How to Cook Meth at Home


[Clandestine Chemist’s Notebook with comments]


[Opposing Viewpoints, “Everybody’s Making Their Own Dope”, which links to the Notebook above, as being one recipe for the Shake-and-Bake.  There’s a bait-and-switch going on here.  I can tell you how to make dope.  That’s one way.  But, the bulk of descriptions are shake and bake, so no matter what I put down, the focus is shifted to the shake and bake, and now you want me to tell you the shake and bake method.   Someone apparently wants you to take one of those two-liter Pepsi bottles, same as a dry ice bomb, fill it with the incriminating evidence, an hold it in your lap until it explodes, making the job of busting you that much easier, see?  They do not have to find you.  You hurt yourself and call the rescue squad.  That’s the same as calling the cops on yourself]

The true home chemists’ websites use the third person language of SWIM, “someone who isn’t me”.


is some people who may know each other talking about who does and does not make dope.  It’s funny.  The comments are sometimes more enlightening than the story itself.  It is a small town in West Virginia with the only controversy delivered courtesy of someone taking the dare to attempt to make the dope.  So, there are people out on bail and sentences to run.  This tragic outcome of young lives being put on hold gives the others something to talk about.  It’s just gossip.  Even, “There are recipes on how to make methamphetamine on the internet”, “Children are being born addicted to drugs”, “You can make it for $500 and sell it for $5,000”, “Children burned”, “highways polluted”, “for every ounce of meth there are two gallons of toxic waste”, “It’s getting worse”, “It’s the new epidemic”, etc.  All these statements feed into not so much stopping it as to stir up the repression of free people, and that serves the interests of some other group that makes a living off of the people, such as parasitic and ignorant government employees.  There must be twenty million of them in the US alone.  They don’t give a rat’s ass that they are not accomplishing anything towards reducing the harm of drug addiction or addiction itself.  Do you think if it wasn’t illegal people would be getting burned to death to make it?  They are sociopaths, psychopaths.  They have no conscience.


Artist: Jimi Hendrix
Album: Unknown
Title: The story of life

The story of Jesus
so easy to explain
After they crucified him,
a woman, she claimed his name
The story of Jesus
the whole bible knows
went all across the desert
and in the middle, he found a rose

Jesus is bullshit.  Jimi must have left behind a lot of material, and therefore some of it was no good.  It wasn’t good enough to be on one of his albums, and you still want to listen to it?  Well, check it out:  We were already hammered because Judy Garland of 1935 is when you could still become a junky.  By 1970 they all had to die at 25 from taking drugs, three of them.  And this is 40 years later.  Nothing works!  Computers don’t do anything whatsoever.  Neither do nuclear bombs.  They had to make reactors for electricity because its worth a try to a criminal, or a government employee with a job for life who can’t be fired and who makes nothing.

Here<——-[—-This is a really fucked-up link. When you clink it it completely closes that browser window. 1-31-10 Edit; fucked up my 1893, to a 1912, to a 1916, …the quarter Scrooge McDuck dumps all but one to the bottom of the sea, loses it; has to go diving, …1896, actual DON’T CLINK THE BAD LINK I left it there. I did not delete it. I could still study it. I guess you go “source code”. I am in HTML anyways. It was a link to a book or something, called “Kung-Fu Chemistry”, but now it does all sorts of things. Haxxors would have had to change their major back-and-forth to CS. Chemistry was and still is vastly superior. 1958
2007. Disregard the 1958.
2009 present

is some more bullshit.  It’s not worth a look.  It just has the buzz words in it.  I can now exit the page.  I am sifting, looking for stuff.  There’s no place to park the mouse cursor that it doesn’t eventually fuck up this text.

Found that here.

[sociopath next door, a feel-good thing as if you could legitimately come out of WWII in 1945 and not blow up the world by 1950.  This is what we have left.  One sociopath in 25?  More.  One in 10?  Keep going; try, “all of them”.  They got so technically bound up in ignorance of the things they use every day they haven’t got the brains to have a conscience]

This is Amy Goodman.  She is the one person in the US with a conscience.  She’s much older.  I have fudged the pictures of people by not putting down a recent picture in all cases.  The youthful photos help to spread the legend.  Legends exemplify argumentative positions.

Oh, yeah.  You don’t want to download a PDF, do you?  That sociopath bullshit tome is a PDF, I think.  You just click and it goes to Amazon and then it does load for free.  I can’t copy-paste any of it.  It’s tripe.  You just wait to see what popular misconceptions do when you are stuck in jail and someone offers to treat you medically or defend you or transfer you to a mental hospital and  acts like they are taking out the garbage from what they have heard.  It is as if your ability to move around with arms and legs is a detriment.  They’ll teach you the proper way to cut a latex glove to place over some guy’s balls and suck his dick as a good cocksucker because they are all faggots, they got rights, they didn’t break the law, they work there and you are in their world now, and everybody practices safe sex.

I want to hear something by Amy Goodman on Youtube and locate a bit by Lenny Bruce called, “Shoes are to keep the dogshit off your feet”.

But, anyway, there is no one answer to ‘how to cook meth at home’.  Because, what is home?  Is it your home, or your parents’ home?  Are you an adult, who regularly moves in and out of apartments?  Is it an apartment?  How do you get the materials?  Can you get a lot?

Every concession you have to make cuts down the yield.  If you have to prepare something crude and dump it in without being purified, cuts down the yield.  Every item you leave out, like, using a gravity feed water system, or a pump, is not as reliable as a tap, so the danger is increased.  Every condition you negotiate with puts your freedom in jeopardy.  When you transport a bunsen burner into your room there’s a chance that a fire will break out.  When you uncork a solvent, will the fumes build to an explosive level before you’re done?  When you turn an electrical switch on, or off, you may create an arc.  Those guys say that Pyrex is no longer borosilicate.  I relied heavily on Pyrex brand items from the store, but that was in the late 1980s.


NEW ORLEANS – JANUARY 24: Kicker Garrett Hartley #5 of the New Orleans Saints celebrates with teammates after he kicked a 40-yard game-winning field goal in overtime against the Minnesota Vikings during the NFC Championship Game at the Louisiana Superdome on January 24, 2010 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)


I had said something about that game in an earlier post.  Why is my ass busted in this hellish hard chair on this laptop at 9:47 a.m.?

One of them is missing, the fireman’s one, about the—oh.  I’ll do a search on the toxic gas instrument.  This is it.  I tried to get the quick view, not the PDF.

So, I am in an apartment, yes; I rent it.  I don’t know why they focus on me.  They want to get someone to agree to the responsibility for whatever happens to it.  That’s you, but, the dope and the mindless dwelling upon the minutae of a meth lab or whatever it is purportedly being at any moment causes anyone else in the house to straighten out exactly why they are not involved, and when the time comes they turn State’s Evidence.  You can breeze over this point, but when it comes apart, the police uniforms offer a powerful inducement and overcome any authority you may have had existing at that point.  The rights shift away from you in your house over to the rights of the “victim” and the “rights” of the police.  All evidence and testimonial evidence and you go to jail and hope inside you dies.  After a long time you see a public defender and he or she looks at the case in front of you for the first time, studying it, pursing their lips, and they say, “You were quite sophisticated.”  “But I wasn’t doing it.  It was impossible to make out of what I had there.”  She turns a page and reads silently.  “They say you were.”  I wasn’t.  “They say you were.”  I’ll take it to the box.  “Son, we get a lot of these cases these days. More and more.  It’s destroying the country.  What if I get you released and you go out there and do it again and somebody dies?”  What?  “kay, tell you what.  Put down on  apiece of paper how to make it, so, you know, I can say you certainly weren’t doin this”.


I like to move in and, well, now, I would not put any aluminum foil on the windows.  I did that once as a joke, becuase I wasn’t doing it.  Boy, they loved that.  That was proof in itself.  It was Anaheim.  See, with Disneyland owning them and all the Jiminy Cricket philosophy, the back story has a Captain Hook picture of anyone suspected of a crime such that suspects rights are routinely smashed and trod upon.  They “join” the good team so they don’t have to be good.  They are owned by the Hell’s angels, readily, as a surrogate Disney Corporation, and the HA needed fourteen hands-off labs of their own, to send ice to Hawaii.  Consequently, the Anaheim PD was on the lookout for any unaffiliated lab settings which could keep their quota up of lab busts.  One guy in the DA’s office was caught and obviously took the fall for everybody, so, they kept his case sealed, because he probably got no time, but maybe disbarred.  When I did my 20 months and got out, I visited the Orange County DA’s office and explained it to him, and he said I was preaching to the choir.  These choirboys keep a sheaf of active subpoenas to as de facto search warrants, allowing an easy entry to smash their way inside any residence, as long as it’s in the ghetto,  a place where every house has a litany of sins attached; with a high turnover of residents.  Chances are someone used to live in the apartment you rent, whom they show up demanding to see, and accuse you of being, to gain entry.  For obvious reasons, they do not let you go get your wallet once they force open the door.  They get it for you.  I mean, they have to arrest the usual suspects, so they always say that there was something you could have did to keep from becoming a statistic, yo.


But, I go right to the sink when I move in, take that with me, head for the hardware store, prefer gum rubber to vinyl tubing, bend my own glass tubing, like outdoor storage for solvents, keep a storage unit with no link to my home.  There are things you can do; things you must do I never had to do.

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