I Wish I could get that on View

I am changing my plan of what to read/write, because  I got B&.

Whatever is not real, like cartoons, should be a lover* of the argument.

Partly, arguments are bolstered by brutality.  They have structure, so, not everything in an argument is supported by statics; this is about the dynamics.

At this point in this post, J. D. Salinger’s death is explicit.  I am really only OL  to try switching on the national news, as the TVs reciving cable in the house are taken.  I call it the Niggardly News, for “Nightly News“.  It stated “streaming video”, but I switch on the television; I don’t point and click all over the place.  It isn’t on.  You can’t watch TV on your computer.  I always knew that.  The OL community has as its newest interactive population those born c. 1995.  I don’t like to work the interval 1967-1969, but, it is fertile for many.  My son is five, from well after the turn of the century.  We will bury you.

The 1995 computer world had “computer dating”, but, I don’t see how, then or now.

“Fuzzy knows about signs, wow wow.”  It’s a little hard to write.  Please, Mother, I’d rather do it myself!


Anacin – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

mother would say, only to have her nerve-racked daughter testily shout, “Mother, please, I’d rather do it myself!” As mother wilted, daughter would then
“Mother, please”?  Hmm.  Well, it is “Bitch, please” now.

Oh, okay.  They do have it.  This is dead dogs.  I am trying to get ED.  Among the owners, there should be a number of animal lovers.  Let’s do kittens.  They are doing humans on that site.  Otherwise, they are in it for the lulz.  The funniest part is looking at schizophrenics’ online creations, for them.  I live with it.  That’s how I know so much about symbols and molecular architecture, schemata, unjust activities when I see them, etc.

I can tell you think you are smart.  What name does that logic you use go by?

“View”, Steve.  There’s a button  next to “stun”.




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