The White Part of the President

The white part of the president is politics.

The white part of the president is chemistry.  There are two molecules of DNA.  One comes from the mother.  I did not need to Google that.


That is not chemistry either.  Methamphetamine chemistry is what this blog is about.  But, as always, there is more than meets the eye.

I saw my wife with the guy next door.  That is, I did not catch them doing anything.  She has a divorce going.

Divorces happen all the time.  However, there is no couple getting a million divorces.  The time/matter impact of divorce is not one of joules of momentum hindering the nation.  Instead, on the national front, many divorces translate to much economic action for lawyers (who went to lol school).

A man is run over every three hours in Cleveland.  He must be getting tired.

I guess I love her?

Just a minute.  If you are a nigger/white, do you love white/niggers?

That female Chicano with the big butt, she doesn’t do those things.  The actress.  She does not work.  I know it is something, Jennifer Lopez.  Benifer refers to Jennifer Anniston.  Jennifer Anniston’s pussy is on the internet.

The internet is like the space program, the airline industry, something like that.  There is not anything around unaffected by it.  Nothing here “tends” to mean something akin to its former meaning.  The internet tends to be a place with no requirement for technical skill.  Any of that has been successfully removed and continues to be transient.



adamant: impervious to pleas, persuasion, requests, reason; “he is adamant in his refusal to change his mind”; “Cynthia was inexorable; she would ..

…there is one button I can push


don’t know what it is…
The blog is never going to spit out methamphetamine. Of that I am pretty sure.

You can quit a marriage. Anyway, the marriage, being the social problem, has as its natural state the status, “unmarried”. No marriage, no problem.

You can’t quit the internet for the reason of a lack of expertise. It isn’t that kind of animal. Chemistry is. I mention the internet because of its ubiquity and the inevitability of its creating problems like a new gas in the atmosphere. It has radically changed human minds. As proof, I point to the Supreme Court Justice who couldn’t keep his mouth shut during the State of the Union speech.

On the internet, we may not grab language and facial expression to gather clues about what is going on. In other words, “on the internet” is a radically different condition than humans are “taken (to use the president’s word for ‘used’)” to conduct themselves. The list goes on of cues people in real life don’t have in this setting. It isn’t a conversation. The closest thing we had already is the content called ‘race’. We had the race, now we have a system of a down (a Syndrome of a Down), a system. This thing isn’t a job because you work hard, have seniority, are good at it, or know how to use it. Of course, when you think you know something about it, you are left shorted-out by the lack of a language.

Computers are all about fixing the lack of a language. Encyclopedia Dramatica, coming from a case of amimia (not mimicking. You won’t find it.) caught from

The official title of the 15th edition is the New Encyclopædia Britannica, although it has also been promoted as Britannica 3. …

The Encyclopedia Britannica, although it’s a lot more posh if you carry one of these (put a mace):

Can’t. I am not liking the factoid level for this image “mace”. It is posh to be stellate; that is, spiky, as in hair style. “Dimpled” is probably not the other term, but I generally use it in thoughts. It is of geometrical origin, in polygons, helping change counting to seeing.

The word, “the (internet ‘teh’)”, is what you are ordered not to call the CIA. To do this presents a tough exterior to stimulate users’ juices. This particular encyclopedia, with presumably an encyclopedic memory, is slipping the bonds by becoming smooth and sticking in “new”. Well, that just makes it harder not to call it, “the”, an intentional tactic designed to generate weak new systems of law in your opposition, here, sales resistance.

A ‘bocodillo’, now, that turns out to be “snack”. I like the word, ‘boco’; it reminds me of an arbor, but, Vietnamese are never going to present a good word out of English. The Mexicans had this as their homeland. A Mexican right here is going to feel like saying it “is” his homeland; that not he “had” it, but, he “has” it.

The Chicanos had California. Have a nice day.


friendster beef

ED Friendster

02 09 12  12 19 .800


Is there snow on the ground in Julian?  That’s not the weather.  Ah, I have the internets!!!111.  Arr.  I’ll transduce to self own and call.  kthxbai.

how many words. starts with ate.

832.  Ate their D2, smack!  R2-D2.  Whosis older?  Star Trek, with John Jackson Jones.  Theme from  Shaft for the Prez.

945 906, Hey, Secret Service.  Loosen your bullets.

857, indeed.  1957 people just pop this year, their 54th.


Rongbranch Restaurant 2722 Washington St. Julian, Ca. 92036 760-765-2265 Welcome to Our Restaurant, Home of the Famous Bumsteer BBQ

This is GIS.

It still won’t tell you if snow’s on the ground.  A siren won’t alert you to breaking news in time to turn your car towards a television.

You know.

Clocks are a slow way to do things.


You lose your place when you drop a book. Here, when you get a chance.  Also, fire into a mailbox FTW on causing static-home-page.

Mimeos and gum pig erasers inexorably gave way to the vinyl eraser to get high like a Christian, back in my old school days.  Without chemistry, we don’t fuck up so much.  Non-boiling water will never scald you, amirite?


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