Hey Bees. Come Here.

Listen up.

Imagine if you will, …

“Steve, imagine if you will, …” Nope.  Imagine Steven Tyler of Aerosmith the chemist.  Imagine the Tigris and the Euphrates.  No, we walk up to somebody at their front door and when they answer it, we blow them away.  I mean, that’s in as many movies as you making dope.  They don’t have guns in Mesopotamian civilization.  Bows and arrows maybe.  Spears to chuck.  Spears with a sling on them you can’t even use.  Bushmen in the Masai Plain of Africa with their dicks tied on to their stomach with a stick so it sticks out.  Their scrotum hanging down, they carry on endless discussions of how to blow khat up each other’s their (his) nose.  Their hiznose with a bidniss.  Biznose.  Hid stick.

Let me just do my part.  I went online for two days now, ever since discovering these websites, the Zonez and Wetdreams, thanks to Uncle Fester, Steve Priess, of Green Bay.  Now these people, whom he has created, …

Backing up.

I put aluminum phosphide, can thereof, in my last post.  It’s rat poison.  Yeah, he created them, in precisely the sense that, yes, you can’t create one person, but, you certainly can create a bunch of them with the whole crew its head stuck so far up its collective ass, …that I don’t know.  What, Steve?

It’s 7:50 AM, that is all.  Got the whole day.

Well, I have left several things hanging.  I can’t defend them.  I have the defenses.  First of all, the no sourcing.  Do you guys have sources?  You are online solely to elucidate the Holy Grail of a totally OTC synthesis of methamphetamine.  Radical.  Now, you have maybe Uncle Fester you can use.  His name alone.  And, of course, no source, no source, of course, of course, a horse is a horse.  Don’t even point to him.   Am I right?  In your mad dash to stay out of jail, aren’t there a bunch of teenage girls with bigger balls?  You are up against cops.  They don’t play fair.  You guys need a new word to be added to the language, befair, related to “because”.

One thing I want to say, after I say, no sourcing, and that is befair I like you.

You wouldn’t want me to put your name online connected with a meth lab?  Don’t con me.  I have done just that, right here, for a solid year, on myself.  No problems.  None.  I have no LE (Law Enforcement, LEO, that could be “officer”, LEA, could be Law Enforcement Agent.  To me it is Law Enforcement Asshole.  And, do you know what?  (What?  (I forgot).  Okay)  Never mind), problems, see?  How do I obey the law is my problem.  I have no peer-to-peer problems, I have pressure from my family.  They excommunicated me.  Oh, well.  Problem solved.

How do we get rid of that nasty LE problem?  Well, not by making …Is that was’s happening?  Get off the merry-go-round and regroup.  I hate having to pass a lachrimator under a blanket of inert snow.  It gets hung up and spews.  I work it through the stopper and the glass tubing snaps.  Live steam peels off my hair and my goggles fog up; I take ’em off and the flask explodes in my eyes.  I knock over the carboy of lye solution as I feel my way down the wall leaving bloody smears.  Short of the fire alarm I step in the puddle and go ass-over-teakettle over the railing (Third Floor, 100-year old hotel in La Jolla (no longer 745 words.)  I was just going to print), onto the jungle gym.  I vomit.  Too much phosgene.

First of all, kill your habit and see whether you would be making dope  pursuant to taking dope.  Kill all your habits. Cigarettes, too.  There’s nothing special about that first hit from a batch you made yourself.  It is #1 out of 1,000.  And, that whole thousand represents the human wreckage of your brain that can never be put back right.  Your job once you get some clean time?   Never jeopardize that.  Is it “cool”?  Oh, are you getting a lot of pussy in your career drilling glass blocks for a living?  You got to be a real guy, not an avatar of a biker.  I assume you guys are young.  Do you know that that is what women are looking for?  Yes, you can turn around one day and it’s gone.  There isn’t anything else of being cool besides banging chicks.  Lesbians are getting your share, because they work at it.  They are making tacos.  We all like the same thing.  Go on into a dyke bar and hit on one of the babydolls inside there if you think you are a tough biker.  A diesel dyke will fight you.  It’s her girlfriend!

Here, you are making ephedrine, making phosphorus, making iodine?  Nothing going for you?  Here comes that word again.  “Yeah, we’ll be ableda catalyze the addition stereospecifically.”  I mean shit, Fester.  How many chiral carbons in ephedrine?


really dude 839

When you say a chemical line up the chemical on Flikr with Paint.  Notice these ready-mades don’t exactly superimpose.  I can’t see it right now, but, I believe the rule free rotation about single bonds is in order.  Do not freely rotate double bonds in your mind, because they have one kind of stereochemistry.  Because you can see they would get twisted then.  You can count that high on your toes (what movie?).  Also, it looks like a single bond to oxygen on the ephedrone carried through, and I can’t fuck with a gallery once it’s up.  A single bond to oxygen without this (—O+), you know is wrong, and that’s not a product.  It is a short-lived intermediate ion, and has to have a structure following that structure in which this charge has been resolved (cancelled).  That didn’t even convey information unambiguously.  Try this ( ___O+).  The dashed line already has a meaning: half a bond.  Maybe it will post solidly.  See what I mean at all?  I think I preferred to leave the rest of the structure like I had it.  We draw three-dimensional views and then the flat  view of the same thing before continuing the steps, like, Wenkert does.  But, we don’t bewitch you by having an amine group right where a methyl was in the picture before and say it’s legal.  Redraw the fucker.  I know they let you have little short pencils in there.


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  1. javid Says:

    how cook methamphetamine at home?

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