You Owe the Isles

Meth Recipe #3, using PA as starting material, as a post I entitled, “Phenylalanine Rhodium“, where the old web site called Rhodium was the source.  J Pharm Sci 67, (1978), is the original literature reference.  People who find it have found it under the entry for Methamphetamine in the Merck Index, Ninth Edition.  I was going to talk about this last reaction:

I was going to.

The intermediate IV has a “-boc ” attached to N, and a “-ts” attached to O.  The N-boc moiety is a carbamate.  Here’s the general carbamate (car BAM ate):

In getting it, I also hit the site of the woman who must have drawn that, Jennifer E. Knight at the University of Michigan.

But, I am a time traveler.  What I once wanted to do I not only do not wish to do, I also do not want it done by anyone.  The substance is evil, there’s no point to the synthesis, and let me be clear about this: I don’t like being exploited!

This title above is just pure garbage.  My name is all that came from the British Isles.  I heard these words in my head when I was high.  The voice I used for that was that of Eric Clapton.  There wasn’t anybody around.  It could be espionage.  This could have more encoded in it.  I just do not care.  But, an hour has been wiped away saying so.  When you’re hearing something ethereal like that, you have to listen close.  It won’t be repeated.  I feel my functional brain has a subsystem of the attention focus.  It is locked up in how strongly you believe.  If the word were “aisles” the trust inherent is diminished.  I have seen the aisles of supermarkets and heard about them.  The Isles of Nooks (and crannies) is something to be fascinated about, with a rocky coast, but, it’s also boring.  Seagulls have practically been invented to make them even more boring.  They supply the sound of the boredom no bag of popcorn will assuage.  Scientists have been taken out of their labs and distributed in such remote places.  The prototype man is Leo Szilard.  Of course, to the Europeans, nothing is so forlorn as the desert.  They have come to the desert around here, and they have never left.  They have little shrines.

Another Case Closed

When I was dreaming (baseball, no spoiler), there were Jews kissing their fathers, and they were laying on grass.  I was told they were fathers, and the fathers’ yarmulke hats were laying behind them on the grass.  So, they had to be Jews, because the fathers were Jewish.

There are no two sides to every story.  There isn’t even a story which must be told at all costs.  If there exists a group of people doing things you don’t like, those things don’t form a list of truths.  They form just List B.  List A is a similar list, explaining the transformation swapping us out for the persecuted, marking us for persecution.  It is a winner.  That swap is always going to be there to be offered up and put in play.  Everyone alive is the object of someone else’s hatred, they just aren’t in simplistic pairs.  Love doesn’t offset them.  One grain of hate left around, since it kills, outdoes the love.  Having children isn’t an expression of love.  It just makes the arguments against pursuing a particular course of action hard to put into practice.

Imagine the evolution of drug theory up to 1978, and what it means for this final synthesis to come out.  They sure used a lot of the new techniques.  On the internet today, the threat of Peak Oil is the big killer.  I graduated from high school in 1970.  That was the year of American Peak Oil, so, by now, the American Empire is about to decline, what with global PO at hand.  The appearance and application gap, of technologies, I just don’t understand.  If it was good, why does it sit around unused?  And, unused, how can anyone resurrect it this much later?

These reagents are going to be pricey, see?  Aren’t they?



6 Responses to “You Owe the Isles”

  1. sbillinghurst Says:

    Helled: A Design Competition
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  2. sbillinghurst Says:

    Due date asks 21.

  3. sbillinghurst Says:

    Forty-three and eighteen
    sixty one?
    Bye, dragon math.

  4. sbillinghurst Says:

    Asshurt, what am i whispering for?

  5. sbillinghurst Says:

    Tell me what to say for the time it’s going to be, I’ll spit. Stop rolling. Proofread.

  6. sbillinghurst Says:

    That the collection and spature of shots were cleagul.

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