Abner Doubleday


1. You are only as fast as your slowest dude.

2. If it is all about the alliance, it can’t be about the money, the lulz, or the truth.


alliar makes you guys allies.

My task is to stick your alliance together.  AD, this title,  the inventor of baseball, makes it so I can shorthand this dream, a very sunshiny dream with grass, near a fence.  Upon awakening, and so, also “in” the dream, that is, a dream is what you still remember. (We work at a temp agency) And, the bindle of drugs opens and inside are an ounce of clear beads, like fish eyes, tapioca.  They shimmer in the light.  The whole pile rolls back and forth, wanting to spill over each other and out.  Someone important is in danger, a woman.

Things aren’t about an alliance, or about independence.  Situations that were working no longer work.  They degrade.  I feel degraded.  ED doesn’t say they don’t work.  All they say is that you are doing it wrong.



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