointed out to the union brothers in my safety class last week was that if you die, they’ll blame it on you, to wit:
But the International Luge Federation and Vancouver Olympic officials said their investigation showed that the crash was the result of human error and that “there was no indication that the accident was caused by deficiencies in the track.”
That’s the #1 result off this bitch:


bitch is

“Said I’ll be just a minute.”

ice luge don’t say luger


You say you are going to put it in the vault?

Look, I am not shooting anything which came out of your ass.

inclined plane. Allowed Galileo to prove Aristotle wrong; heavier weights do not fall faster. The inclined plane slowed it all down.
In the absence of friction and other forces (tension, applied, etc.), the acceleration of an object on an incline is the value of the parallel component (m*g*sine of angle) divided by the mass (m). This yields the equation
accel = g sin theta

(in the absence of friction and other forces)

There is no ‘m’ in it.






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