What is my point today?

I have to get the details of my latest ban into the second line.  AVOID-L, an e-mail discussion list, consists of posts on often unknowable aspects of reality, by physicists, run by a skeptical author, Victor J. Stenger.  As such, I now have all their e-mail addresses, but to look them up, not to torment them, and to look up their work, by their name, for good reasons.


When I joined the group, someone said that at least I was honest.  In ED, “honest” links to “retarded”.  Unfortunately, this is the joke you are either in on, or else the butt of.  That has consequences.

What you see in the pix above is what I mean.  That is, whatever is already at hand, and, what recently happened just proves my point.

I put those down, so, I had a point.  I believe the title of the blog itself may attract persons whom I can stop, divert, detour, redirect, etc. into learning chemistry.  How else?  Methamphetamine is a chemical name, superposed over just chemistry under a rather high degree of exclusivity.

It is becoming clear with ED how putting your business on front street (what’s the antonym of anonymity?) has consequences for the individual who decides to practice it.  However, poison is not selective.  I hear that a large froo-froo over mercury in vaccines causing autism is underway in society.

Not that consequence.  Be that as it may, noone planned on little old you doing what you could be doing with mercury.  So, as a public service, I put it here.  This is as close as you should get.

Pay attention to the math here.  What did I say, 1995?  Okay, that’s fifteen.  I didn’t learn chemistry at fifteen; I learned at ten.  “Why’s he getting his panties in a bunch?”  Let me explain.  At fifteen, you are not so much aging towards twenty as someone ten is aging towards fifteen.  A shock, I know.  The point shifts away from you.  Once it does so, it is on its way towards including most everyone.

This mercury was eliminated from meth labs by conscientious merchants and subsequently that effort was dismantled.  The mercury would have already gotten chemistry students, because, it is too much fun to play with.  Then it would not have gotten them, then it would again.  Get ready for a wave of autism.  Oh.  There already is?  Oh, I am sorry.

Read the meniscus at the top of the mercury, or, at the bottom of the water.


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