Insane people should not be demanding and receiving civil rights.  Who is insane?  The insane are found so by a court or by a psychiatric diagnosis.  They are thus identified by medical or legal means.  That’s a piece of it.

Lenny Bruce did “kike” or “nigger”, “spic” or even “mick”.  He did words in his stage act.  But, he was, in effect, persecuted contrary to the civil rights on freedom of speech.  He was a drug habituѐ (I’m doing it wrong.  I won’t be able to do it right.  It shouldn’t even be done.  That’s a small cyrillic with a grave.  Grave is wrong).  The other thing is poisoned.  These two, abuse and poisoning, constitute the recognized dangers of the cocaine.  But, I know cocaine.  It’s no good to read about.  The writing is not going to be true.  I don’t mean magically.  Just the existence means that taking it is already past the point of no return.  Science should inform the medicine, but we lost a generation of doctors because they took it.  It’s all right.  Another generation came along.

They got Lenny Bruce based on the same discovery where they got Al Capone.  They got Capone on tax evasion.  They did it wrong.  Capone was a racketeer.  They also said they were “untouchable”.  I am not saying that nobody is above corruption.  However, if the whole system is corrupt, and systems, not folks, get corrupt, then the existence of certain incorruptible individuals  in a generally corrupt government is cause for me to wonder how.

I do words like “ain’t”, in my free speech.  The whole thing is kind of silly, because they’re just words.  To be honest, I do not feel that all of my arguments are valid.  That’s because I only reach the intellectual pinnacle on a hit-or-miss basis.  I am trying, though.  They call it a rant on the internet.  That would be from, “ranting and raving”, an expression for insanity.

The argument as written can also be read by the author.  He’s the one who had alternate words to use, and can rewrite it with those words, in case he missed the boat the first time.  Eventually, it may work.  Often, Nietsche is blamed for Hitler, or “radical” Islam is blamed for terrorism, or various Christian atrocities are blamed on misinterpreting what it says in the Bible.  Either way, all that is is lying.  They are lies.  How about Hitler blame Hitler for Hitler?  How about you don’t point to anything anything says and say what it means unless you wrote it?

“Bits” is backwards.  It is really not the cliche, which is, “bit up a bit”.  What is ‘bits’ backwards? ‘Stib’, right?  Isn’t there a chemical called stibine?  Of course there is.  We know baby dogs are called pups (no spoiler); I need to prepare a language of baby atoms.  This one is the baby of antimony.  If the file is called a bitmap, why isn’t it called a bitsmap, if it has bits and not just one bit?  If people use ladders, they call out for a fifty-foot; they sound stupid.  “I got the sickle-cell”, someone might say.  Is that okay?

Yes,”even” “mick”.  You don’t have the  racial slur to incite Irishmen, because, you haven’t got the heart.


One of our new power plants blew up on a blowdown yesterday, in CT.  I had posts on either side of it, in time.  It was a chemical accident, construction workers.  I wrote about being one, too.  I usually don’t.  I am claiming to be psychic?  Well, you know.  Our union newsletter had a power plant on it earlier—last year.  No, the psychic, paranormal, that’s about something similar as dreams, to one of us.  To someone else, it might mean justice.  In the dream analogy, you can’t read a newspaper in a dream.  To extend this, you can’t steal technology.  It has to come from somewhere.  How the civilization bootstraps its way along is complicated, or it’s just large , if it’s ESP.  That’s under the strong anthropic principle.  The guy from Alcatraz who came from Connecticut is named Whitey.  He wrote books, and has a story of recovery.  Last Train to Alcatraz.


Insane people cause chaos.  The diagnosis is not like crime, where after the debt to society is repaid, the individual may resume his or her life as before.



“What do you mean, ‘no’?”


“What don’t you agree with?”

“Everything you said.”



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