“I am divorcing him and we still fight again?  No!”

This is the best I can remember about the fight.  A portion of the responsibility appears to be unassigned.  She did argue her side pretty well.  She has some clean time.

That means the blame goes against neither party (I am watching the courtroom scene from Lenny), since the damage was hypothetical.

In my previous post today, I ended rather much jingoistic.  The travails of the Native American are something of a legend.  The whites of whom I belong to take pride in the lack of a race-mixing shaping our cultural norms.

This fighting, this unemployment, all of the backbiting commentary, all of it, …against the Sioux Nation, are part and parcel of a recovery mode without recovery.  Instead, it is a descent into self-pity, and yielded heavily by any adherence to Christianity.  Thus, you can’t have a head full of AA and an head full of alcohol.  The theory is that conflicting goals will conflict, and the abstinence will eventually win.  They don’t mix.  The theory is a lot of things.  I admit that.

This is just my nominative wife.  On my other failure, I tried Japanese.  But, my declaration of my own Christianity must be stricken.  May you find him now.

The insanity of hearing voices must be taken with a grain of salt.  Writers have to role-play.  Christianity as well, from  last night when I went at a Christian, in the mind, not only hearing but saying, in voices.  They call it praying, and I trolled your dude.  I said, “What about this silent wishing and hoping that it all turns out for the best for someone who is in a bad way?  I notice that I don’t say that I hope he is okay, I say, ‘God, please watch out for him’.  That’s prayer, isn’t it?  I know you do that.”  he said, “The Bible says you should pray out loud.”  Ah, not only be crazy replacing first person by Third Person, but mutter to ourselves.  Do you imagine that if I say that blasphemers should be burned by holy fire that someone won’t claim I threatened to burn down their house by arson, and that I know how to make meth so I can assuredly carry it out?  Naw, they will.  Been there.

Relate psychiatric drugs, Christianity, ethnicity and methamphetamine for you?  Certainly.

First, I live in a place with a large overall population, with a large percentage of Hispanic “citizens.”  During the time when people all lived in one place, they did things as they saw fit.  That was Mesopotamia, at Babylon, in the South of Iraq of the  present, and these were citizens of Sumer.  Residents.

During the time when some people were overall doing one thing, and others were doing something else, what they ended up doing determined who they ended up being.  The Hispanics of today, if made of genes from Spanish and Indians, are made up of two separate cultures, each of which the whites have defeated.  Once they were mixed, we beat them.  After this is when we live now.  As different peoples live in countries side-by-side, although much of the intercultural hatred remains, it is suppressed.  Put in a word, “cross-cultural interbreeding” or something, and then introduce the Africans.  Now you have the culture as it exists further and further south.  Even a hundred years of cocaine imports will not strip the hide off a cultural Moloch of that intensity.

I listen to them and I learn about them.  “Do you speak Spanish?”

“No, I need to use chemistry to define computer language and secure too exact of a match to one language in code to risk two.”

I did ask one lonely person at Chuckie Cheeses what “laughing out loud” in Spanish might be.  He said “ruido”; my wife said that meant  ‘noise’;  she gives me carcajada for lol.

I listen and judge. I hear, “That is some good ________ they speak there.”


Spanish or Castilian (español or castellano) is a Romance language in the Ibero-Romance group that evolved from several dialects and languages in the …

To my ear they are using the terminology akin to that of tasting good food in order to express the absorption of dark-and-light skin genes within their disgusting hedonistic reveling at being made of a recent conglomeration, like trying on a leather restraint, or speaking around a rubber ball.

Whites do it, too, on TV all the time, saying, “That’s good stuff”; acting like they are wiping a tear from their eye after peals of laughter.

I do it, too. Say something:


That’s a knee-slapper.


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