Las Vegas

This post is not about Las Vegas the resort town.  It’s about me.  I lived in San Diego and worked in Vegas.

My last post needs to stay on top.  I tried /b/, ju57 type in /b/; it’ll take you to it.  You have ED and /b/; IRL contains Anonymous.  All that’s not Google, Firefox, Windows.  It’s not Wikipedia, IRC, or UrbanDictionary.  The last five mentioned are not what they appear to be.  Google’s not useless yet, but, it can’t promise you the moon.  Intel has AMD.  Intelligence, the ideal espionage thing, lies above script kiddies.  Treason’s a capital offense, so, why push aside the label ‘script kiddies’?   It’s just on top for discussion, like last night’s post.  They aren’t what they say they are.  More precisely, they aren’t what “they” say they are.  But, if you read UD, it will say it without the quotes.  That is, UD isn’t “it”, it’s content is from users.  Those users will say things with their poker face.

I fired up my computer.  It was about 5:45 AM.  Yesterday I had said things; I always say what’s what.  I write about making speed.  I say so, and the statements surrounding that, so, when I go to bed it’s bad.  When I wake up I am bothered by dreams.  They are even more standard.  Instead of YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG!  I dreamed I read text saying, YOU’RE ENDING IT WRONG!  You work memes that way, changing them subtly.  That’s how they grow.  You can have alternate endings to stories.  My son’s up.  It’s 6:10.


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