My comment copypasta’d:

Hello, retards.

I’m the source. I write the blog. I’m here. I’m not going anywhere. You made my page views go from c. 200 to 10,000. The blog was a Free Speech deal, so, notice that you are not absorbing drugs, just words. Go to the site, take what EVAR I wrote, and discombubulate me on CHEMISTRY facts, not your damn opinion about your hypocritic attitude towards drugs, or, for that matter, sex.

Now, the problem is, meth is the only one of its kind …

<b>quote</b> msiekkinen

After getting carded and flagged for buying Sudafed I figured it was my responsibility to <i>actually</i> know how to make meth out of it. Thank You, Internet. (


“Actually”? Sir, that’s bullshit.

end copypasta.


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