An Advance in Computer Hacking

Clearly, there is no advance by hackers.  No advance by cooks is forthcoming either.  I just need to shift gears because of my own minimal exposure to the topic.  It is best termed an upgrade, and, assuming that my average reader would be no more knowledgeable than myself, a sudden increase may be documented for just us.

That would start from here, on anonymity, and fork two ways, one to a denial-of-service attack, DDoS, and the other on Encyclopedia Dramatica.  The extra internet language and extra characters in text of smilies I shall do without, because much of my modulus signal brain cells return a 26-character and base ten scheme for reliability.  There is a separate language for trolling and that fact may indicate where cyber-reality begins and ends for some groups.  I have sacrificed anonymity.

It is easy to see that the methamphetamine crystals have assumed a vast compulsive dominance in my life out of all proportion to their importance.

No.  It is easy to see with your mind where the ED came from; it is because there is an entry on “Drug”, and that has a link to pictures of The Beatles I had never seen.  The internet, in this form, as a wiki, can outdo the efforts of any single source.  It might have thousands of contributors.

The chemical front websites do have the TL; dr (Too long, didn’t read) problem.  I reminisced about having quantities of chemicals which are now being synthesized.  I did not even consider them precursors, so, the whole exercise in terms of the utility or purpose of this kind of effort, making benzyl chloride for instance, is attracting me posting it or linking to it very little.  Making drugs the right is diminishing in relevance while perpetrating the crime must be strengthening a contradictory “skill set”.  It will be difficult to argue about the adverse effects of meth if it is only one of a dozen compounds each the source of new by-products.  You can only make so many chemicals at home without spreading the risk of a toxic slow death to innocent and marginally-involved individuals.

Internet criminal must be the job description of any umbrella-term modern sophisticate for this century.  Any crime dovetails into that world.

It is my belief that the BzCl goes to BzCN and thence to P2P.  It also goes to a Grignard; it  could also apply to MDMA.


I don’t know why it is always the time to set material aside.  Isn’t it ever too late?

d,l ephedrine


phenylacetic acid

thionyl chloride, SOCl2

I threw away pounds of those.  They were too far back.  I had to keep them for too long.  People are making them in ten-gram quantities.  There is something I do not understand about these people.  Aren’t there any fellow travelers in the chemical industry?

I did not even throw them away.  I am just saying, sometimes minimal labor is the earmark of crime.  You can be flipping burgers.  It only cost me one lift under my jacket to get SOCl2, one kilo liquid in a brown bottle.  It fell off a metal shelf as I brushed by it in the garage.  It hit the concrete, shattered, and HCl smoke rose up from it.  I knew I could get PCl5, so, I was in no hurry to employ a liquid.  I broke a similar bottle of nitroethane indoors.  It smelled sweet.  I did not want to let my wife go to sleep in her bed.  I had paid nothing for it.  Now, you have a small quantity, and you have paid dearly for that.

I do not understand the fragmentation of society such that word of a lab somewhere does not get out, yet pictures of the lab show up on the internet.  I didn’t know tweaks permitted the proximate existence of something producing their favorite drug.

It’s not a crime if you don’t get caught?  He’s not much of a chemist if he can’t make speed.

Mach schnell.


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