Cuban Heeling

At this point I am prepared to give you the respect; at this point that is still faux-spatial (from “cyberspace”, c.f. “money”, I’m not—even paid to do this).  The world is rotten.  The online world is fixing to alter that fact (Back Button #1, fat; BB#2 (it might, it should—Crowley (Crough, Crowder, Crowther)—read you MMORPG by itself, by holding the cursor over it.  It’s video games, or anything that starts with ‘G‘).  Now something is changed (the color); I don’t know yet if it’s wrong).  I am not posting to find out.  This is an ESP post.  When saying so alters it, I lose my train of thought.  It’s 7 :12 AM.

Yeah, good golly.  You can get real paranoid trying to make dope.  Sometime from the beginning to the end, it is time to say, “Godzilla Motherfuckers!   I musta OD’d on that shit!”


I have linked you to a store.  You go to the site, see what’s there (comics), recognize the provenance of the quote, and come back, using the back button.  I do see now, however, that without my own large site to hyperlink titles to words in text, to give them humorous alternate meanings, I am pwnt not so much one-on-one, but me-to-machine.  I’m not going to make money for someone else.   Don’t say, “You better.”

The recipe for meth is worth $250,000 across state lines (1987).

Stephen Colbert is not what I would consider an “astronomical IRL troll ( BB#3, poor, BB#4, Civil War, BB#5, Jena Six, BB#6, Trolling IRL, (turned my phone on @7:34), BB#7, school shooting (with the instance of Brenda Spencer, a San Diego tragicomedic protagonist (right in the ass), who they call a “lulz-warrior extraordinaire”; I tend to agree)—but)”,

One tends to alter by slaving any concept to your drag.  Come on, the President is not “a” President.  I’m Steve Billinghurst, a chemist or not, not “the”; …St. Stephen.  Trust me. ESTA ESTA ESTA DESU DESU DESU!!!111.  Brenda’s a local, and this is an art form.  She’s not a local, she’s institutionalized from the age of sixteen.  Once inside jail, the various statements people make are enough to make you howl with outrage, similar to saying you live here, and you work here.  Not any more; you all saw to that.  That’s how you roll.  That’s when I troll.  Brenda’s before my time in the ledger kept in heaven.  Not that ESP doesn’t jump the temporal tracks.  It does.  You can’t be sure what you did.

The veteran of the legal system knows that the law is out to get you because of who you are, linking what you have done to that.  This blog is not risky since the Methamphetamine Anti-Proliferation Act of 2000 was struck down (fail).  Now, the omniscience is parked over your head, not mine, for a change.  Congress is not about to revisit that one.  It has real things to lose, like “Duke” Cunningham (of San Diego) lost.  The Supreme Court hit the tennis ball of history back over the net recently for practice.  Nuclear holololcaust is for reals.  Thus ends the paragraph in Free Speech.  On to ergonomics.

Yeah, this year, 1987, I was mentioning earlier, that’s—wrong, for what’s elsest steve.  Things do not make sense from the logical contrary, no sir.  It’s 1988, anyways.  In this year, I first mention trolling, if anybody’s wondering where trolling comes from.  It’s tantalizing.  I don’t have the sauce or any pics.  I can tell you what my thought process was, though.  It was “trawling”, the image version of the thought, for sure, but in the process of getting it out, one must not speak pretentiously.  I had a roomful of faggots in my last job, seriously.  That makes it 1989.  By October, 1989, I had queried the geek whether there was a meaning for ‘trolling by computer’.  Why were they gay?  Because, in the mad rush to go home, each one transformed.  Working was just a mask.  They dropped it quick at 2:25 PM and literally ran to get out of there, a chemistry lab mind you.  It was Torrance or Gardena something, Garrett AiResearch; you can see by 1989 they already had that computerese of ProuD, BrOwn PriDe, all that.  Computers were running exceedingly sophisticated entire technologic units, ICAP and IC.  The guy brown-nosing in the front lab, at the table when I sat once with all my co-workers, said, “We want to see what you’re made of”.  Ben Bitsui, a Navajo, was giving us ten hours over; I was making $580 take-home, roughly.  On my last job in the busy year 2008 I averaged $1850 weekly.  Notice that quote’s doing something gay making the guy a  faggot.  The chem degree was 1984, the daughter was 1988, trolling was invented by me in 1989, I am a real-life troll.  I streaked the airport, Lindbergh Field, in 1978.  That’s when you’re in the area of 27, like my parents’ marriage.  You who are 26 will give way shortly but the internet remains; you are already irrelevant (and high-earning).

Of course, 2010 has nothing to do with 1980; we did it without you.  The Beatle pics are 1960-64, with an identical time-template, and a rare one.  The 1940 dragon contingent was fractious, our war, your drama.

JFK got his head blown off in 1963, and I remember where I was.  Something like that can even narrowly be allowed to include everyone.  I personally believe that had he not suffered that (shot), it may have been WWIII, because, I guess he threatens it as a tweak.  Payback is a bitch.  He is in office when CIA attempts to have Castro, the Cuban, assassinated, but no.  The Beatles’ John appropriates America, encouraged by that faggot Brian Epstein, urged by the Queen, who’s ESP has a component whereby the USA is long-overdue for pwning.  The boots and lack of a haircut are the last time we profit by keeping our money (of course, only to spend later, on albums.  I don’t trip since my first ones are free, like, 12th birthday presents.)

The ESP is about the lulz from owning the President.  GWB wasn’t.  Stephen Colbert is, well, that’s French.  It’s faggotry all the way.

Using faith healing to raise the President from the dead is cause to prepare to kill him twice.  There’s no Cuban Healing.  You will be banned, pookie.  What is that, Voo-doo?  Yeah, I think.

I had Beatle Boots.  Nothing looks right on me.  They sell you things when you go in the store.  I just kept them; wore them every day.  They came with me from Concord (1967 move).  I bought Byrd glasses and I bought Grapefruit.

I have the Aldrich catalog, 2003.  I need it here to check for selective  hydride reducing agents (SHRA).  It’s free, but this task goes with …oh.  It’s 1988-1989.  I guess not every last possession from earlier meth labs was confiscated by the police, or shitcanned by landlords once the site was secured.

Note: I am not saying to go off half-cocked.  Me and Fester just know we don’t like LAH for everything.  It’s too strong, for one thing.  Anywhere it is called for by a journal article means to replace it.  That’s one-for-one.  How can you replace a whole scheme, though?  If it calls for protection, I doubt we stop.  The right protecting group will deprotect leaving two different things, depending on what you use to do that with, and this is basic to amph. chemistry.  That is, we always decide to hold off the panty raid to amph in order to isolate P2 and go for methamph.  This is all towards the phenylalanine  ——> methamphetamine synthesis of 1979 found in any edition of the Merck Index.  And look:  Christ!  It’s been thirty years.  Attach a rider to the contract saying it’s off patent.

15,615-9 Sodium Cyanoborohydride, 95% [25895-60-7]……………………xxxxxxxxxx10gxxxxxx11.20

  • You’re welcome.  “Highly selective reducing agent.  Aldrichimica Acta, 8(1), 3 (1975).  Ibid., 12(2), 34 (1979).

See also (s.a.)  REDAL, DIBAL.  Eventually, you’ll get the definitive story, probably in the last-mentioned private publication.

Of course Fester Foreskin’s into it; it’s right up his bicycle-seat sniffing region.  Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I get it.


P.O. Box 355

Milwaukee, WI 53201 USA

BB#8, search results: i don’t like mondays



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