In my post before this (“HBCH”), I had a passage I added later, where I imagined an accident was made out of real things and things I had seen in movies, or heard about, halfway designed to deter the would-be cook from the attempt.  This passage seems uniquely positioned in time to explore ESP.

I wrote that one on my laptop; now I am over here with a desktop I like better for the purpose.   Anonymity is not my concern, even with clandestine chemistry; why it’s “ghetto” and so forth.  I mean, research chemistry always has some ghettoization to it anyway.  It has to be made, the chems do, in a business setting eventually.

Asymmetry is a consideration, but that will probably become symmetry in the Wikipedia, as accidents will become catastrophe.  Nope, asymmetry is an entry.  Wikipedia’s good.  “It’s a beautiful sight,”  says Mother Bear (TV).

Basically now, all I have to do is remember all the steps.  At the other house that happened, in other words I had a post unaffected by anything at this house, because I wasn’t here, and I couldn’t get them on the phone.

I come over here, and among the comments I hear is,  “I bet you were on your computer”.  She means I was whacking off.  She was right.  How’d she know?  Well, it could have been the lackadaisical appearance, or my acquiescent, compliant nature, or any number of face-to-face clues.  But, basically, if I am an ESP guy (and a wanker), then I should not be surprised if sending is also receiving.

For the moment, I agree with the radio that these are very different, asymmetry and catastrophe, but I’d like to work toward getting the same illustration for two things.  Then they wouldn’t be very different.

The next logical step, because you can’t really trust too much what speculation you put forward on ESP; it has no cause.  Actually, nothing has a cause.  Causation is a false idea when things follow paths they are directed into.  The viruses in nature are able to use strategies.  The parasites.  Now, this was a cactus.  for some time it has been frowing and tipping further and further.  It finally fell.  It lay there with white milk and rain filling one of its grooves.  It was pitiful.  It is a simple thing.  Hurt me, but don’t hurt my family.  In actuality it did not crack in half.  It will heal.  I tied it up.

So, to the parasite, without a brain, or to the plant, the idea is, “How does it do ESP?”  Well, apparently, through the dream world, and, cacti are famous there.  A Separate Reality , by Carlos Castenada, was good in the ‘Sixties, and that would be to Timothy Leary as Santana is to Ten Years After.

My cactus, which is not a cactus, but is a cactus, but Castenada, his “Way of the Yacqui”; that’s about peyote, and that’s a cactus.  Or so.  Anyway, I’m sorry, cactus.  I should have listened to you.  Naw (the TV said that).  I see this squash in a dream, shaped like a saguarro cactus, and I tap a glass of water out of it.  Cacti store water.  If you open a gourd and it has water in it, hasn’t hat water sat there for about six months?  Would you drink it?  I am always having dreams, worse and worse until I wake up, since I must urinate.  They could have water in them, as a subject.  Last night was bad.  I am never laying down in the dream, but, I am laying down in reality.  So, as you come lighter and lighter out of sleep, they mix.  I am walking, looking down at the path.  There are dirt clods, but really my head is mashed into the pillow.  We are not really deep thinkers.  Thinking is more sideways, to a point, like an area, with walls to hold it in.  The edges can crispen up if you are high.  Sleeping is deep.  I hate in a dream when people are using a shovel to make a path right towards me.  They should be working out ahead.

The poor thing uses everything at its disposal, like Don Juan, to alert me.  I don’t hear the call.  It has a thin, high-pitched plant scream.  Then, it came to me and I was using my imagination, and, in that image I saw a tipping-over, which I chose to use in a story about a meth lab accident.  I had seen a Robert Downey, Jr. movie with overpass-tipping.  I had all these things, but, a plant will excite a variety of memories.  In real life, we cross our fingers when we tell a white lie.  That’s how much we know about it.  that’s how educated and experienced we are over plants, who can’t move and have no brains.

We have the realism, and, we have the mathematics.  We are also an excellent mimic of the sounds of other animals and birds.  And cows.  How do we diagnose the schizophrenia, or decide whether to arrest someone?  If they are sitting in a car, we ask them if they have ever been arrested.  They say yes.  Who hasn’t been arrested?  Then we ask them what for, and they tell us, because they think we already know.  Then we turn the lighter charges into the heavier charge that they probably were at some point.  Then, they will most likely be on some lengthy probation, so, our work is done for us.  Slam-dunk.

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