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Deal: post, PA —–> meth

Regarding ESP, it’s a nonscientific explanation.  Not that it is less subject to the rigorous tenets of scientific truth, but that it deals with affect not cause and effect.  When the internet has things happening at the same time, and the literature has things at widely different times, you can’t write and create if you are known to copy.  I don’t internet.  I started at twelve, but script kiddies were unknown.  I was an earlier version.  You don’t have PROTIP: ??? with chemistry.  Chemistry’s always been dangerous.  There isn’t any amateur way to fuck with it.  If you do it wrong it will always fuck you back.  The people will lie. If  Jeff Irvine told me a pit in the concrete of Steve Isaacs’ garage floor where his lab was had been made by “acetic acid”, he was thinking “vinegar (no spoilers)”, and that took place as early as 1961.  The spans of time have gone to different centuries now.  We were mid-century kiddies.  No pits would be made by that; they’re voids created during the pour.  See those hawks flying on the crosswinds?  Yeah.  I’m kind of a big deal.

6:40 PM Tuesday this went up; at 7:26 it landed in my meal box.  I hadn’t read it.  It’s the sauce of this piece:


“If that same country uses sophisticated computers to knock out our electricity grid, I definitely think we are getting closer to saying it is an act of war,” Collins said.


It doesn’t say who that Collins is; I did the math today.  We have 300 million (USA); they (world) have 7 billion, so, with our new census, we need a 20:1 “dis” advantage.  Thus, in Newspeak, the number of people affected by anything is only off by a factor of 20.


My part posted at 2:22:51 PM Wednesday.  I did not read theirs first, or, I would have been copying.  I would know to call it cyber-attacks.  That’s the way you do it.  Booby-trapping the area merely causes the perp to be fooled and die.  A booby prize, is, oh, the internet.  You didn’t win, you are fail.  You are retarded and may use this over here.  You can have milk and cookies and be tucked into bed.  Pedo Bear will see you now, …furfag.  The mother was calling IRL, to regulate from afar.


The usage in my post:


Changing now to post the link and I see the staples, I think.  The internet only has a limited kind of cyber-terrorist.  Trolling can cause problems for us, but that is a crime of opportunity.  The larger crime of shutting down electricity grids and things of that nature has yet to happen, so, we are within the window during which we may celebrate any and all communicable damage, as cruelly done as one human to another.


That’s ESP.  Kill it with fire.  You have to be a man, there are no clues.  You are stuck away on a planet.  You’ll never get offa it.  Where’s the right place?  The numbers tell you nothing.


Lady Writer on the TV
Talk about the Virgin Mary
Reminded me of you
Expectations left to come up to yeah

Lady writer on the TV
Yeah, she had another quality
The way you used to look
And I know you never read a book

Just the way that her hair fell down around her face
Then I recall my fall from grace
Another time, another place

Lady writer on the TV
She had all the brains and the beauty
The picture does not fit
You talked to me when you felt like it


The Crackerjack Rumormill happens to be ETS, the Educational Testing Service, and not Encyclopedia Dramatica.  I made it up when I took the CBEST test, for teachers, but I got high.  It were 1989.  I used to get higher with my Japanese wife, Kyoko Ishimaru.  I was so epic high, I nailed the essay.  You nailed it shut, Steve.  We lived in Whittier.  The test was at Biola.  The street had a glassware outlet with process-scale equipment from Schott Glass.  I got a flange clamp with a teflon gasket, for holding various configurations of necks on a 5-L jacketed flask.  It has one big hole, and not a bunch of sissy ground-glass female joints.  You usually change from the standard taper to the spherical joint.  Eventually, you get up to doing the boiling point of petroleum.

That is, J. Robert Beister has the blog.  He started SAIC.  He is now discussing computer security for the nation itself on his blog.  IMO, they never quit.  Whatever they did during their career they continue to booster.



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