Dustin Hoffman, himself a Jew, plays Lenny Bruce. In the book by Albert Goldman (again, a Chosen People), some documentation is presented which shows the real, literal, instruments of the time.

What’s the truth, what’s reality, and what did they have in mind?

One thing is a confluence of the reader’s or listener’s ideas of self with a proffered reality of which he is invited to become a part, with his immediate satisfaction as to the outcome. If his satisfaction is short-lived, the contractual and conclusive exchange of money leaves him without legal recourse. Lenny Bruce is killed. Now I remember what I wanted to write.

What’s the truth, what’s reality, and what words are whose?

Once the word is inducted, the concept in use of a party, “We”, is that literal device permitting a party of the second part to readily substitute for the exclusivity inherent in the writer/reader contract, or, in the understanding of membership/outsider. Or, allowing for ESP, the actual identity of the person doing the speaking, whenever thoughts are rendered or experienced whatsoever, which is always. Without allowing for it, legal insanity and misinformation are often left to explain how results appear to terminate the existence of individuals.

The methamphetamine explains the words used by Mr. Bruce, not the heroin. The condition known as paranoia is easily one avenue to explain various aspects of human rights, when casting doubt upon them. Certain contrarian arguments often place extremes in the role of the opposite to some case, and then, the case becomes absurd. The truth is only particulate. It has neither independent motility if it does exist, nor does it exist in spite of the least abstract matter holding it up. It can’t gather momentum. That’s why The Battle Hymn of the Republic, and The Declaration of Independence goes out of its way to state them, not because they are true and no one should ever lie when writing a song, or ever has, but that they are false and someone had something to gain by shifting the focus not so much away from all forms of authority, but to indict one form at the expense of sensibility. The crimes of the current regime are fresh and visible; those of the addicts about to take over are yet spiritual.

I am writing this, and the drugs are in more general use within the culture, but the use of drugs accompanied by the speaking of your mind leaves many with little faith in the larger concepts involved. That last paragraph, with ju57 the words truth, word, real, seems to apply for the Bible. It has all that. Beware of substitutes. Prophecy is a focal violation cut from the fold. Nuclear weapons, no longer words, the scientific legacy of the Bruce period, are sufficient to fuse all living people into one big victim class. If they needed to carry the threat forward in time by being larger, that aspect was provided. They can’t be taken over after their owners are eliminated. They are an automatic shock collar. May I make a recommendation? You must not get fifty billion new cancers. No amount of clean living will make a difference in the statistics. The average life expectancy will drop to four years of age. No one born is likely to see their seventh birthday.

Of course, it’s not that bad.


“Uh, hi. I’m going to come with some chicken. If you want, you eat and then you go.”

“Well, if you are going to feed me, I’ll stay until you get here, but, if you want to go to the zoo, I’ll drive you guys, and buy Nicholas a toy. Decide when you get here.”

“Don’t be on the computer, and be most willingly to help me with groceries.”

“Okay, bye.”

Smooth as glass, however, but don’t—leave that window open. I’m sitting here shooting up and I had the curtains closed. I had to drive it home with that big black hole right next to me. I couldn’t watch for the heat and fiddle with the rig.


Logistically, even one person’s possessions or life is not how to get from Point A to Point B. It undergoes transformation in transit, Point B is undefined, and give someone their daily bread, and they are likely to demand that that include all forms of anything which may fit under the umbrella term, “bread”. Or yes, Brad. He may fit under the umbrella term, Marvin and they both get off up in Hillcrest every Friday regular as clockwork. You know, I hear the fags are chopping up your dope in the back room, so go see, or maybe they’re going to gang-fuck you, I forget which.


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