In-N-Out Urge

The very big things of this post are the drug problems people have, the economic threats to the American way of life, and the serious challenges facing one man as he attempts to regain his self-respect.

I see this is Post # 567; that’s easy to remember, as if it came to me rather than me having to bend my will over to remember exactly it.  That is down. “Written down”, they used to say, and typed up.  FYI, in the blog world, people might just write once.  They have to do it every day.

Uh, this is Post #567.  One attempts to cover all examples of an occurrence, and I had other strings yesterday.  Let’s call them sequences

a<sub>1</sub>, a<sub>2</sub>, a<sub>3</sub>, …

—but they’re not.  They’re not series.  I suppose they are this other thing; they might be one of those I named after all.  If I constructed it, …

I have to post now to see if my subs came out.  I have a link to a friend’s blog.  It’s Trix‘s.  This means that of the blogosphere, I consider this part of it to form a consensus.  he comes from the site, “They Banned Me”, so, that’s what we are.

Way!  Whoa!  Professor Fate.

Benefit Year Beginning Date: 12/27/09
Benefit Year Ending Date: 12/24/11
Weekly Benefit Amount: 393.00
Maximum Benefit Amount: 7860.00
Amount Paid To Date: 2358.00
Remaining Balance Available: 5502.00

It’s stuck.  I grabbed a whole box.  I got to do Trix.  My son is dealing with a 57-year old, and I just say that because I’m almost 58.  He is not dressed!  The computer doesn’t do its job!  the keyboard won’t capitalize.  There’s a lag because it is connected through a cord.  It is not mechanical or direct or reliable in any way.  I must have time, or I would not be complaining.  It is Valentine’s Day.  Oh, brilliant, Steve.


I need to get outside, and I did that, badly. The other self-help blogs go in the BLOGROLL; I know that. My son is begging me to play with him like I am an alcoholic sitting inside all afternoon smoking.
“Are you finished with the computer?”
“Uhh, …”
“Daddy, do you want to play Candyland?”
“I don’t want to, …”


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