Six years ago March I stuck some papers away because I’m mental.  It’s not mental to have them, it’s mental to save them.  I have to move and I am in distress.  This is rushed.   It is my fourth post today, and my wife can go ballistic over my internet use, and she’s right.  I don’t make enough to support the family.  The divorce should be final in x amount of time.  The default going to a sale has just done so, on the house.

All we are talking about is chemistry.  The scientific community is one thing, but, the earlier a blog goes up— wait.  I hit unwarranted self-importance.  I’ll redirect: The methamphetamine may be recognized ultimately as the more important of the two, the other one I don’t have a clue, but this is synthesis.

My buddy Wenkert trained a chemist born in Czecholslovakia named Tomas Hudlicky, who, near a page on Wenkert’s 1988 synthesis of something (he always says stuff like a strategy of a retro-Michael addition.  Sounds like him).  Turn around.  This guy wrote, The Way of Synthesis, a 2009 book, very thick, paper.  Be that as it may, he saves his doctoral proposal and prints it.  He marries a woman.  They live together and are tailor-made to write this book.  I have to use it initially to see on some stuff about the current utility of the 1978 phenylalanine meth synthesis and a lot of stuff.  It appears to be there.  How meth is supposed to come to the fore in the world is not a function of synthetic excellence per se.  Cocaine did it.  It is really more of an idea how much drug there is in the world.  We should know that.  Certain numbers tell it, others hide it.  The worst schools hooting is the one on my birthday, ED.  An earlier worse killing is by dynamite.  So get your facts straight before you go and try to paint somebody up as a liar.

The 1988 Wenkert is a parallel world.  I was owned as early as 1970.  I failed by 1977, when Hudlicky got his PhD.  You can’t respond in kind to the troll once you are established, but the establishment has to continually shed its skin like a snake and get re-established.  It always loses credibility, no matter how serious it says it is; no matter how important it says its work may be.

Hudlicky had written, and I can follow my thought process as I describe what happens next.  I can’t give the speculation on how ESP works.

He said it is good to save this sort of thing, and I am looking up, because I am reading in bed in the afternoon.  I am filled with dread.  I can see many boxes and jars without labels which will have to be gone through.  I don’t know whether to move in or out.  I set my sights on one and determine to ascertain whether the contents may be dumped.  I rue the day we leave.

I find a plastic cup first, the kind slot machine players carry their quarters in.  Inside that are several receipts, and a piece of paper in my wife’s hand, guessing different names to name the baby.  I use a glue stick and place all this in my scrap berk, on the back of my mail for today, a certified letter of a default sale.  I must now vacuum.  It’s in a  swirly green 3-ring binder.  Surely a row of binders is easier to keep than a stack of papers.

The people always laugh at me when I go in an office supply store and ask how to get organized.  They point me to the book side.  I had already asked them if they were knowledgeable.  I say, “No.  This stuff you sell in here.  All these colored pencils, post-it notes, binder clips, file cabinets.”  I drop what I am holding in my hand at the counter.  It makes a thud.  “How do you use all this?”



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