I don’t have a lot of them.

“Does that have the word ‘the’ in it?”


“You have some time, Steve.”

Not—where you’ve spent a lot of time with someone.  Not more time than it takes to find another person.  Not on earth.

“The word, ‘the’ is the title.  It’s virtually the new reality.  Yeah, SB, it hits.”

Is it its own meme, is an idea not of the mind, it is to transpose, and you don’t.

“No, I do not.  I answer; to do that, I use wits.  I decouple.”

“I use wit.  I die, as John Dunne explains it.”

“Called ‘death’ a cloud of orange light made of all the embers of lives as they went out.  *snaps fingers*.”

Correct.  But, today, I fall back in bed, sick.

“In spirit only, Steve.  She puts you in jail, files a TRO, hires a lawyer, applies for aid you’ll have to repay, …”

“She’s Colombian.  When you want to deal with a race that makes the nature of criminality perforce the high art of the world, you better make it quick.”

“You don’t have anything left.”

“We be havin’ thangs.”


“Teh kid.  I have ‘kids’, although not too much of ‘kiddies’.  One’s 21, one’s 5.  Getting this one, you know, helps.”

“The deception?”

“That is a concern.  I can’t function too awfully deceived, and undeceived I contain operant payback.”


Operant conditioning is the use of consequences to modify the occurrence and form of behavior. Operant conditioning is distinguished from classical conditioning (also called respondent conditioning, or Pavlovian conditioning) in that operant conditioning deals with the modification of “voluntary behavior” or operant behavior. Operant behavior “operates” on the environment and is maintained by its consequences, while classical conditioning deals with the conditioning of respondent behaviors which are elicited by antecedent conditions.


She called me again, see, two minutes ago, 10:27 AM.  It is the first of the month and I am not too awful late in obtaining the CA plates for teh car.

Te is the symbol for tellurium.  But, Teller was considered the father of the H-bomb.  “Evil” just means gay, but only as a description.  If it is hammered into the language as such, even the self-usage will encode for “gay” in the mind of anyone who reads and “knows.”  I am as much what I am as he is.  My legend has antimony, next to tellurium, so, what’s on the other side, tin?  Is that a person?  Yeah, in teh Wizard of Oz, and one song using the movie.  Try being dead and quitting this channel.

Criminality is locked up in insanity, and drugs figure in both, and racism divides people.  The continents don’t have to drift, but they do, so, what keeps time relevant?  Is a big space in need of a long time?

Oh, I gave up and wrote this instead. I still have things wrong, metaphysically.  Oh yeah, Dunne.  I don’t have time for it.  Oh, yeah.  I have to take a class next week, to sign up, to argue now about money and when I had to pay it, and what happened.  Hazardous Materials.  It is to laugh.


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